Why Not 100% Power Up - Account Builder #2

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Had an interesting question sent to me via discord after the first power up post.

If you only building account why not 100% POWER UP!?!?

Not that I really felt the need to answer this, but I did and more I thought about it maybe someone else might be wondering so I'm sharing.

There are a few reason that I'm not choosing 100% power up on the @pifc posts. The first is that I would be loosing SP vs taking part as SBD and part as SP. Second and maybe most important is having SBD gives me some flexibility. This flexibility will allow delegation leases, SBD for Bounty Rewards, and even SBD for paid votes for winners of contests. Really there are a ton of reasons to have liquid SBD vs all SP.

So there you all have it. For now as payouts happen the idea is to accumulate the SBD to allow for flexibility. When the time comes the account might be powered up or delegation might be paid for or, or, or. But the one thing you can count on is the rewards will stay within Steemit and not cashed out. My plans are all longer term and there is no reason I can foresee that will have me pulling cash from the platform in the near future.

Will for now keep a balanced 50/50 approach to the posts and build up SP and SBD at the same time.

Account Builder

This post is an account builder for the future home of the Pay It Forward Curation Contest. Any and all upvotes and resteems are appreciated to help us get this account funded. The voting power of this account will be used to boost those featured in the contests we host and try and help build new members up over their first 60 days.

Pay It Forward Contests

@PIFC stands for "Pay It Forward Contests" and the account will be used to support Plankton and Minnows with various contests that include @steem-bounty and @steembasicincome rewards. The flagship contest that has started this movement is the Pay It Forward Curation Contest which I (@thedarkhorse) am currently hosting. The current curation contest has helped give exposure to hundreds of the smallest members of the steemit community.

Support Needed

If you are interested in supporting the Pay If Forward movement on Steemit then please give this post an upvote or consider delegating SP to @pifc.

Current Pay It Forward Contest

Week 11 Pay It Forward Curation Contest


Of course, you have my support. I don't think it is too much to ask folks for 1 full upvote a day to help grow this account. We get 10 to 11.

I'm enjoying this contest a lot! I think it's an excellent way to help new users, so they don't give up after 2 weeks or a month, myself included.

We need to keep the good ones in, that's the only way to make SteemIt better and better by the day!

As such, here's my 100% vote to help it a bit! 😃

See ya!

Every little bit helps!

I like that you're making a page for @pifc - this will be for a variety of contests as well as the current curation one?

I don't know how delegation works. This is a project that I'd like to support. I have steem and steem dollars that it looks like I can transfer, doesn't look like I have that option with SP? If I delegate some is that like donating it or would I get it back?

Delegation can't be done easily on steemit, but you can easily do it with https://esteem.app/ from what it looks like. I used the app for the first time with my last post and really liked some features. It's just a different way to connect to steemit.

When we get closer to the @pifc account being ready I will lay out some options for people to support the account.

Delegation can't be done easily on steemit

If I understand correctly this should work, though I'm not going to do it at the moment:

I want to delegate 100 SP to @pifc

Hi @tcpolymath! Special squad of highly trained hamsters prepared this delegation link for you:
steemconnect 100.0 SP delegation to @pifc.

This will be huge as it will be matched 100% by @bjgeese. He will match up to 500sp delegation that we receive without paying for (honor system). Full disclosure BJ is my Brother Inlaw and I already lease 1000sp from him.

For delegation, there is a simple tool (using SteemConnect to verify) at SteemBotTracker.


Thank you. I have a hard time getting apps to work on my phone. I'll look for your post on all the options.

From a comment I read I went to https://steemworld.org/ and it looks to have an option to delegate SP.

Don't do anything until it gets closer to the time we launch. Really hoping to get delegations from some people with more SP to spare. If we don't then short term I might take you up on it as I'll get matching delegation from BJ so all delegations will be twice as effective. But lets see how this all plays out.

And thank you for the SBI shares! Those will really help a lot over time.

I will wait until you give us the go-ahead. Especially if you'll be getting a matching delegation!

For delegation, there is a simple tool (using SteemConnect to verify) at SteemBotTracker.


50 /50 is the way to go and the best approach .
It will take a little time but we will get there . Long term thinking beats and is more rewarding than the " I want it now " aproach

For sure. Slow and steady wins the race.

I am hoping the question was asked out of curiosity rather than any insinuation you are planning something shady. Anyone who has followed you for any time at all and your initiative here would see if you were a greedy ass you could have just self voted, or kissed ass of whales like some do around here, or even followed the whale vote bots around on steembottracker voting before they do for curation.

Honestly, I don't know how you keep up with your ever growing project and if people really realized how much you give around here, trying to keep people here by making sure they are seen, they would give thanks for you being here.

They never replied to my response so not sure what the motives were. Honestly I didn't care to much about the one person, but was thinking that maybe some people might honestly wonder why I wouldn't choose 100% power up which is why I brought it up. Tend to find if one person is willing to ask a question there are others sitting there wondering the same thing.

Thank you for all the kind words. The Judges and Curators are the ones that deserve the accolades in my opinion. All I do is give a little structure that allows great people to shine by helping others.

It might also just be a simple question about getting a better understanding of steemit and of what you're doing. It's useful for people to understand that sometimes the better option is to take 50/50 payouts rather than 100SP, as well as having flexibility to participate in other ways eg through contests etc.

Exactly. Great point.

I think it's smart to answer these kinds of questions; it gives @pifc that much more transparency, even though I know your motives and intentions are pure :)

I'm planning on a post about this and your contest to spread the word a bit too. Perhaps I can see if @insideoutlet can include it in her READ me ASAP newsletter. I know she's crazy busy with her new little guy!! but I'm sure she'll make her way here when she can :)

No question that some transparency is needed with an account like this. My thought is a weekly recap of votes, incoming/outgoing delegations, and usage of any SBD might be a good idea.

Here's my support again... :))

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