Steem Basic Income to Self Fund Contest - Pay It Forward Account Builder #3

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Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers on Steemit! Hope you had a good of a day as I did.

What is @pifc?

Pay It Forward Contests (@pifc) account will be the future home of the Pay It Forward Curation Contest and other contests designed to help new steemians and others build their accounts. Goal is to keep the Curation Contest as the flagship contest with the largest prize pool, but want to add some simple contests with smaller prizes like starter packages to Dust Sweeper (@dustsweeper), or small SP delegations, or other prizes designed to help push smaller members to build their accounts.

What Is With the Account Building Posts?

Well to get the ball rolling I am trying to build up some SP and more important some SBD to allow this account to be more self sufficient by leasing its own delegated SP. Hopefully over time this account can grow to a point where leasing SP isn't needed, but to start with it's going to be needed. Don't want to be trying to upvote the Curation entries with 3sp votes, you all deserve larger votes then that so in an attempt to reduce the out of pocket expense a little these Account Builder posts are being used.


In the comments of the Account Builder #2 Post @lynncoyle1 made a comment:

I think it's smart to answer these kinds of questions; it gives @pifc that much more transparency, even though I know your motives and intentions are pure :)
that I'd like to address a little bit. We will keep this account very transparent and without the need to visit steemworld you will know how we are using our post earnings. You will see where the money comes from and where it goes.

On this note I will share that to date I have purchased 25 @steembasicincome shares with my own money for the Pay It Forward Contests account at a cost of 25 steem. My goal is to purchase 100 SBI shares before we take this account live. The votes from 100 shares will help make sure that any small 1 day type contests are self funded or really close to it. Hopefully the small contests can run a small profit to allow for further powering up to really build up the Curation Contest prize pool.

What can you do today?

With the idea of #steembasicincome shares being able to self fund small contests I was thinking that if you are looking for a way to help not only @pifc, but also yourself you could purchase a SBI shares for @pifc. Each share you purchase will not only guarantee lifetime votes on all future posts for the @pifc account, but also for yourself. The cost is 1 Steem (not SBD) per share.

This is a great way to make @pifc self sufficient in terms of earnings per post to cover different small contests and help as many minnows as possible.

Thank You For Your Support!

Previous Account Builder Posts that haven't paid out:
Account Builder Post #1
Account Builder Post #2


So excited to see this account and hoping to help grow it. Thanks so much for putting it together.

This is an account well worth growing! Thanks for taking the time and energy to do it, and check your wallet for a little boost :)

You're the bomb lynn!

My pleasure!

As always you are amazing! Thank you for the donation. To give you an idea that is enough right not to lease about 200 SP for a month give or take...that will go a long way towards getting this account started. Will use it once we are ready to launch officially to best use it for helping others.

You are most welcome @thedarkhorse! I'm happy to support such a great thing, and I'm not just talking about the contest 😎

Sorry, can't do a full upvote now because I have just spent 2 full upvotes to help a friend who is being attacked.

Never like hearing this. If you want to drop a link here for others to check out feel free.

Better stay away, as the attacker is very vindictive. My friend is being attacked by the same guy since before I've joined SteemIt (over 6 months now) and when I registered, he warned me not to enter a fight with him. He warned me a lot of times... and he's almost giving up on SteemIt because of that one guy. He's been mostly voting on my posts and not much else.

(All I can say is the attacker is a whale - whose username matches a known US Politician.)

Uhmm, once I get my 1 Steem, I will buy sbi share and add @pifc on the memo. That's a win-win game, I think the all supporters can send a steem to @pifc and then this account will do the sponsorship fit the winners of the contest, you will have 100 SBI shares in 4 or 6 weeks, right?

I'm hoping that some comes in from others, but if not it will take me probably 2 months to do this. I made 70 SBD last month from Author credits, but gave more then half of those out just for the PIF contest. Then I bought all of the judges 2 SBI's so that's another 8 Steem which cost me around 12 SBD at the time. And now 25 SBI for PIFC which cost me around 35-40 SBD. Think I worked at a loss for last month, which is fine but can't be to much of a loss each month. Means without added support I probably can do 30 or so a month from my account.

Wish you all the best, but I think this will be a good reason for me to join another SBI contest and make a request for the prize if I won it by addressing the sponsor to @pifc instead.

I saw cici already bought a share for @pifc with the prize she won from last week engagement league, nothing can stop her.

What a great idea! I was looking to buy some SBI shares.
I've also paid 0.25 SBD to @treeplanter for a vote for each of the account builder posts, so we're planting some trees as well.

I love finding win-win arrangements and SBI really is that. To add to the win-win of already getting more upvotes on your own posts the @pifc account will be able to better reward you and others down the road. It all comes back around when you help those that are willing to use their votes to help others.

Planting trees is always a good thing. Haven't seen the votes yet, but guessing they run a backlog.

@treeplanter votes are quite slow, I'm still waiting for one from a day or two ago. I've sent 2 steem to sbi. Hope all goes well!

Just read that it is taking 41 hours to fulfill @treeplanter votes - I'm guessing if any posts have passed payout I will get a refund. Let's see!

@shanibeer the trees were planted yesterday. Thank you for the boost!

Good news! Hope all goes well!

With my first 'big' payout - I would buy a SBI share for pifc..., so now we pray! Hha!

This would be great! The new PIF Curation Contest will start in about 14 hours from now. Come up with an entry for that and you will see some reward from the Bounty, upvotes on your entry, and if you find really good blog posts to feature also have a chance of winning an SBI share.

Thank-you, for this. I will put in an entry!

Okay, I'm in!

Transfer 2.000 STEEM to steembasicincome @pifc

Thank you for your support!!!

Great initiative. Up-voted. Best wishes, guys!

Like the move....looking forward to supporting when I am in the position to do so. This to me would be good practice for me with regards to buying shares (totally new to this) and seeing how it actually works. Keep up the good work @thedarkhorse.

It's so simple. You just send Steem from your wallet with the memo of the person you want to sponsor. The good part is you get a share for yourself by sponsoring someone. These really add up over time.

Okay, thank you. Will keep it in mind.

Another beautiful initiative @thedarkhorse its really praiseworthy a step to make @picf account.

The hard work will pay back also. All the best.

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You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Well to get the ball rolling I am trying to build up some SP and more important some SBD to allow this account to be more self sufficient by leasing it's own delegated SP.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

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