Entry for the Pay it Forward Curation Contest :Week 12

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Pay It Forward Curation Contest is a weekly challenge by @thedarkhorse to find bloggers and promote.

Source : thedarkhorse's post

I always prefer the original and qualified writing. When I find any good writers or bloggers I try to visit his blog regularly. Sometime their blogs help me much to get some new information.
Today I am writing about them.

@toufiq Rep:41

His content are super original. He always share his original caption. He doesn't copy another photo. If he does he clearly explore the resources. Here is a link of his resourceful post :

And second,

@tomista Rep:50

He is a sophisticated writer. Mainly write about classic music. His writing quality is so high. You can follow him. Here is a link of his recent post :
Hope you guys enjoy the blogs.


Thanks for participating with the #payitfoward contest. I have "odd" authors so I didn't get a chance to visit your featured folks this week, but I wanted to give you much deserved thanks for supporting the project.

The second bloggers music was great! I actually waited for it to finish before leaving the post.

Thanks for the entry. Both posts have been upvoted.

isn't first one good?

Oh wasn't a knock against the first one. Just the second one really caught my attention and made me pause for 8 minutes which is a long time for me to stop and wait. That said a lot about the quality of the music to me and I realized it as I started typing. That was all.

Thank you for the entry @soumon! And I see your second choice got a visit from @curie as well! Nice job :)

Haapy to see the participation...Will check the nominees and comment