SteemFest³ - SteemitBoard support the Travel Reimbursement Fund.

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SteemFest³ will be coming soon and, as in previous years, the Travel Reimbursement Fund is open to help your fellow Steemians to travel and participate in this amazing event.

What is the Travel Reimbursement Fund?

The Travel Reimbursement Fund is an initiative created by @roelandp (full story here) for which you can donate any amount and that can be used by anyone attending SteemFest to relief some of the travel expenses to Kraków.

The Travel Reimbursement Fund has been operating successfully for the previous two editions and has distributed the following amounts to travelers:

YearSteem fundsSBD fundsNumber of applicants
SteemFest 2016 - Amsterdam1034785353
SteemFest 2017 - Lisbon50004000133

@t-r-f is open for funding! If you want to support fellow Steem users attending SteemFest to make it to Kraków and to lower their travel expenses, simply transfer ANY amount of SBD or STEEM to @t-r-f (note the dashes between the letters!!!)

Do NOT to send it to @trf as this account has nothing to do with @t-r-f

Be a generous donator and add a new award to your board!

Will you donate at least 1 STEEM or 1 SBD to the Travel Reimbursement Fund? Then @steemitboard will give you a new award to display on your personal page:

Up to now, the Travel Reimbursement Fund already received 85 SBD and 1330.844 STEEM from the following donators: @exyle, @roelandp, @preparedwombat, @gringalicious, @pnc and @arcange.

They will be the first to receive their new award! Will you be the next one?

On behalf of all SteemFest attendees, thank you for your support!

Useful links:
SteemFest 2018 Travel Reimbursement Fund announcement
How the Travel Reimbursement Fund works
SteemFest3 - announcement
SteemFest3 - Last update

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  ·  last year (edited)

just bought my own ticket but will also add a bit to the @t-r-f

Thank you for your contribution @felander. See you in Kraków

Awesome stuff! I've donated to the cause! Hopefully I can attend Steemfest 4 :)

So sorry to read you won't be able to join in Kraków. Can't wait to see you at the next edition. Thanks a lot for your donation and enjoy your brand new badge!

Yes dear you are write

  ·  last year (edited)

When I try to transfer to @t-r-f I receive following message:

"Each account segment should have only letters, digits, or dashes. "

So how to deal with this iussue ?


Now it worked... seems I have put the "@", too :-)

By the way:

Nice idea funding things on Steemit...

Yes, @t-r-f got your contribution. Thank you @honolulu!

So sorry, still trying to surpass 1 Steem on my Steemit account since, am a bit new here. I promise to donate to Travel Reimbursement Fund come 2019.

No problem. It's already good to be willing to donate, even if you do not have any fund.
I wish you all the best on Steemit and hope to see you at SteemFest next year.

@t-r-f로 마지막 남은 1steem을 다시.전송했습니다. 여러분도 @trf로 잘못 보내지 마세요 ㅠㅠ

이 시간은 맞습니다. 축하와 당신의 기여에 감사드립니다.

I have sent some STEEM as well :)

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Welcome to the donators club ;)

Thanks :D

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I know everyone is going to have a blast, I hope our little donations make the trip a little easier for more users to attend. See you guys at the next one.

Small drops make big rivers. Thank you for your donation.

excellent initiative ..

That's is great.

definitely, its great idea, why not. i join you too.

Amazing, I joined the donors.

What a great initiative! sending 1 sbd and wishing you luck

Thank you for your contribution @dynamicrypto.

Already give my VOTE of
support the witness

Nice platform to earn a lot

Will be donating once I have some more liquid steem. Hope to attend one year!

I am new to this operation will be donating next time when i have earned some amount

What is this??

It is a Travel Fund announcement.

That Is Right

Counting Days! - Kraking some Love in there!
Peace V!

An initiative is a phenomenal Travel Reimbursement.everyone should take part in this an initiative. Thanks for such suggestion

It is initiatives like this that make me appreciate and love this platform.

Nice platform

thank you for the support you gave @steemiboard

@Steemfest this sounds amazing!

Good luck

Congratuations !!!!

This is a great event... I've been contesting in so many competitions to see if I'll win and be able to attend... But so far to no avail...
Hope next year will be better financially with me to so I can make it there...

Bonjour, une traduction ou une explication en français serait elle possible ?
Nous voulons bien nous rendre a Cracovie aussi

Salut @yann0975
Je vais essayer de le faire je trouve un peu de temps -(pas de promesse ;)

Ha ha @arcange !
Merci mais tkt ... je ferai une traduction... je projette de venir mais oui les frais sont élevés pour les petits steemiens...
Pourtant ce serait tellement bien !
A plus tard mon ami et croisons les doigts

Can't wait for the funding to start

Thank you for sharing this awesome information.

This comment was made from

Good afternoon. I like your publications. Thank you

awesome!!! ;)


Me parece muy bueno el proyecto, hay que apoyar el crecimiento y el empeño que tenemos.

