The Official 'Welcome to Steemit' Landing Page Has Been Submitted to GitHub as a Pull Request!

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The official "Welcome to Steemit" landing page has been created and submitted for review!

Welcome to Steemit

@bitcoiner and I were tasked to create this as an onboarding solution for new users. For more information and context, see these past posts:


When new users sign up, they will be redirected to this welcome page, which will surely be a helpful guide. We should all know how difficult it was starting out due to the many, many new concepts.

On the user's blog, if they haven't posted anything yet, there will be a helpful link to quickly go to the page again:

The link will be shown on the empty feed page as well:

Finally, there will always be a link in the hamburger menu for access from anywhere on the site:


The code submission can be found on this GitHub pull request:

Add welcome page and link in hamburger and empty blog #585


Everything still needs to be reviewed and approved by Steemit, Inc. before it will be put up on the live site. There is no guarantee that it will be approved, and we may have to go back and make changes before they will accept it.

Future Changes

This is just the first version. There are still a lot of improvements that can be made on top of what we have done. Examples: Table of Contents, accordions to collapse/expand content, more content, etc. We hope that once this is up on the live site and people start to use it, that the community and dev team can continue to build on it.

Live Demo

While this is undergoing review, you can see a live demo of this new page on @bitcoiner's test site!

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Well done, Tim! While some complain, others work to improve. Please keep it up. :)


Thanks @lukestokes :)
[Edit] Props to @bitcoiner as well! He did the heavy lifting of putting the page together :)

Solid work guys! Great job.

I think this Welcome Guide contains valuable information for new users and it is a big improvement to the current signup process.

However, a wall of text is very easy to scroll past and ignore.

In my opinion the guide would benefit greatly if some visual enhancements were added. Even just adding icons for each section of the guide would make it more visually appealing and hopefully result in an increase in the number of new users that actually take the time to review the document.

I don't have much time over the next couple weeks (family birthdays and vacations) but when I am available I'd be willing to take a stab at it if interested?

Either way great work! Keep it up!


Hey @mynameisbrian - Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I agree. Some updates could be made to make it a little more "visually appealing" and have a little better flow. For phase 1 we mainly were focused on the content. If it gets accepted in its current form, then it would be good for people in the community to continue making revisions and improvements to it over time. By the time the site leaves beta the thing better look sexy :)


Content always comes first!

Just trying to help where I can.


It's very much appreciated! Thanks Brian :)

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Built by @ontofractal

Two key features I love in this demo is the link to the whitepaper (no need for searching via search engine) and the Beginners Guide.

I would propose it should not only appear in the hamburger, but also either in the blog or empty feed as well.


Thanks @lpfaust :)

I would propose it should not only appear in the hamburger, but also either in the blog or empty feed as well.

It actually does all three! If they have an empty blog or feed, it will display a link to the welcome page. It will also be the first thing that new users see when they signup for a new account :)

Hello and congrats. The idea is valid, te content of the welcome page is concise. It might need some visual spice, I agree.

A suggestion for the links section. You could add this tutorial about SBD to Euro path withdrawal for Eurozone users. TNX!

I can make a new, fresh one if you think that it is necessary.


I'll take a look

I would do much loved having such a guide when I joined Steemit 5 months ago. I undortunately have no time right to have a look and conment, but I will try over the week-end.

In any case, thanks a lot and good luck with the review.



Hey Tim, this looks great!

ps. If you have a sec... I did a post earlier today about a potential "on-ramp" idea for new users. I'd be interested in your opinion on the concept. I'm only asking because I'm not sure the post was really seen... Or maybe it was seen and ignored, lol! (I'm full of both good and bad ideas!) Either way I feel like you're the one to show it to right now:


I really like the idea. I'll sift through the details this weekend and mention it to the dev team the next time I sent them an updated "wish list". Thanks for putting this together! Very cool :)

Thanks for your work Tim. You're clearly working hard for the success of Steemit.

Very good changes congratulations on your hard work appreciate my friend @timcliff for what you do for the community thank you very much


Thanks for the kind words @jlufer :)
I also want to give a shout out to @bitcoiner too! He did all the hard work of turning it into an actual page and submitting the pull request :)


Our welcome page is live on the site! Do you want to write a post to announce? I'm not at my computer tonight, so I wouldn't be able to do one with screen shots.


I see it's live! How cool. Sure, I can write an announcement.

Very much needed. Thanks for your efforts to improve Steemit for everyone