just bought my own ticket but will also add a bit to the @t-r-f

Awesome stuff! I've donated to the cause! Hopefully I can attend Steemfest 4 :)

When I try to transfer to @t-r-f I receive following message:

"Each account segment should have only letters, digits, or dashes. "

So how to deal with this iussue ?


Now it worked... seems I have put the "@", too :-)

By the way:

Nice idea funding things on Steemit...

So sorry, still trying to surpass 1 Steem on my Steemit account since, am a bit new here. I promise to donate to Travel Reimbursement Fund come 2019.

@t-r-f로 마지막 남은 1steem을 다시.전송했습니다. 여러분도 @trf로 잘못 보내지 마세요 ㅠㅠ

I have sent some STEEM as well :)

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I know everyone is going to have a blast, I hope our little donations make the trip a little easier for more users to attend. See you guys at the next one.

definitely, its great idea, why not. i join you too.

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