eSteem - Feature Set #18, Change Server when other becomes inaccessible!

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Thank you!! This is exactly what so many people need to know about eSteem. Bookmarked and resteemed.

Yes, people will be benefited from eSteem apps.

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Great information, thanks for sharing nice post.



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I am using your esteem app. How can I get upvote from you?

Awesome thanks good-karma for this esteem apl its really helping for me.. because its easy to use

Love to see new updates. I always use @esteem app to post my content. Now it will be more interesting to see gifs and other improved features.


i'm so glad to see esteem updates. A few weeks ago i didnot even know that steemit has it own application and this this second update since im using it. Thats amazing:)

Extremely informative. Great illustrations by my friend too.

Have a nice day


anyone can help me share eSteem application links for pc windows 10?

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