My Entry: Week 12 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest

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Pay It Forward Curation Contest-Week 12 - Participate here


@liverussian – reputation 47

How she introduces her self:

Teaching the Russain language to foreigners; I love what I do! Actually I love many other things: pencil drawing, needle felting, poetry, life!

This is one of those talented Steemians who certainly has options when it comes to success on steemit.

  • She has a great command of the English Language, even though it is not here first language. She is able to create coherent and fluent posts in English, charaterised by her love for poetry.

  • Her quirky writing style and subject matter (at times) defines a whimsical carefree style - which makes here posts fun to read. An examples of this is The best pets are... RATS!

  • If you are looking for something more serious, she has that too, She is a worthy competitor in contests such as those hosted by @jayna, @vdux and @prydefoltz.

  • Her lesson at Steemit school of Karaoke, make her a threat to some mainstream artists. So watch out musos @liverussian wants a stake! Listen to a recording here.

  • And then she has the ability to sketch as well, here is an example - Pencil Drawing of my friend's cat / with the reference photo

  • I think @liverussian could easily launch a successful D-tube career if she wanted to. Here she pays tribute to Russian poet, Evgeny Evtushenko - See the clip here

  • Finally, her main strength lies and commenting. A comment from @liverussian could easily bring your post to life! This is where her quirky style and whimsical personality really comes into full effect! For this reason I believe she would make an excellent curator in future, as this is what she loves doing - evaluating and commenting.


  • @liverussian seems to be taking her skills for granted - she should be posting (a good quality post - which she is capable of.) at least every second day. Should she do that, I believe the sky is the limit.

@tomboy – reputation 46

How she introduces her self:

A writer •blogger • Smartphone Photographer • Nature Lover •Movie Fanatic •Novel Reader •Foodie • Lover of Korean Dramas

I simply love coming across the blogs of multi-potentialites, and for me @tomboy represents just that. I think that this Steemian is vastly under-valued, but that is because there are some quality issues. Let me point out some of her strengths before diving into potential growth points.

  • She ably her day in here ULOG, therefore an a capable blogger

  • I think that @tomboy is a decent story teller as demonstrated here

  • She has an eye for beautiful photgraphs, and snaps them as well as seen here


  • @tomboy - would really benefit by improvements in markdown and well selected pictures. This would bring life to her posts and make the reader linger a bit longer.
  • Secondly, her time and effort in taking great photographs is wasted - as she should add some well though out commentary to the pictures. Sometimes with pictures less is more - particularly when the picture start clashing visually. Again, markdown skills would improve the visual impact.

Favourite Witness:

When it comes to witnesses I'm completely out at sea. I've heard of some, but don't truly know what their values are or what they represent. The other dilemma that I am confronted with is which witness active and which is not. Not to mention which witnesses are outside the top twenty.

For this reason I have contemplated selecting a proxy (the other button one can use when selecting a witness). So without further ado, I have nominated @thedarkhorse as my proxy.

Why did I select the @thedarkhorse?

  • He is knowledgeable about the things that matter on Steemit and who the witnesses are.
  • He has a mission of growing the "middle class" of Steemit - thus he would select witnesses that would promote this ideal.
  • Finally, @thedarkhorse is very active at personal level with most steemian - no ivory tower issues.

Hello @rlt47 and thanks so much for joining us on the #payitforward contest. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to find under appreciated authors and sharing them. I have visited both of your featured authors, commented and upvoted their posts. Wish you all the best.

Thank you @energyaddict. I appreciate your effort in visiting the featured writers. I trust you've enjoyed them as much a I did.

You've surprised some with your Russian, too!

I hope you enter again next week. If so when you format the post make it clear which post is the featured post as the idea is to feature a single high quality post. I like the idea of showing more about the blogger like you did and it makes your entry more interesting. But for the way we try to give a boost to one post this will spread out our efforts some.

Great first time entry and enjoyed both bloggers!

Thank you for setting me as a proxy. Funny thing was I had been talking with @wolfhart hours before you did this about how maybe we should suggest to many that are part of the contest to set me. This would serve a couple purposes. First a ton of people aren't voting and that is horrible IMO so that is solved. Second it removes everyone from having to track who stays active. Third over time it might give PIF more pull with the witnesses and then maybe a little love in return for the votes they already earned....lets face it without some reason to get a whales attention you won't so enough witness votes backing me maybe I can get PIF some delegations as they will at least notice I am here.

