Why The STEEM Bubble Was an Investment Round and Not a Product LaunchsteemCreated with Sketch.

Sometimes it's hard to know what you're looking at when it's happening... with hindsight comes clarity.



You need to play this vid and listen people : )
LOL but what does a Rep 25 know ; )

probably a sock puppet perhaps?
Seems to know more than the average newbie ;)

I see what you've shared in this video as an astute observation, similar to how I see it.

Steemit is still in beta, with a lot of things to work out, most of which IS being worked on. It only makes sense to iron out the major issues before bringing it to the "main stage" and this can only be accomplished by having a relatively high number of "beta testers" - that's essentially what we are at the moment, beta testers of Steemit.

But we're also "early stage investors", as you alluded to in your video. It's a high risk investment because it's so early in development, with a platform that has a future which is still "up in the air", in terms of the direction of the tech/ social media aspects (a relatively blurry vision for where it's heading). It clearly also presents a HUGE reward. If this achieves anywhere near Facebook's current status in the future, there will be a lot of new millionaires made out of holding "shares" (Steem Power).

I feel pretty good about my position, to be frank with you :)

But when does Beta end and the v1.0 gold get released?

I really wish there was a written transcript of the video included in this.. I, like many others, will speed read through the written transcript before investing the time to hit play and wait to see if it contains material I'm interested in spending the time to get to..

I know it might be a bad habit of mine, but others have the same bad habits. To get further reach, this is something you may consider in the future.

I'm just about to get off the computer and hope to visit this again later. Nonetheless, you have my upvote. Please consider my suggestion.

I second this. I usually browse content on my phone and have to skip video posts because they would use all my data. Based on what I can glean from the title and comments though, it seems spot on :)

The bubble gave us some unrealistic perceptions of what we are to be paid for our content. You're absolutely right, this thing hasn't even started yet. We shouldn't get bogged down by the price or the "steemit drama" or the bounce rate or the loss of users. Lets call it collateral damage. The price had to fall. Those who are in this for the long-haul don't seem to be worried about what's happening before the games really begin.

Just got home and watched the video. This is perfect! Exactly what the community is struggling to understand right now :-)

I agree 100%. Steemit has not even begun launching yet in a real sense. Meanwhile, it's a fun game to play and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Thanks for making this video.

Awesome points!

I'd appreciate a transcript.

I think you have just emphasised the point that many (including me) forgot. Very good! Bookmarking :)

It used to say beta under Steemit in the top left corner. I don't see that anymore. Are we in the real deal now!?

Seems like they like Halloween :-) While we are wondering about the future of the platform, they just decorate the logo. Easy!

Interesting point of view, @dan-atstarlite! Upvoted. But who would invest in a business without knowing the product? Isn´t there this famous rule: if you cannot explain your business idea to another person riding down the elevator from the top floor to the basement, it´s not an idea. So what would steemit tell me in this elevator?

Thank you for the video Dan. This platform has some serious legs and I am doing my best to inform the world.