Week 12 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Before we get into week 12's post I wanted to take a minute to thank all the hard work done by those who have in the past entered the PIF Curation Contest. Here is the list of 93 amazing steemians that have taken their time to help Curate and Featured hundreds of deserving blog posts.

@accio, @agmoore, @angelro, @aninamaev, @backpackingchef, @bananamemos, @barski, @bashadow, @bengy, @bjgeese, @bmotives, @buckaroo, @cicisaja, @cuppcake, @davemccoy, @derekfreeman, @digitalmind, @dipoabasch, @dixiesilverminer, @djoi, @donna-metcalfe, @doomsdaychassis, @e-rich, @ecid, @elsiekjay, @energyaddict22, @eventspeaker, @f3nix, @fiberartists, @fitinfun, @freedomshift, @futurefarmers, @ginnyannette, @habeebability, @headchange, @hetty-rowan, @honeysim, @iexplore, @illusion16, @imagendevoz, @insideoutlet, @johndoer123, @josephlacsamana, @jrvacation, @k0wski, @kandywriter, @leeart, @madpotters, @magicalmoonlight, @mariannewest, @me2selah, @mightypanda, @mr-bike, @mtnmeadowmomma, @mysecondself01, @nikema, @permieemmy, @plushzilla, @practicalthought, @psionic-tremors, @pundito, @rentmoney, @reonlouw, @revisesociology, @ridoykhan22, @sams-world, @sanbi, @scrawly, @seanytan, @sherbanu, @soyjohancy, @sue-stevenson, @thaishps, @thehoneys, @thelaundrylady, @tony19r, @trincowski, @triplef, @trudeehunter, @tryskele, @tygertyger, @udywriter, @vcg5000, @victorsilab, @viking-ventures, @vipnata, @wanderlass, @wholeself-in, @wilfredn, @williamgabriel, @wolfhart, @zanoni, @ziggypepper

Each person listed took their time at least once to enter the contest featuring other bloggers to help them gain exposure. Would love to see as many of you come back and make another entry as possible. Right now as a whole steemit is having a slow down probably due to a combination of summer and low steem prices so rewards are "lower". But honestly this is the exact time you need to be earning as much as possible. Your SP payout from posts is higher now then when prices are high and total SP earned should be the real goal.

Week 12.png

New Account!

@pifc account has been created. Everyone should start following @pifc now and if possible please help power up the account. This account will be used to support the contest entries and featured bloggers. More voting power it can grow the more power it will have to help you grow in the future. Please lend a hand when @pifc posts it's Power Up posts over the next few weeks. Any and all support will be greatly appreciated.

Week 12 Rules (No Changes From Week 11)

For week 11 and future weeks you will need a curation style entry that includes 2 High Quality Original Content Blog Posts from Level 50 or Below Bloggers.

  • Curation Style Post of 2 Bloggers who are posting Quality Original Content
  • Link to 1 recent blog post per featured blogger. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
  • Include a link to this contest in your entry post
  • The 2 bloggers you curate Must Be Rank 50 or Lower!
  • You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how I track everything!

Optional: Themed 3rd Featured Blogger (New Theme)

New Theme for the Optional Featured Blogger! This week besides your 2 Mandatory Featured Bloggers the bonus Feature spot will be a witness you support and why you support them.

👉👉Clarification for Quality Required for valid Entry👈👈
We are looking for Quality Original Content. We want to see no less then 200 words of original written content. So a single photo is fine as long as there is 200 words with it.

To make it easy to estimate 200 words figure there needs to be 12 lines of content.

Posts from Parley and dmania are not acceptable.

Prizes: Steem Basic Income

This week at least 6 winners are going to get a sponsorship for #steembasicincome!
There will be 1 SBI Sponsorship per 8 entries into the contest on a random basis (minimum of 2).
There will be 4 Judges Choice SBI Sponsorships awarded based the quality of the bloggers you feature in the eyes of our Judges, @tryskele , @lynncoyle1, @energyaddict22, & @wolfhart.

@steembasicincome is run by @josephsavage and is a great program designed to provide a lifetime income to members who have SBI Shares.

Prizes: Steem-Bounty

@steem-bounty of 3 SBD has been created. I will only upvote entries for the Author's 80% of the Bounty. No other comments will be upvoted as the goal is to reward those who enter the contest.
@steem-bounty is run by @knircky and I'd like to ask that you set @steem-bounty as a witness. In order to do so you can go to: https://steemit.com/~witnesses and enter the "steem-bounty" account into the text field and click vote.

