Very nice entries this week. I have visited both of them, commented and upvoted. Thanks for continuing to participate in the #payitforward contest. All the best to you.

Thanks for stopping by! Best wishes to you as well.

Congratulations @viking-ventures, your post has been selected by the @asapers for a resteem and a feature in our brand new curation post. Issue 67

What does this mean for you? Well first an upvote from some members of the team, we are no @curie or @ocd but who is going to be unhappy with some extra upvotes. Also each post featured in the article will receive a 10% share of the SBD generated from the curation post.

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Great entry and I enjoyed reading your selections, thank you!

Awesome entry! keep sharing through eSteem! :D

Thanks so much for your support!

Thank you for your entry. As always great pics and they have been upvoted. Will look further into @arcange as I don't think they are one of my current witnesses. Have 3 open slots right now.

Thanks! I'm glad I was able to introduce you to a new potential witness. I'm looking forward to filling a couple more of my slots too.

How Can I submit article for your contest? I mean how my article will get nomination? By your discord channel?

You don't submit an article, rather you find people to curate (promote). That's what this contest is. If you click/tap through to the Pay it Forward contest then you can see how to enter your own curation post. (For me, it's one of my favorite posts of my week!)

Nice. I'll check out your candidates. :-)

@viking-ventures, love this! I like the fact you included the spammer dude. That really is helpful because it can be hard to traverse Steemit and know what's up! I also love the rabbit post and ants...well ants are just unbelievably interesting to me. Thanks for this!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! And yes, the "spammer dude" (I don't know if @arcange follows all his mentions or not) is definitely awesome. :-)

Thanks @viking-ventures.
It's pleasure to me. I just join in steemit 25 days ago.
Many people just say me "What you will do by capture those insects or other small particle." I hope I got the perfect place to introduce my caption.
Thanks again.

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Yes, Steemit is the perfect place to post these things! Keep up the great work!

All really deserving steemians you showcased here. And your witness choice too is well made. @arcange does such a selfless job

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree about @arcange!

Great entries @viking-ventures....but you know that LOL. Commented and upvoted each of them.

Great entries @viking-ventures....but you know that LOL. Commented and upvoted each of them. I always wonder what you're going to come up with next 😎

Thank you! I also wonder what I'm going to come up with next!

@viking-ventures hmmm I think you need to find a ....VIKING LOL

Congrats for another entry.. Will check it later...Good to see you featured @arcange..

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!