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With the addition of the new "website" field in our profiles, I thought I should put something interesting together. I don't have an actual 'website', so here is my Steemit 'profile' :)

About Me

Witness Campaign


Fun / Funny Posts

Steemit Related Posts

Great Posts From Others

Reminder to vote for witnesses:


@timcliff i would like to discuss a project about bounties with you. I would be willing to invest time and money but would like someone to work with as a guide/coach etc. Any chance you can contact me? Maybe we can start with twitter @knircky or Philipp Knirck on Facebook or let me know how to get in touch.

Can you message me on Steemit chat?

please tell me how to change the link with a sentence translating to another my page as done here!images (10).jpg

Sorry, I do not understand the question

WOW Tim, what was Steem price at, at this point? :)

Around $0.15 USD :)

Hey Tim,

I wife has been waiting over 6 weeks for account verification and reaserching how to fix this has made your name pop up a few time, can you help?

Yes. Please head to, go to the #help channel, and read the pinned messages.

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Really smart idea @timcliff I had been thinking of doing a post that was like a table of contents or index of some kind to make browsing things easier, making it a post and linking it from the top is just real smart, I might get on this sometime this week. Great post and idea!

Thanks! I was hoping to inspire more people to do the same :)

Cool stuff! How do you have time to do all this tho? Did you quit your job or something?lol

No, I still work full-time, hehe. Steemit pretty much takes up all of my time outside of work though - other than spending time with my spouse :)

A very interesting post sir @ timcliff congratulations
Valuable links information, thank you very much

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Very good idea. Although I have websites, this might be more what I want to do too.

You could have a profile page that lists your websites :) .. Or a website that lists your Steemit posts, hehe.

Hi Tim, I think that is a good idea to list steemit posts on my website. But my website is an English learning website and I like to write about culture inside steemit. Would it not be a conflict of interest if I shared steemposts on a language platform? Just wondering?

Not sure. It is your website, so it is totally up to you.

If you wanted to, you could create a 'hidden' section of your website which didn't have any links to it from the main page, and put all of your steemit related content there. (Just an idea.)

you might try creating a subdomain like "" to keep things separate. technically you'd be on a different website. hope this helps!

I think your first option is where I'll be going. Tho I already have my websites in my sig. I've been putting links to my posts at the bottom of each post and that has started to get unwieldy. The 100SP question though is - what do we do when we can't edit the post with new links any more...

Hey Tim your work is nice man :D

Our voice is for you!

Hi there.
Sorry to use this way for my question, but I don't know where to ask. I opened an account for my daughter in 2016 and she was quite active until recently. Only when we tried to activate her account on hive we find out that all these years she was logged in only with posting key. I would bother you if I know that is her mistake but I encouraged her to stay active and it was solely my mistake when I was printing out the public keys instead private. We checked and the only key she has is posting.
Is there any way to somehow recover her account?
Even if not I would really appreciate your answer.
Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no way to recover a lost key, or lookup an active key based on a posting key. About the only hope is that you can somehow find the active key and/or master password that was provided when the account was created.

I was assuming this but now you confirmed my fears. If we eventually reach some crazy price for the coins I might get in the news how stupid I was.
Well, 2K steem and 2K hive less in circulation is the positive side of this.
Thank you very much for your answer.

:( sorry to hear. Is there anywhere that the password could have been saved? Did you ever use it to login via a browser and click the "save password" feature?