Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 12 - Win SBI & Steem Bounty : Exploration Is Tough!

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Saleum Steemians

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Before I take you all in a tour to My nominees, I would like to say thanks to @thedarkhorse who run the contest, to @energyaddict22, @lynncoyle1, @wolfhart and @tryskele who are the judges and to @andrewharland @bengy @dynamicgreentk @el-nailul @kaliju @thehoneys who are supporting this contest as sponsors. This is my 4th entry for the contest and I hope that I can participate every week.

Well, I'm busy watching the World Cup Event, but I must follow "The Game" that I agreed to join. while waiting for Denmark VS Australia, I took time to explore and then here is the result!


@bengeudens Rep 25

He is joined the Steemit since February but only have 2 post and not any introduceyourself post too. I think he's good at digital art too. His latest post is about a criticsm about Meditation which can make human worse than before, but he is not only criticized but strongly suggest us for not focusing only on the positive and never ignore the negative.

Clear your mind and ground yourself before you start your day. Think of meditation as booting up your operating system. Don't just sit there looking at the desktop screen. Get to work. Commit every day to massive action: learn the things you need know in order to do the things you need to do.

Maybe if we gave him a little extra attention, he will write more inspiring and positive things in the future and add another good contribution to Steemit. Here is the link to his post Meditation Can Make You A Worse Person

@techchek Rep 32

I found him while looking at the Coffee hashtag, He wrote in Deutsch about his morning routine and it's really interesting after I translated his post with Google Translate.

I myself think that creating another fine drink can take the position of the "enjoyable morning routine" - if you really want it. Nevertheless, me for myself, stay a bit on the journey of discovery through the coffee world and enjoy the morning moment with myself.

I, Myself is a coffee drinker, I need 2 Kilograms ground's coffee every month for myself which make My Wife sometimes hid the best coffee she had to surprise me. @techchek share his opinion about how a cup of good coffee can made a day better. take a look at his post (I believe that @wolfhart will need no translation tools this time.. LOL)
Morning routine - The Coffee Really Helps


@thekitchenfairy Rep 60

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Well @cicisaja knew that I am big fan of eSteemApp and @good-karma, but she told me to choose another witness, she asked me not to write about the same bloggers that has been featured before too. My choice is @thekitchenfairy, She is an Indonesian who married to a canadian has two wonderful kids and lives there now. She is a very kind person that I met on discord room PAL-minnowsupport, She assisted every Indonesian Newbies who asked about everything in the discord room. She supported some contest and I joined one of them last month. She didn't tell much about her activity as witness but I like to read her posts about Indonesian food and other posts like this one Diamond Ring Down The Road, every saturday She will shout out about exceptional bloggers who need more attention and upvote.


That's for now and If anyone want to join this contest, you should know that @thedarkhorse is running this contest and @pifc will be the next host for this contest. Read more information on this link Pay It Forward Curation Contest-Week 12. all you have to do is ;

  • Curation Style Post of 2 Bloggers who are posting Quality Original Content
  • Link to 1 recent blog post per featured blogger. Keep in mind that many will follow this link and upvote so pick a post that isn't close to payout!
  • Include a link to this contest in your entry post
  • The 2 bloggers you curate Must Be Rank 50 or Lower!
  • You need to comment on this post with a link to your post, this is how @thedarkhorse tracks everything!

Don't forget to follow this rules too

👉👉Clarification for Quality Required for valid Entry👈👈
We are looking for Quality Original Content. We want to see no less then 200 words of original written content. So a single photo is fine as long as there is 200 words with it.

Thanks for stopping by, Best Regards!

Hello Newbies, you can join #ccc by abide the rules, just read this CCC by @freedomshift


Hey bud! Thanks so much for your continued support of the #payitforward initiative. You really find some fantastic authors and i appreciate it. I have visited, commented and upvoted each of them. Keep up the fantastic work.

You are very welcome.. I need to make you busy with that😁, cici told me that you're too busy to write a post lately, so the only thing to keep you visible is put a little extra effort on post and see your reaction 😁. Thank you for your support too🤝

Great features @dipoabasch. I knew one day I would come across someone that thinks totally different than I do. Which I think is great. It's how we grow :) And one can never go wrong with coffee!!

🤣 thanks Dipo!

Your English is pretty good 👍

I do post updates for my Witness server occasionally, and a new one is coming in a few days as well 😊

Dan juga tag baru buat orang Indonesia, biar bisa kecipratan (sedikit) upvote lagi 😉

Salam 🤗

Aseeek.. Eeh ini nggak keliatan kayak google translate lagi kan 😂😂😂, ngamuk tar bini gw dibilang kayak GT padahal dia 3 jam nerjemah manual 😂, sukses yaa

Hey, sorry that I've just saw this post, Dear😊, your exploration quite cool. Will take a short tour to them now.. though I'm gonna face some trouble to read the deutsch. Good Luck!

Thank you, me😘 I made it before the pathetic game 😁 please support them, we need more friends to be able to keep on having fun anyway

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You were faster than me....Clap and clap...

Must be good selection...will check it later....
Hope your health is fine now

Hahahaha.. I have to do this soon enough because the next soccer games is on the way, France vs Peru. Will have to make another post too, I have many photos stock to expose and the story too. So, I'd better do that now.

Take your time and I am fine now, thanks for stopping by and have a good time ☕

Thats good ...I may make it tomorrow as almost my search is over..happy to hear that you are doing good...Now waiting for Argentina match to start...
Stay connected...

Thank you @freedomshift... I am getting used to ccc now

I upvoted your comment that you submitted the entry instead of upvoting this post.

Do as you wish, you help dusty then, so she can vote my other comments, thank you for the upvotes

upvoting your comment in the contest gets you more steem-bounty (are you aware of it?) in addition to the vote value which is the same for upvoting in either post.

Yess.. Off course! Too bad that I ran out my VP again and couldn't vote any of comment and post right now

I'll still upvote this post, but, the full strength vote was given to get you more from steem-bounty.

C'mon bro🤔 save it for another ccc post.. You will need them on Saturday, right? @angelro hasn't post his entry for the contest either

no worries. I have added STEEM and Powered Up to 1,100 SP and I am careful to not go too far below 90% - thus in my messages, I'll say wait till I am recharged.

Whew.. Congratulations 🍻Now you can use the slider 👏👏 that's so cool. You can delegate some if you need... Hahahaha, I'm just kidding. I'm so poor that I can't even try to buy 50 steem 😂, cici won't let me do that anyway

Thank you for your entry. Have upvoted your featured bloggers.

Thank you for your attention and time.. Hope that they can bring a new colour for the contest