Contest Date Range

To make sure that there is time for all entries to be viewed and the featured bloggers all get the exposure which this contest is designed to provide we will be only taking entries from Tuesday- Saturday 11:59pm CDT (CDT is Central Daylight Time). Need this time to revolve around my time so I can make changes to the posts at a set time for me, midnight.

If your unsure how CDT converts this link should show you your local time for 11:59pm.

Week 10's Winners Post will be on Wednesday June 20th 12:01am CST US.
Week 11's Winners Post will be on Wednesday June 27th 12:01am CST US.
Week 12's Contest will start with a post on Tuesday June 26th 12:01am CST US.

** Fair warning I will flag you if you are trying to boost your comment to get more of the bounty. This includes use of paid votes to increase your portion of the community side of the bounty.

Featured Blogger SBI Share Bonus

This bonus is fully funded with sponsorship from those listed below. Thank you all for your continued support!

Week 12's SponsorsType of SponsorRecent Post or Discord Room
@dynamicgreentk1 SBI ShareDynamic Steemians Discord
@thehoneys1 SBI ShareULOG #3: Day 3 Ulog 3! Great Day Of Clarity
@bengy1 SBI Share@classical-radio
@andrewharland4 SBI SharesA win against a dirty team
@el-nailul1 SBI ShareThere is always a good people somewhere
@kaliju3 SBD Steem-BountyMy Random Korea #44

@EsteemApp, not Steemit.com

Post written on @esteemapp which is run by witness @good-karma (a Witness I support). This project will be featured this week most likely, but wanted to give you a heads up now. @esteemapp has some great features and maybe most important to me is the ability to schedule a post.

Besides this benefit the interface is just easier to use. Formatting doesn't need to be done in code so for the average person this makes creating nice flowing posts much easier. Here is their most recent post on tips/features of esteem and at the bottom is a list of other posts related to the features. As you can see there are a ton of features that are currently missing from Steemit.com. Oh and can't forget they have a functioning android and apple app. Anyways more to come on this app including screenshots.

Current Entries - Please Visit!!!

This is the real purpose of this contest, visit these posts and help upvote the bloggers featured. This list will be updated as new entries are added. Please check back during the week!!

BloggerCuration Entry Post
@viking-venturesEntry #1
@bengyEntry #2
@cicisajaEntry #3
@freedomshiftEntry #4
@honeysimEntry #5
@permieemmyEntry #6
@donna-metcalfeEntry #7
@leeartEntry #8
@trincowskiEntry #9
@k0wsk1Entry #10
@dipoabaschEntry #11 - Donate any SBI Shares to @pifc
@bjgeeseEntry #12 - Donate any SBI Shares to @pifc
@rlt47Entry #13
@rosmilageEntry #14
@angelroEntry #15
@soumonEntry #16
@whiteliteEntry #17

Week 12 is closed to new entries and we ended with a total of 17 entries! A total 34 bloggers curated and at least 1 was picked up by Curie.

Here we go again with week 12! Woo Hoo! Let's get our friends to get a post in this week and recognize some new folks. Easy upvotes from me and others to participate.

This account is the future home of the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. Make sure to follow this account and to visit the Account Builder posts and help build the voting power of this account.

Account Builder Post #1
Account Builder Post #2
Account Builder Post #3

Good idea tagging all who have been involved so far, and I used esteem for my last post and found it really user friendly! Here's to another successful week as well; so nice to see many involved on the sponsorship side of things. I've noticed it pretty slow in general around steemit this past week, perhaps many are taking advantage of the summer weather and spending less time on their computers :)

Hahahaha.. I don't think you can have that much time to relax this week @lynncoyle1.. Look at the list, it's only three days after the announcement, there's still at least 3 frequent posters will submit their entry too. Hang on there...

hahaha I think you're right @dipoabasch!! :)

@kaliju invited me to esteem and I have to agree with you that it's a really user-friendly editor. I do wish it would implement a spell-check (even though I often argue with them, it helps keep a tired brain on track!) Other than that - I really appreciate having the side-by-side thing - so much easier than Steemit's editor.

Hey @lynncoyle1, what is special about using esteem? Just recently finding out about it....

Truthfully @honeysim, I've only used it once, but what @thedarkhorse is referring to is that you can write a post at any time and schedule when you want it to actually post. I'm awaiting his post with more details, but when I did use it, it worked well.

Oh I see.... That sounds interesting.... Waiting as well....I downloaded it to my phone and been browsing around.... So, I'll check it out further... Thanks for the heads up.

