Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 12 - World Cup of Honour!

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Hello Steemit Fellows!

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I felt uneasy when Mexico beat Germany 1-0 last sunday, but there is nothing I can do but keep the hope that They'll make a better performance in the next Group Qualification against Sweden on Sunday 24/6. I have became the Germany National Team fans since 1986, the first time I watch World Cup Event on TV ( I am only 11 yo back then). When West Germany Uphold Their Second FIFA World Cup Trophy (The First was Jules Rimet Trophy in 1954) in 1990, I still remember that was the first time in My life I have watched the game at my home on our own colour TV. Actually, I have to attend the national test before graduated from junior high school. My Father agreed to let me stayed up very late for the game but in one condition, I must have answered all his questions on Math and Physics subjects for the test, correctly. I did it and I have never been so happy to see Lothar Matthaus and team won the game against Argentina through Andreas Brehme's Penalty in the 85th minutes. No Wikipedia that time, the only resource about all the games was news report and World General Science Book. I keep talking about the game till Germany won their Third Trophy in 2014 ( total 4 ) at that time I must get along with My Fiance's jealousy. He is My Husband @dipoabasch, because I adore Philipp Lahm and still can't get over him until now

gardening (1).png I don't remember the source, probably the Bayern Munchen fanpage on facebook

Why Phillip Lahm? After his retirement announcement from National Team several days after coming back from Brazil, I keep following his news and found out that He's doing a very generous action with his Philipp Lahm Stiftung especially on sports and football. There're many football players who conduct the Pay It Forward in their lives despite the fact that they probably doing that because the sponsors made them. Quite an opening, right? LOL... Let's meet My Nominees for the contest this week.

@kingsyrus Rep 34

Walter is a Nigerian, He was Joining Steemit since February, 2018. He probably not a frequent poster but his blog is worth to take a look at. Yeah, some posts has cheetah vote, but I think we can support him to write better in the future.

My hobbies are listening to music, watching and playing football, and reading. My favourite football club is Manchester United of England and my favourite footballer is Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal. I also have sympathy for Real Madrid fc of Spain. source

In his latest post, Walter wrote about the youth activity week in his church, they conducted a friendly football match with community, that's a smart action. Let's Cheer him up to write more on Steemit.

@chaelpacia Rep 48

She is working as a metric analyst, in Philipine. After the daily team meeting, last week, her office were visited by A Managing Director who insisted to join them that day, and share us what she has learned from the visitor that day through her post unexpected visitors. Let's gave her an extra attention so She can write more on steemit and not just resteemed anything about @surpassinggoogle.. hahahaha.


Optional Blogger is


He is The first witness I support, because I want him and the team keep doin the best thing with eSteemApp. Especially the Mobile apps (argh, I still can not set up the eSteem surfer in my old laptop) The first time I use eSteem mobile was on February, 2018, @dedybadunk who suggest and trained me how to use the app via whatsapp, and as a grateful for the app, I support @good-karma, when nobody told me to do so and I don't know what the use of vote for witnesses are. I think I've just following my intuition that this man and his team will do anything great for Steemit and I shall never regreted.

I learned that He and His team never stop to upgrade and support the steemians who create good contents even though he didn't understand the languages (hahahah... I knew he doesn't speak Acehnese Language but has a team who do). The only witness that I vote for which came to appreciate my complaint about the new version of eSteem mobile a couple months ago. Someone who also appreciate users without making a noisy posts to ask him to vote. His latest post was 8 days ago about New Curators to supports eSteem users also a very helpful action towards Steemians and Steemit.
this is @horpey who create the code


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I am so glad that I joined this Pay It Forward contest after coincidentally encountered with @energyaddict22 post 3 months ago (I remember his post about the PIF contest-week 3), His words "To help yourself, Help others" is really interesting and then @thedarkhorse, @lynncoyle1 also replied to my comment as encouraging reinforcement and here I am, Happy to know @wolfhart (who always made me laugh with his fun ways on his posts), @headchange and @tryskele (their comments are entertaining), @freedomshift with his Bonuses and Stubborn ideas to help others and for the first time since I read his posts and comments, I see he uses the smiley face becaue he had powered up his account. My @dipoabasch who came back to the contest again, @angelro and other participants that I really love to read their posts and guide me to many more impressive Steemians.

If anyone want to experience the fun and benefit of Pay It Forward contest which is run by @thedarkhorse and @pifc , Just read this information Pay it Forward Curation Contest - Week 12, Win SBI and Steem-bounty. Even if you're not winning, you already a winner!

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I have always loved Lahm. Such a great competitor. I remember watching his goal several years ago in the opening match. Thanks for your wonderful featured artists this week. I have visited, commented and upvoted each of them. Wish you continued success. :)

I think it was a semifinal in 2002, when he saved Germany to the final against Brazil (though they lost) in South Korea. Thanks for your attention, Germany is in trouble now.. perhaps it isn't because Lahm not there anymore, LOL.

Thanks for the upvotes and you too, will continued success

Thanks so much for the mention! I may be slow visiting your features but will make it around.
I have been away due to family emergency. Hope to be back to normal in a few days.

You're welcome😉 @headchange.. first time first, hope that your family emergency probs will be resolved and I will be glad to have you back in the bandwagon👍

Not philipp lahm again my dear, don't you get enough to adore him for 16 years now? Anyway.. I have visited your featured bloggers, gimme any suggest about witnesses 😉

Don't worry about philipp lahm.. he's not here on steemit😉. Think about your friend on discord.. she's a witness too right? I don't know whether you have vote for steemcommunity or steemgigs too

Oh if he has a 'friend' on Discord the you should be good with Phillipp Lahm LOL Great features again.

Aahh.. no worry about that😂, he is too busy with the world cup and most of time, his handphone is on my hand😉

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thanks a lot for the upvote... did you have any banner to put on my footer?

You can get from @sydesjokes a banner or footer. Thanks for commenting.

Oh okay, thank you

Thank you so much ... oohh what a relieve! I can use this for my latest post now. I appreciate your replied with this.. so proud being a part of kryptonia😙

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Awesome! Thank you @asapers , it is an honour being featured by you and the community😊 thank you so much.

Thanks madam for this gesture, but I'll like to know the objective behind this idea and also, my responsibilities

If you have time you can read the post about the contest under the first pic. If you want to join the contest, you can make a curation post like i did by writing about 2 other bloggers who reputation score is 50 or below and create an original dan hightl content too.

But if you don't want to.. that's okay.. you can join anytime when you're ready. The objectives is to expose the good steemian who wrote an original quality content but less vote and recognised by others. Here, with the contest.. we can engaged with other bloggers and gain a little upvote too.

You have no responsibilities. Being featured will just drive some traffic to your post and add some extra upvotes from others who find it from you being featured. Keep writing good content and maybe you get picked again by someone.

Thanks a million. But am I free to always tag payitforward?

Thanks for your entry. Have upvoted both of the featured bloggers.

I appreciate your time and attention, hope that @pifc will do that job in the future... automatically of course☺

@cicisaja Thanks for these great entries to #payitforward. It's so nice to see people reaching out within and outside of their communities to bring people together to feel like they belong and to feel as though they're being heard. Thanks :)

Thanks for your support too @permieemmy, i will read yours but the upvote must wait a little while.. I've drained my VP again today😀congratulations once again, let's have another fabulous week😉

nice post, I am following you now, please support me too.

Will do that.. as long as you always good at posting too👐👍

You got some upvotes

Thank you so much.. i will check it later, got probs with my mobile