1steem 기부 하였습니다. 더 하고 싶지만 아직 초보라 자금이 부족합니다

  ·  last year (edited)

당신의 기여에 감사드립니다. 정말 고맙습니다.
하지만 @t-r-f 대신 @trf로 보내면됩니다

  ·  last year (edited)

@trf로 보냈습니다ㅠㅠ

Its great to help..but as of now i have no funds to donate. But a simple upvote.😊

that great...btw this time where the fest will take place?

Its my bad luck i have no SBD or Steem to donate now. Maybe next year i can attend SteemFest and got mention that time so i know that SteemFest going on .

pura cosa buena que genial esta todo vale

@steemitborad, great initiative!

I have also try to send some streem.

Awesome post thank to share with us

It is a shame ... You call that a travel fund .... Cause the costs for the two days of so called conference ... are crazy ... like for me I can go 6 times to Krakow with the money they want as entry fee. That is pure trash ... and obviously once again this type of events are made for the rich and they should be freely opened to anyone IMO ....

  ·  last year (edited)

I guess you never went to SteemFest.

The price of the ticket is reduced to a bare minimum and it mainly covers the operational costs of the sites where the various activities take place, catering and drinks.

I can assure you that I have never participated in such an event of such quality at such an affordable price.

Of course, many Steemians cannot afford the price, and that's why there are so many initiatives to help such "minnows" to pay their ticket or trip.

But this does not entitle you to trash-talk and say it is a rip-off. Would it be, @roelandp would not have such a massive support from the community or even from me!

Well for a person from developing country ... It is a lot of money ... It is not trash talk to share my opinion which I am entitled to... By the way I have been to many conferences... But two days for 333 Euro it is a RIP OFF... What would one gain from the conference? Will he get valuable info which can be found only there? I mean what is the return value of it all.. Since you have been to Steem Fest you can Explain more about that. I am sure no one will pay 333 Euro to listen to what Ned has to say.....

its 5 days. please visit for the tentative program including what is included. then call the suppliers and ask for yourself. then come back to me and tell me what you found.

Well it is not only me who thinks it is quite a lot of money... I am not saying that this is not the real price for the conference... I just say it is quite a big sum for the regular minnow steemian ... Not to mention adding up the hotel stay ... which is expensive too... Whole trip for someone would fo to 1000 Euro easily which is not pocket money exactly... I am glad that you guys are trying to help out... It is cool but I think those type of events should be opened to the Public after all ... How would we gain exposure this way... Or it is more of a High Council Steemit Fest ..
P.S. For me the real deal is the two days where there will be held talks and such from the officials ... The other three days is a Tourist trip around the city ... I can have that for total of 200 Euro for one week if I use traveling services.... (that includes the hotel too .... )

ok, so we also had a chat in PM, thanks for that. Just so you know:

  • you are not obliged to stay in the hotels. we merely tried to make a deal with a nice hotel, because it can be fun to also have some fellow steemians at breakfast.
  • This is not a Steemit fest, but Steem Fest. Steemit is a partner but not the owner or initiator of the event. The event is totally run by the community, for the community. Everything costs money. Parts are sponsored. Anyone is free to organise other events.

I encourage you to try and win a ticket (see my weekly announcement posts for ticket competitions running) if you find it to expensive. That is literally all extra costs beyond your regular Krakov travel (and then you even win because you don't have 2 pay for some dinners and lunches) and then you can experience the event at first hand.

Imho it would be weird to suspect full board events which last a couple of days to be free.

<3 this year’s event costs well over 500eur to produce per person. thanks to sponsorships current minimum price is down to 50% of that.

the trf fund is just a community effort. sorry to hear your thoughts. but you are entitled to your opinion. feel free to join the livestream.

this is awesome!

I'm just new here
And it takes a little time to understand and manage everything.
But yes, it is true that I will join you too.
I would love to be with you too.

En apoyo por que juntos somos mas...

That's nice project which help all steemian to make fun by travelling in different places where they want as in dream

How can we get support about actually being funded for attending this? me as a day to day user? I would love to join, but don't actually have the power to do so

it's really great.

This is awesome. Just sent a couple Steem over to help people out.

I saw you at my post. Thank you for bringing me here.

Steemfest Alaska, USA. We have 40 acres semi developed land?????

Das ist doch echt mal eine tolle Idee und ein großes DANKESCHÖN an alle die Unterstützen.
Werde es mir gleich in den Kalender eintragen um es nicht zu vergessen!!



Such an amazing promotion! I have donated and will continue to do so as often as I can. Thanks and praise.

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very good

Amazing post

good steemitboard @anpkick

i want to be at the event steemfest is not something someone should miss, how do we get sponsorship ?

You will find all the ongoing SteemFest Ticket Give Aways at the end of this post