I have been using it for whole my steemit life😂, it's the most amazing apps I ever use for Steemit-ing. If you add a tag esteem in one of your post, hope that the esteem trails will find your post.

Look at the list😉 17*2 = 34+17+10 = 61 posts at least, take a deep breath and slide on... please take care and have a good time with that, Judge😘

done! found some cool music, hope everyone likes the featured posts.

decided to give a 100% vote to those featured for 1 week. Took the time to find these people and it only makes sense that they get more then 1 vote from being featured if we are trying to help keep these people intersted in steemit.


Edit: Stealing @dipoabasch's idea.

and If The judges choose me as the winner, I would like to present the share on @pifc name. Thank you

You are eligible for the first time bonus2.0

blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less) ✓Age (90 days or less) ✓exception grantedeligible for the first time bonus a second-time.
@bjgeese43.1 ✓98--yes, for using #ccc

Hello... So happy to be mentioned and able to participate in this contest again. Here is my Entry this week

it's very hard to find a good bloggers these days, but I finally managed to get 2 of them according to my perspective. Have your say ... :)

Entry #3

Noted...thanks for the upvote ✌

Arigatou gozaimasu (thank you) @thedarkhorse.

You are eligible for the first time bonus2.0

blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less) ✓Age (90 days or less) ✓exception grantedeligible for the first time bonus a second-time.
@honeysim44.8 ✓84 ✓--yes, for using #ccc

this week for sure! will look at esteem to post it. text me anything i need to know.

Here's my entry for this week featuring some homesteading bloggers with some great tips :) https://steemit.com/payitforward/@permieemmy/week-12-pay-it-forward-curation-contest-permieemmy

I have been using esteem for a week now and I like the app . well done

My appreciation to the 93 amazing steemians who put forth the effort to promote minnows

To the sponsors who make it a success your generosity humbles me . Thank you

i look forward to this weeks contest and the theme "witness you support and why you support them".
I like the idea and gives some insight on what the witnesses do and most of all why they should be supported for those who are still looking for witnesses to vote for

@thedarkhorse just told me about it. I'm definitely going to check it out.

the site (link) is in the #information-library . I stopped using fast-reply because of it and it is taking me a little bit to use it to its maximum capabilities. But then this is all new to me.

Ok. Got it.

Here is my entry for this week contest

and If The judges choose me as the winner, I would like to present the share on @pifc name. Thank you

Noted.. I got cici's lucky number last week, what a coincidence 😁

You are trying to prevent me from buying another SBI for pifc, right😂 well have a good luck. I think the winner in my contest also need sbi to help them grow

This is my entry for this week's contest - https://steemit.com/pifc/@donna-metcalfe/pay-it-forward-curation-contest-week-12
Cookies! (Healthy cookies, but yum!)

oatmeal cookies.jpg

Going to go check out your entries now. Sorry for the low vote value. Have been burning up all my votes and you are my first one at .02. Thanks for participating again.

Thank you! I think you will like them. They've got me getting my mixing bowls out!

I bet your husband is thinking you should be on Steemit more, lol.

With the recipes, yes.
With the conspiracy theories, not so much. :-}

You are eligible for the first time bonus2.0

blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less) ✓Age (90 days or less) ✓exception grantedeligible for the first time bonus a second-time.
@donna-metcalfe42.4 ✓61 ✓--yes, for using #ccc

@thedarkhorse here is my entry as discussed, it took me quite a bit of time to figure out everything - but here it is.


Welcome! I have upvoted your comment at full strength, on good faith, to help you get a higher share of the steem-bounty. I'll have to wait for your entry to be verified before declaring your eligibility (with exception) for the first time bonus.
All the best!

All confirmed.

Thank-you @freedomshift, It's great to be on board!

You are eligible for the first time bonus

blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less) ✓Age (90 days or less) ✓exception grantedeligible for the first time bonus a second-time.
@whitelite41.8 ✓46 ✓----

Wow! @freedomshift - this is a huge and welcome surprise.

Being part of such a wonderful initiative, becomes better and better.


Hello! It is the first time I will participate, I like the idea and here I link the first participation on my part, greetings!

Welcome! I have upvoted your comment at full strength, on good faith, to help you get a higher share of the steem-bounty. I'll have to wait for your entry to be verified before declaring your eligibility (with exception) for the first time bonus.
All the best!

