There is always a good people somewhere

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Some people simply thought nothing for free in the world. I would say nope!. There is something you can get and give for free without any expectation to any kind of return. That is a willingness to help others with sincere. Both in online and offline world there is someone somewhere who still have the willingness to help others no matter how busy he/she is, he/she will help with all the best he/she could do.

What happen

This early morning I experienced something to prove the above statement. I did not realize that my stupid phone (cheap android phone) was left at one of coffee shop in town. The coffee shop was fully occupied. After checking my steemit account with my friend’s laptop I left the coffee shop and arrived home about 2.00 am. I did not check the phone because I was so sleep. This morning I needed to make a phone call to my business colleague and I took my bag to get my phone. I was so surprise that my phone was not there. I immediately took my mom’s cell phone to reach my own number, it was connected but no one answer. I tried to figure it out when the last time I use the phone. As long as I could remember, last time I checked whatsapp message in the coffee shop. Well, I thought my stupid phone has gone with all important data in it. My super private data (not porn material for sure) has no back up. My steemit keys also in it, and hundreds of friend’s phone numbers also recorded in it. I have no back up at all!.

At 8.15 I tried to call my number again and yes a man was answering my call. He said he found the phone left on the coffee shop table, and he decided to keep it for good purpose. So I arrange a meeting with him to take back my phone. When we meet he was on the way somewhere with his family, so I did not have a chance to take his photo to display here. The point is; he returns it willingly without expecting anything in return. He is a real gentleman, he spare his busy time to meet me and return the phone while he could simply say: Come to my home tomorrow if you want to take your phone back!. I really thankful and feel blessed with the people like him, and now he becomes my friend, I would like to invite him sometime to share a cup of coffee. Before he left he said one sentence to me: Take it back because it is important to you to have it back, It is my happiness when I can help other people whenever I could!

Moral messages:

  1. It is very important to do something good to other without hoping materially in return. Because it will give us a lot of happiness coming toward, and it may sometime bad things happen, and we expect someone else will do good thing to help as well.

  2. We should believe that there is always a good person who willing to help us without any expectation of return from us. Just like on steemit, do not wait until someone does good thing to you before you do something good to others. Keep doing good things on this steemit platform as much as you can, because you will have great benefit afterward. It is really easy way to bless others when you lost nothing except a little voting power.

  3. Always back up important data somewhere else, not only in your devices. Somewhere like online storage or on writing paper. So, if you totally lost your device, you will be able to recover it when you need it.

Have you had any similar experience?, I believe that you might have it in different form. When you feel hopeless then someone come to you and help you with sincere, he/she has returned your happiness back. Think that when you help someone, he/she would also feel the same, and you have got more respect and friends, since you return their happiness. Happy day my friends, keep good thing with you and throw away bad one, then you have helped the world to be a better place to live in.

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Hope for the best and prepare for the worst


@el-nailul - there are good people in the world.

"Every person that you meet is either a lesson or a blessing." and this one is a blessing, but, you have also learned a lesson in life - next time it might not turn out to be a blessing.

You know that you are my hero and you have done much for others.

All the best!

Thank @freedomshift, I need extra attention when I leave to public place. I will not be that lucky at all time

I do not believe in luck.
Luck is:
Sometimes in my life, I could have sworn (I don't really - just a figure of speech) that an Angel protected me. But, we must learn our lessons from each incident.

You are absolutely right @freedomshift, we need to learn the lesson from each of thing happen to us, whether good or bad. when we know the reason behind something, someday we will have a bunch of knowledge. for what I knew; When we know why we fail we can adjust ourselves for bigger chance to success, When we know why we success we can make more success in the future.

Good to see you with such a positive post.

There is something you can get and give for free without any expectation to any kind of return. That is a willingness to help others with sincere.

For the quoted lines above, I would like to say even a SMILE is more than enough to make a day for others..You wont lose anything na..(But a honest confession, my face is always serious and it is a drawback of mine)...But I know how much a smile can make a difference.

Moreover there are more number of good peoples than bad people in the world, the problem our news agencies - whether print or TV or SM - are interested only in sensational news for what they calls TRP. In some corner of news every day there will be similar stories like yours..

But your post is timely. Thank you for your timely message...Be careful next time eventhough you feel sleepy..

have a wonderful day

100% agree, a simple smile will bring joy to others, no worry with you serious face, you always smile to someone you love every single day my friend @angelro

Alhamdulillah, what an honour to know there's still honest people around. Just be careful next time. We won't meet such a good man anytime 🤝 Eid mubarak ☕

Yes, I believe that someone somewhere will always do good things to others bang @dipoabasch

Thank you @freedomshift, I will encourage more friend to use the tag