harvest spinach #3

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today, I harvest spinach, that I planting, adjacent to spinach plants that already ready harvested, a few days ago

in this harvest I get 290 bunch of spinach, spinach harvest time I was assisted by my family and  population villagers, my garden, located in Aceh - Sumatran

My goal post this photo, to share, My experience gardening with your.

You can see the photos below, I hope you like it

  • spinach plants time planted

  • The villagers and my family who help harvest spinach

  • spinach that has been ready to harvest

  • after spinach ready to be harvested, I'll clean the back, and will be taken by the buyer

you like it.

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thank you


It's very beautiful pictures!!
Exchellent job again my friend :)

Thank you very much my friend @djsonic

Nice Green & Leafy Photos.

Thank you very much my friend @jacobts

The spinach really looks good.