Pay It Forward Week 12: @big.ock, @fstateaudio, & @curie

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Well here I am, hanging out after work with a burger and a beer, realizing that I haven't done @thedarkhorse's Pay It Forward challenge since I did it for my very first time!

(Delicious Photo Proof)

Well it's time, ladies and gentlemen. Here are my two featured bloggers for the week:

#1: @big.ock

Latest post: "Cornflakes to Cure Masturbation"


This guy is fucking hilarious, and seems to be a good human being. For off-the-wall posts, strange stuff, and what I would call "stoner thoughts", I would definitely check out this guy's blog. My favorite post of his thus far is definitely "Weirdest Invention of All Time", in which @big.ock presents a blueprint crafted long ago for a mechanism that delivers babies from the womb by way of centrifugal force. Really... interesting stuff. Enjoy!

#2: @fstateaudio

Recent Post: "Fugue State Audio - Monday Night Noise Session 005"


@fstateaudio makes some crazy sounding music, very industrial and heavy. On top of that, he makes vlogs and posts about mixing techniques. I hope you enjoy listening to the inside of this artists' head! Beware: these crazy industrial beats may not be for everyone.

#3: Bonus Steemian/Witness: @curie

I know everyone already knows and loves @curie, but I wanted to put them as my witness entry anyways because I love their dedication to quality original work and I know they have helped out a lot of new Steemians, myself included. @curie is one of the main reasons people stick around on Steemit, and everyone knows it. Keep motivating people @curie, we love you!

I hope you like these featured Steemians! Have a great rest of your week, friends. Thanks to @thedarkhorse for hosting this contest!



Thanks for supporting us at it with the #payitfoward contest. I have "odd" authors so I didn't get a chance to visit your featured folks this week, but I wanted to give you much deserved thanks for supporting the project.

Hey no problem EnergyAddict! It's my pleasure. I'm gonna try to get in on next week as well!

I agree with you about curie though I've never know about it until this last two weeks since I joined the curation and engagement league.

I think your first featured blogger is exceptionally funny😁. I didn't open the second one, because the rules said at least 200 words, no matter how cool is the single photo or single video or record😉.. thank you @k0wsk1

Haha nice, grats on becoming a curator! And fixed btw, I posted with a different article from @fstateaudio. I think the strictness of that rule is odd, especially when it's music, but I'll digress and follow the rules of course :) Thanks for stopping by!

Probably because in the past there's some featured bloggers who posted a single foto with a few words that we don't know whether its belong to them or stealing. But I think music is better than that, they can add some more information about the music by telling us more information such as the process or what inspires them... what do you think?

I totally understand the requirement for sure haha, 200 words isn't that many anyways :) It should be easy for good photographers/artists to add that much commentary.

Thank you. That's really cool. I'm gonna have to check out the contest by @thedarkhorse. Thank you again. I'm glad you enjoy it. It feels good to know that someone is reading my strange thoughts.

Hell yeah man, no problem! Keep it up! Refreshing to see someone get real weird here on Steemit.

Thank you for your entry. All featured bloggers have been upvoted!

Hope one day to get visited by about a nice bonus to get on a post!

Thanks for hosting, m8! I appreciate your commitment to community.

Ikr... Curie is very kind to tons of newcomers (myself included), and rather inspiring, really.

I supported your featured entries
And agree with your selection on @curie as a witness. Not only do they give an award to individual posts but support many programs on the platform

Thanks for coming thru to check them out! ❤️

Thanks for the support!

No prob dood :)

Thank you for the entry @k0wsk1 :) Your first one especially has got me really curious haha I'm making my way to both of them now, but I also appreciate you mentioning @curie as well for your witness feature! Great choice!

No problem, thanks for checking out the homies! :)

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