Pay It Forward Curation Contest – Week 12

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Here are my entries to this week's Pay It Forward Contest

This week I am entering two Steemians who care about our health – and still understand we all need cookies!

@jhoaguz gives us three gluten-free cookie recipes! It was hard to choose from her other posts with other delicious recipes but these cookies were my top choice. She is promising us healthy cupcake recipes, so I think we should give her some love!

Next is @fjallfitness with a recipe for peanut butter cookies that look like mother made them, but are secretly healthy! Another post of his was for a low-carb pizza that did not involve cauliflower for the crust which right there gives him extra points from me. I think he needs to be encouraged to post more recipes!

As for a witness, I only know one - @guiltyparties - who stepped in and helped me when my account was barely 2 weeks old and all of my posts were being downvoted for no apparent reason. I was upset and ready to quit. I will always be grateful to them.


Thanks so much for participating in the #payitforward contest again. I am now always looking forward to your entries. I have visited your featured authors, commented and upvoted them. All the best to you.

Sorry to hear you were targeted like that.

Thanks for submitting again this week. Good timing as I am finishing up cleaning my computer up before resetting it for my move. I am staying logged in to burn up all my votes before I begin operation reset. Will go check your entries out now.

Thank you!
I was so upset and part of that was because I didn't know where to go for help. @guiltyparties was my hero!

Good luck with your move and may everything go as smoothly as possible!

@donna-metcalfe - you are eligible for the first time bonus 2.0 or a second serving if you agree and join #ccc. Please see the bonus post if interested:

Thank you for letting me know! I added the #ccc tag to my entry post. Is there something more I should do to join #ccc?

joining is free and by adding the tag. My offer is to encourage people to learn the purposes of #ccc. Please check out the posts with the same. I'll answer questions in more detail on my posts.
All the best!

I went back and read your earlier posts about #ccc (and LOTS of comments about it) and I see it's evolving as you get it started. I like the idea. And will welcome more information, so I'm following you!

I received your bonus! Thank you very much!

I have upvoted your comment that submitted this entry - I hope it helps.

Thank you for your entry! Food is the way to my heart...but not so sure about healthy cookies....but I'll let it

My dad was on a very restricted diet with none of his favorite 'fun food' allowed. I found recipes that I never would have tried otherwise - a dip made with fresh broccoli that tasted like guacamole (and it really did!) - and peanut butter cookies (he could have 6 small ones with a meal) that were so good I made them for myself too. It gave me a soft spot for recipes like these. (Just don't try to tell me that carob chips taste like chocolate because they don't!) :-p

If I could trick my family into eating broccoli thinking it was guacamole that would be amazing. Would be hard as we get great guac around here so we are kind of snobs about it...that crap you buy premade in the store isn't an option.

Peanut butter cookies, that I would try. The kids love peanut butter and bet it's something my kids could bake with me so that is always fun.

Luckily no diet restrictions in this house....yet....but I do look for ways to make things a little more healthy as I cook. Little things like cutting the salt by 50% or using less butter, but you need to play with that and see how much you can get away with before you mess it up.

Okay, the broccoli dip wouldn't get past guacamole snobs, fair enough!
I did a lot of searching and found low-sodium baking powder (Hain's) zero sodium bouillon (Herb-ox), substituted dillweed for dill pickles in tuna salad, things like that. I can give you the cookie recipe, it uses white and brown sugar Splenda, not everyone likes that. Oh, and I found a peanut butter powder, just add water! Didn't use it in the cookies but you could. Less salt and fat.

That is horrible. Disagreeing with something is one thing but being flagged like that is despicable. So glad that you were able to meet someone to help you out.

Enjoyed both of your entries, I commented and upvoted both :)

Thank you for the votes!

It was a bad experience, being so new and not knowing what to do. But just today I was reading about someone who is going through it now, to the point where the downvotes were deleting all of their payouts. I really had nothing to lose in that way when it happened to me, but they do, and are, losing what they worked hard for. Yes, despicable! But apparently no way to stop it.