I read your witnesses list at the discord room, seems like I will set you as my proxy too.. 10 of my witness are there in your list, except for steemcommunity.

steemcommunity is now on my list. Thought they were the whole the day they announced it I thought I took care of it. Not sure what happened.

I was searching for their name on the list at steemd sheet last saturday, they're not there.. though I have read it was on 89 before, hope that nothing serious happened. Thank you for adding steemcommunity 👐, keep on juggling for a little while, it's fun if you remember that time later😂

Thank-you for the invite, I will continue to enter as it is such a worthy effort.

It was my first entry and I was caught in two minds what the actual focus was. Thanks for clarifying.

My intent was not divert you to the different posts but rather as reference to the various qualities that I've picked up. I will be focusing mostly on Steemians that have some aspects of quality, but need guidance to be successful.

You welcome, I've should've set the proxy a while back.

Glad you will return. Look at the entries by those who win the Judges Choice awards. You will see they tend to keep the entry fairly simple (remember we all are visiting a ton of posts) so finding what we need is easy. Most of the time the winners have entered a few times before winning and have tweaked their approach a little each week. Then once they find something that works (they win!) they tend to stick with it.

Oh and I didn't think you wanted to divert us to multiple posts. Totally got what you were doing and like it. Just think maybe there is a good way to do the featured post very clearly and then add in the other links as a bonus about the blogger.

Thanks, @thedarkhorse - Got it! ;)

I'll refine the submissions accordingly!

Thank you so much for this, i will try to use more markdowns.

You're very welcome! I hope it works out for you.

Rather than "using" markdowns, have fun with it! For a little sacrifice in time you can vastly improve the value and readability of your posts; making it more appealing for the reader.

To make it a little easier, try using or both make Markdown much easier. is just like posting on Steemit, it has more useful tools for Markdown. With you will have to copy and paste your final article. You can transfer it to github then to Steemit, but to me it's too much work. Also since you're writing ...look into dbooks.

Well done @rlt47! You successfully guessed the match result.

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Hello @rlt47, I like the way you presented the featured bloggers here, but there's so many link to click and read. I can guess which is the latest/recent one.

Thanks anyway for your entry, I am gonna check it out because I wonder what can I learn from them too. Have a good luck with the contest😊

Hi @cisisaja - My apologies, I've featured the blogger rather than the post per se

If I had to select the post it would be...

The best pets are... RATS!

yes @rlt47, I have read the post already.. that's very cool. Thanks again ;)

Hha, I've been around and seen your hearty chit -chat with @liverussian about rats...

I'm trying to entice her to participate in the contest. I'm sure she'll love it!

Yes, that's the other benefit of this contest, to meet another posters and have fun with , also to get more information and knowledge too. Hope that She'll jump on the bandwagon later😙

These are wonderful perks, it's more than the mundane humdrum!

After one's first contest you basically hooked - lol!

Hey R.! I can't express with words my grattitude and surprise with your research on me, haha, you're quite a Sherlock))) even I didn't know about my main con )))) and my pro as well, you're right, I love people and prefer commenting over writing my own posts, you read me!

By the way, if I wanted anyone to present me, I'd chose your outstanding style! You love people too, I feel it! And the features of mine you've underlined are the most precious I have!

I'm deeply touched by your choice, by your time going through my messy stuff, you're such a sweet one, R.

Hha! That's me... I love doing surprising things.

I do wish you would do some more writing though - your quirky style give you an interesting perspective on life and subjects!

Perhaps you should attempt the next pay it forward contest, then you can be involved in curation and create valuable posts for your blog, it's quite a bit of fun...helping other Steemians along.

It was my first application, but I went! They basically said I gave them too much work, with all the links - Hha!

I saw that, yeah ))) ahaha, you're too much R. ) I'll try to keep up with writing, but my unstable nature doesn't let me concentrate on one thing...

You keep writing whatever you want - and the world will be a happy place! :)

Well done @rlt47! You successfully guessed the match result.

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Well done @rlt47! You successfully guessed the match result.

Group Phase - South Korea vs Mexico
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Do not miss the last post from @steemitboard!

Thank you for joining us @rlt47. Both are very good features. You're post is very well done and look forward to seeing you around more.

Thank-you @tryskele - thank-you for your kind words, and yes - I will be glad to keep doing this.

You are most welcome @tryskele!