Attention: Calling All Developers - Let's Polish The Mothership!

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There is a talented group of developers in the Steemit community! The tools on, as well as all the other projects that are being worked on and developed to support things on the block-chain are extremely impressive!

What I have seen though is everybody is working on their own projects. There are tons of separate websites springing up to do all kinds of cool things, but very few people (other than the official Steemit dev team) are actually making changes to the website.

I know that some of you are working on some truly groundbreaking projects that are separate from the website, so if that is you then you can skip this request. Some of you are strongly against a single centralized product that everyone uses, so you can skip this too. But for the rest of you: please hear me out.

If we can build out the Steemit UI to provide an excellent user experience, rich with features and fun ways to interact (and make money too), we are going to attract and keep tons of users here. All of you that are here know the potential that this site has to offer if we can turn it into a full-blown mainstream social media site.

Let's make it happen! is an open source project, and any developer can make changes and submit them to the project via a GitHub pull request!

Here are some reasonable changes that I think could be done quite easily within a few weeks if the community made an effort to work on them:

  • A confirmation box before the UI "Resteems"
  • Splitting the "Blog" tab into separate "Blog" and "Resteem" tabs
  • Display the count, as well as which users have Resteemed a post
  • Display a user's "joined date" on their profile
  • Represent how much Steem Power vests a user has next to their reputation
  • Allow users to see all available/used tags instead of just the top ones
  • Add a tab along with "Blog", "Comments", etc. that shows a user's voting history

If we can quickly tackle these, there are tons more to work on! Feel free to implement your own changes too! (These are just suggestions.)

Process Suggestions:

Open an issue in GitHub and ask the dev team to assign it to you before you start any work. This will minimize the chance that you and someone else will spend time working on the same thing. It will also give the dev team a chance to say "no" if they think the change is a bad idea, before you do the coding work.

If you have any questions, please head to the dev channel in Steemit chat!

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I think they are already working on it:)


Yeah, I've noticed more community users getting involved in GitHub and working on changes - it's great! Hopefully we can keep getting even more people to participate!

With the skills I've seen on a lot of the other projects going on here, I think we could make this site really awesome in a short amount of time if we got "all hands on deck" to focus on UI/UX changes. Behind the scenes the official dev team is working on a lot of stuff too, but "many hands makes light work" :)


Exactly. I was also just reading a post on Medium that @stellabelle linked and the advanced formatting on that is simply beautiful. It would be amazing to have those kind of capabilities on Steemit. I know it will be a while until the team can get onto visual vagaries like that because they aren't the most pressing things - community members could get working on it though.

Just have a look at it the formatting on the post is like high art in itself and makes the post so much easier to read.


Have you tried out the new editor on yet?


Not yet. I will get round to it at some point:)

Great suggestions! I especially love the voting history tab idea.

Steemit should add Discussion feature like Reddit so more users will participate.
Because right now only good writers are the one benefited to this blog steemit.

Good ideas. I think the separation of Reblogs/Resteems is being done or is done. A removal of resteemed posts option was submitted too.


I know there is GitHub Issue 496 which was opened by you :), but I haven't seen any work being done on it yet. I know they are planning to do it eventually, but I haven't seen any signs of progress yet. (I assume they are busy working on other things.) Do you have any other info?

I would contribute in that area if I could, but we only do desktop database software, not the type of dev required for Steemit. Currently working on something useful for Steemit ourselves. Good suggestion, Tim, and I hope people who can get directly involved will do so. :)


Ok. Thanks for considering it. Me too :)

Great to see there are developments on their way. Thank you. From a non-developers perspective, please be user-centric!

I posted this a few days ago to crystallise the essence of the experience of this new platform: @ebryans/steemit-a-new-form-of-friends-with-benefits

The uninitiated tend to give the simplest view of the experience and it is experience which drives success in this game ...

Thank you again!


Thanks for your input. I'll check out the post.

For it to be more like social media, I am sure this is in the works, maybe, but fix this:


Based on what I have heard, it is on the roadmap along with profile information. There are a ton of features that would be great to add. I tried to just include some "easy" ones in my suggestion list.

Are you a developer by any chance? Any interest in trying to tackle any new features? :)



I figured as much and knew I wasn’t being very helpful...

Keep up the good work though!


Thanks :)
By the way, I try to post an update of what the dev team is working on every couple of weeks. Here is the last one from about 2 weeks ago:

I looked at your list, it seems like a collection of extremely simple changes that should be simple to implement. I looked at your GitHub repo, I saw react.js ... I ran


I'm not actually a developer myself.. You'll have to clue me in on what that file does. Why is it bad?


There are many ways to host a website. The most simple ways involve running a program that just serves HTML data. If you want to do any server-side processing (like user sessions for example or accepting user input to make a post) you need to use a server-side language.

There are many different server-side languages. In my experience the most used and most criticized is PHP which can be added to most web hosting programs and is supported by almost every web hosting provider. Because it is so frequently used PHP would be a decent choice due to the abundance of developers which are familiar with it

Another fantastic way to host web sites is nodejs which is simple, effective and reliable however not many web hosting companies support it so you would have to host the page from your own servers.

I have almost never heard of anyone using react at all and would have to learn it from the ground up, I took a look at the documentation and it seemed a little counter intuitive to. In its defense though it is coded in a language almost all developers are familiar with so you would just have to learn how to interface with react itself.

TL;DR React is not commonly used so there are not as many devs who know it. There are also better solutions that could have been used. It is too late to change the entire system though so I'll just keep walking

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