You are eligible for the first time bonus(with exception granted):

blogger for the first timeReputation (45 or less) ✓Age (90 days or less) ✓exception grantedeligible for the first time bonus a second-time.

Oh!!! you just beat me by 20minutes!

Entry #1 edging our @bengy who must have been entranced with some classical music. Both of you find great bloggers each week and love that you come back week after week.

@viking-ventures I see you were curated by esteem, nice vote isn't it? You don't get it every time, but those are all manually curated and they want more quality content. Think your stories will do well there.

Thank you. I was personally invited to esteem. Maybe I'll have to work out something different when it comes to the stories... I've been loyal to dbooks since I started with them, but maybe they're too slow to come up to speed and maybe it's time to do it myself again.

I will be checking back again. I hope I can find more jackpot :D I have had one with delishtreats and some of her posts are being curated again and again which is awesome! She is also being featured by others as well here in pay it forward.


Here is my entry this week: https://steemit.com/payitforward/@leeart/week-12-pay-it-forward-curation-contest


Does the number have any significance, other than the order it was submitted?

Hello again. This morning I've found 2 more artists I hope you'll like... and here's my entry: https://steemit.com/steemit/@trincowski/my-entry-to-the-pay-it-forward-curation-contest-week-12

Ayooo @thedarkhorse, it's been awhile! Here's my entry for the week: https://steemit.com/payitforward/@k0wsk1/pay-it-forward-week-12-big-ock-fstateaudio-and-curie

Thanks for hosting bro!

My Entry...Sorry for being late as there was an unexpected schedule yesterday...Thanks


Upvoted due to your use and support of #ccc.
All the best!

Count me in

Thank you for your continued support!

I like it! Maybe we could also support it by following the curation trail on steemauto? Just a suggestion! :). I will add it to my auto upvotes!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

I am planning on creating a different account just for a vote trail. Trying to figure out the best way to do it as I vote on the post and 2 featured bloggers per entry. Figure that is 3 x 15-20 per week. That is a lot of votes to ask people to make at any percentage.

Was thinking maybe just the Judges Choice winners each week and their featured bloggers. This would allow people to use a higher percentage as it's only 12 total votes. But they all would happen the same day, so again it's a lot.

Been tossing around ideas and open to suggestions on the best way to handle this.

This is really cool. The only reason I found it is because someone entered me in the contest. Love it. Thank you for helping us minnows as well as the future of steemit.

It wasn't much, but I just made sure all of your pending posts will payout. You should look into @dustsweeper. When you have posts and comments that are under the "dust vote" threshold it's really useful to make sure you get paid on your efforts. Plus the votes they add are slightly profitable. Great service run my great people!

Thanks. I hadn't heard of @dustsweeper until yesterday. I sent them .40 SBD yesterday, as soon as someone else told me about them. Thank you for the support. I really appreciate it. It means a lot to know that people are recognizing me.

The best way to get exposure is to engage with people in comments. Don't care how good your content is, until you have an audience it just doesn't matter. Just be sincere and consistent. Stopping in once or twice likely won't get you noticed. But leave a real comment each post for a couple weeks and it will get you noticed. Sure others have differing opinions, but I feel this is the most realistically consistent way to gain followers.

I think you are probably right. It seems that my comments are paying out way more than my blogs.

When I first started here, that's what I realized too. Commenting is the best way to develop relationships I think. And I should say genuine and consistent commenting :)

Yes. You are exactly right. Relationships..... Not fake comments. I despise those.


I am waiting the name who I must support :). i am using esteem surfer 2, and I love it so much to use. have a good day @thedarkhorse.

Will have it today. Did you want to also sponsor week 12?

Thank for letting me know about this. I want to sponsor 1 winner for week 12 as well @thedarkhorse

That's cool @el-nailul, thanks for your constant support for pifc

@el-nailul I think I have the right person on Discord. Sent you the winner there.

Sorry, I just got the internet connection, I will check on discord and proceed it accordingly @thedarkhorse

It was pretty awesome joining this contest i was featured by @elsiekjay . Thanks again for making me familiarize with this.

Next I put entry for week 4 & 5 with total 6 bloggers. It's quite a good initiative.@thedarkhorse

Looking forward to participate it once again.

. I am very excited and hope that I am the winner lol

Thank you for editing that @lienminh247. We would love to have an entry and even ok with it being in your native language as google translate does pretty good for me.

Yes, thank you

I will do upmost to discover some quality content and contribute to this week's #payitforward curation contest.

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very interesting and worth to follow

hello @energyaddict122, do you have wallet byteball? i can help you.