The Masses Experiment Update: @the.masses - A public Steemit account that everbody can use for posting, commenting, and upvoting

in themasses •  2 years ago

@the.masses is an account that I created as an experiment for everyone to use. The private posting key is listed below, so anybody can use the account for whatever they want (good or evil). Since the key is publicly available for anyone to use, everything that is done with the account is anonymous.

"I am everybody. I am anybody. I am @the.masses."

Here is what @the.masses has been up to since the account was created:

A lot of what the account has been used for is to anonymously vent negative things about Steemit and to/about other users. I suppose that is to be expected with an anonymous account. There have been a lot of really fun and interesting comments/posts created with the account too though! It has been really fun to watch :)

If you would like to read more about the project, you can read about it here.

If you would like use the account, here is the private posting key:

Unrelated to this post, @timcliff is a backup Steem witness.
If you like the work that @timcliff is doing, you can vote for him here :)

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Feel free to try it out :) Take @the.masses out for a test drive, hehe

this is genius. I was thinking along these lines as anonymous is a good source of inspiration generally.......centralized systems (whales) certainly create the need for anonymous speech.


Glad you like it :) Feel free to try it out.


I already have. It's brilliant.


Cool :)

Followed @the.masses ~ Interested to watch the Wallet activity too ;)