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Week 12 of Payitforward, let's go! This week I'm focusing on homesteaders. I really appreciate the tips they bring to the community and their steps toward self-sustainability. I really think everyone can benefit from the advice these two gems are putting out into the world.

1. @buckaroo


So I love @buckaroo. She's a homesteading mama with a passion for natural medicine. She puts herself right out there and shows gratitude for all the people that support her in her life. I came across her through back and forth #homesteading hashtagging and chatting to each other on our posts.

I love that she gives great advice for natural ways to live your life and to reduce your waste, increase your personal yields, and use what you have to live the best life you can. She writes some really great how-tos that give you tips and tricks while also resteeming some really valuable content.

This recent post is in support of the men in our lives. Her writing is engaging and always touching to read and she's a great storyteller. Check her out!




I'm not sure how I came across @bpangie but I'm super glad I did. He's a homesteading father with a penchant for libertarianism and that is right up my street.

He's a real community dude, resteeming some really great articles and getting involved in a wealth of different contests. Beyond this he provides incredible content. Now not to make sweeping statements, but generally a lot of homesteading blogs come from women giving how-to on cleaning products and the like. Being a man, he gives some great tips and advice on some of the more...let's say...industrial aspects of homesteading! Equally he puts up some beautiful photography of what's going on in his life, and gives credit to his wife in the same breath for the beautiful garden they've been growing.

Check out his chainsaw advice in his latest article: Sharpen That Chainsaw!

I don't really have anything to bring to the table with the witnesses, so no bonus from me this week!

Thanks @thedarkhorse and @pifc for keeping this up. Community needs and breeds community!

Love and all good stuff - @permieemmy


Thanks for keeping at it with the #payitfoward contest. I have "odd" authors so I didn't get a chance to visit your featured folks this week, but I wanted to give you much deserved thanks for supporting the project.

Hey thanks for the shout out! Glad those liberty based values aren't a turn off. Haha!

They're the values that make me want to see people support you!

You bring back @buckaroo to us this week😊 and thanks for bringing @bpangie as well, homesteaders always create a high quality and original post... because they truly love what they do.

Thanks @permieemmy😙, will be back to upvote later!

@buckaroo deserves it. Ive felt so inspired not only by her work but by her interaction with me! Thanks for recognizing her!

She's always share her inspiring posts.. we're lucky to know her. Now we got more girls for superspicysneakyfunclub..hahaha

You write so beautifully @permieemy! Even I want to check me out :D Thank you for this #payitforward

You have been such an influence to me since we started chatting that I'm so glad to have known you exist. Thanks for all you post!

Really? Wow. I don't know how but I think it's wonderful that we can help each other

I think that's why we come here. I want to try out some of your how tos and I love reading your advice :)

Well in that case I'm happy that I have something to offer!

great choices, @permieemmy!
Great to see your entry again.

I really feel like I don't know how steemit works but to me @pifc embodies everything I wanted this platform to be. To have support each week from people like you is the reason I want to be involved. Thank you

"How steemit works" - it is in your control - within the guidelines and rules.

You find where and who you are compatible with, associate and interact, which is what you have done.

Again, great to see you again.

Thanks for your entry! All featured bloggers have been upvoted.

Thank you! Love being a part of this!

I supported your featured post

Thank you very much!

Another cool choices @permieemmy, will do the upvote now 👌

Thanks for the entry @permieemmy; it's awesome that you chose to make it "homesteader" themed! I'm going to check out your featured bloggers now too :)