amazing, it seems like you really enjoy every part of your journey

The ice cream shot is classic. Looks like he really enjoyed it.

That BW photo is great!

Dude. How cheap is that cheap ice cream? I've been trying to search for ice cream in Busan, I guess the only cheapest stuff is the soft ice cream I bought from Lotte for 500krw.

Noise pollution? Seriously, I really had good sleep while I was in Korea. For 4 hours, I felt like slept for 12 instead. I can hardly hear a damn thing in Busan(having said that I've been staying next to an 8 lane high way since 2007, and right behind a cargo train track since 2011).

Great, you've upgraded your idea by providing facts on your posts. And yes many countries facing these issues means schools are becoming like business and only they talk about money before education. And buildings are so high that we are missing the mountains. That highway area have an essence which reflecting two world and those are natural world and world of heights and constructed buildings.

That tree is reflecting as spreading the brightness at night. And good to see you've shared these flowers and Red is aways throws the strong essence and specially the Red flowers. And we can see the excitement of your son and yes the pure vanilla Ice Cream can give great essence to tummy.

Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. 🙂

Your comment is, absolutely colorful as usual. For a moment, I really thought that you've hijacked @kaliju post. Nowadays, I've been waiting to see your reply while visiting @kaliju posts. 🤣🤣🤣

Ha ha, fun to hear that and thanks for your thoughts. Stay blessed. 🙂

I dream if I can to korea, hehehehe
want to walk to Korea meet the same k-pop

ha ha ha

well, not all kims, chois, lees, parks are the same! most of them have their own blood lineage but they might just share the same letter.
as you know koreans are not known for creativity.. last names is one of many things we copy/pasted 😆

Am a huge fan of Kim HaNeul since 2000 Ditto 🤣

haha ok. i'm not a fan but cool! 😆

Love your pictures of Korea - everything is so beautiful)

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baby with ice cream is so funny))

La ultima fotografia es una lindura @kaliju