eSteem Mobile Tips #20. Power up

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In this series of posts, We will present current feature set (hidden gems) that eSteem is offering. And details and usage of presented features. Each post will include gif animation and its explanation to guide reader through the process of using it. Note that these features are being improved constantly, you might notice some changes/addition in future releases.

What's eSteem

Learn more about project in eSteem FAQ post here.

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Powering up is a great way to increase your voting strength and to actually grow Steem. If you have any spare Steem you want to power up, simply go to 'Transfer' section in the slide menu and then once you select transfer asset as Steem Power, write wanted amount of your owned Steem that you want to convert to Steem Power. If you have Steem Dollars (SBD), you can convert them to Steem and then power it up.

Thank you to my brother @pjo for helping out with recording animations!

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All future posts related to eSteem feature set will be tagged as #esteem-features.

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Feel free to reach out if you have questions, issues, suggestions, feature requests!

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Thanks for sharing helpful post.
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Good luck to me and everyone who loves and cares the eSteem App and having faith on it's growth and popularity.
Best wishes.

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The app is sure getting popular everyday as the traffic is increasing everyday and liked the updates of it.

esteemapp is now more focussed for the betterment of the community and after reviewing every feature addition it will be more easily accessible and viabke for the users. It's working will be more smooth and power packed with new interface which will be great for the usage.
One suggestion: On replying message the window is not completing after posting comment, I have to kill the app to run it again it's my issue with android version.
In my opinion after adding these several options and features this app will be favourite for everyone a big thanks to the efforts of @good-karma making this happen and accessible for all.
Thank you and best wishes.

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we will always follow ,,, thank you for his advise.

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