My Entry to "Week 12 - Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Win Steem-Bounty & SteemBasicIncome Shares" by @thedarkhorse

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Well, we are in week 12 of "Pay It Forward Curation Contest" - (#pifc)!

@roadtrips (50)

USA roadtrip #23: Hole-in-the-Rock-Road with amazing slot canyons

This is one of a series of travel blogs and I would not be doing @roadtrips any justice to try to summarize it or copy one or two of his photos here.

And, no, I am not lazy about it, but his travel blogs are SPECTACULAR! - to say the least.

So, go check it out and all the previous travel blogs!

And, talking about a great travel blog, this one is from one who's rep is over 50, but it is just as impressive: The Parthenon is the eighth wonder of the world!? Part two: wealth of Parphenon by @marymik23 who I would have also featured if I could ...

But, moving on ...

@aminuki (42)

After the thrilling travel blog(s) that you have just visited, this is a relaxing walk in the hometown of @aminuki.

Tarvel with us # 1 : Bruxelles, European capital

There is not much to the story, it's just a relaxing walk and watching the city and the embedded videos.

This is after the end of a series of travel blogs through some beautiful scenic places of their previous trips.

Again, I am not being lazy, but I have not much to write about them also but for entirely different reasons.

But, in either case, the intention is for you to go see them for yourselves and not to rely on my inadequate paraphrasing.

I do not have anything to add for a witness ...

I have been promoting #ccc for Guaranteed 👍 Daily Income 💵 and Payout 💸 for Newbies 🐟 🐜 🐛 in #ccc 👣 and Follow 👣 the Honor Code 🏅 - the Creed (Conditions and Limits Inside) where "newbies help other newbies" to abide by the creed or the "honor code" and hence this footnote is added.

And, as in last week, the same can be on another entry to be eligible for first time bonus 2.0 (or a second serving) if qualified otherwise as a newbie.


Thanks for mentioning our blog :)

I have no doubt about @aminuki post, she's a good writer and has a good sense of humour too. I have vote and comment on her post.. Will take a look at the other one

Ooh so nice of you!! 😊😊 Thank you (I'm just made some weird sound like '' mooooh '' and smiling by answer you haha)

Hahahaha... That's make your dog smirking?

Haha he's just jaded of this king of behavior from me, he does not even lift his head anymore🤣😂

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See @dipoabasch, I've made the article we were talking about haha
what are you thinking about it ?

I haven't read it yet, will do so as soon as I can, I'm watching the match now😁, wait up a few minutes 🙏

Haha 😁🙂 enjoy your match dude

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So glad you choose @aminuki too.. and I like to read @roadtrips post and photos, they both indeed good posters😉, you should check @permieemmy posts too.
Your entry is valuable 👏👏👏

thank you for mentioning @permieemmy. She is certainly talented.

Thanks for your entry. Have upvoted both featured bloggers.

Thanks for these! Lovely entries and I particularly like the dual languages from @aminuki

Ooh thank you 😘

you are complimenting @aminuki. @cicisaja complimented or recommended you - ^^ see vv ?

hahahaha... it's all about Curation Circle Creed right? I like your picks and if you see @permieemmy post, you'll find it nice too and for @aminuki... I'm a fan of inuki :D

supported your featured post
thanks for your support

Thank you, as always, for the entry and all of your support! I'm going to check your featured bloggers out now :)