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This is the future home for the Pay It Forward Curation Contest.

Power Up Posts

To help get the account started we will be doing a few power up posts per week to give those who support the contest an opportunity to upvote and those increase the power of the PIFC account. Not sure how long before the contest will be moved over to this account, but it want this account to have enough SP to make a real vote before starting this.

Pay It Forward Contests

@PIFC stands for "Pay It Forward Contests" and the account will be used to support Plankton and Minnows with various contests that include @steem-bounty and @steembasicincome rewards. The flagship contest that has started this movement is the Pay It Forward Curation Contest which I (@thedarkhorse) am currently hosting. The current curation contest has helped give exposure to hundreds of the smallest members of the steemit community.

Support Needed

If you are interested in supporting the Pay If Forward movement on Steemit then please give this post an upvote or consider delegating SP to @pifc.

Current Pay It Forward Contest

Week 11 Pay It Forward Curation Contest


This is the so cool. I'm completely with you. :)

Just in case anyone has missed this on other posts. Yes this is an account that was started to help bring the PIF movement to the next level. Have plans beyond the Curation Contest to help even more new members get a footing on steemit.

We need the communities help to make this happen. If you like to see quality content creators get rewarded help us power up this account.

Let's watch this garden grow!

Seeds have been planted.

This is so exciting, moving to the next level.

Hi @tryskele, do you have any connection to the Acasha project too? cause i would have some questions if that's alright with you. Thanks.

I haven't heard of that one. I might know someone though. Feel free to ask away. If you want to ask on Discord, please feel free.

Oke. I am asking you, cause you have same logo as them haha. So i thought you're part of the team or something :) . I wanted to know how to properly or more easily to interact with the platform and be on. What's the discord channel please? Thank you.

Oh my profile picture?? It's the symbol my name represents. I just changed the spelling on it. It's normal spelling is triscele or triskelion or more generally a triple spiral. I have used this name for more than 25 years now.

You have my upvotes :D !!

Thank you!

Good concept and it really make this Pay It Forward a branded look.
Wish all the best

A great initiative. Another step forward. #payitforward

Awesome! I've up voted and resteemed.

Now watching in anticipation, too!

Thanks for your support.

Now, this is a great development; looking out to see this grow without limit... Best of wishes

That movie made everyone feel they had a chance to become a champion. Wish they didn't make 18 sequels, but the first one was great.

I never miss the other post but i think it should also be resteem so all other steemians could see and upvote with those who want ti delegate qill help us all out to build the server.

Delegations will be key. If we can pick some up this can expand much faster and we can help a lot more people. Later I'll be doing a post directly talking about this, but I have someone that will match any unpaid delegations received at a 1:1 ratio up to 500sp. This can really be a quick boost to the account.

Keep up with the good work! 🤗

Thank you!

I went and posted it in a couple discords . Maybe we can get a little support there . I'm sure we will 👍

As always your efforts are above and beyond. Thank you sir!

Great initiative and progress, I wish you all the best with it. Upvoted. Resteemed for visibility.

Keep it up guys. This'll go far!

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Showing u some aloha. Keep up the great work and thank u again as always for all your support for us newbies.

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