ULOG #3: Day 3 Ulog 3! Great Day Of Clarity

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So, this is day 3 of doing Ulogs, and this is my 3rd Ulog. I don't know if I can keep this up daily, but, I will definitely try!!

I LOVE CLARITY!! Thank you to clarity today. Sometimes, it's just asking yourself the right questions. And this is exactly why I absolutely love going to seminars. Because sometimes there are people you will meet that will ask you the right questions. So, today we got some clarity on our why........ what we really do things for. We got clear on our business why, and our personal why. We also got more clarity on who we are truly serving, and why we want to help them.

So, our main focus currently is gym owers, personal trainers, and people in the natural health arena. This has always been my personal passion. Jamie (@eventspeaker), his personal passion is joy and making people smile or laugh. Combined, we will help you develop, acquire, retain, and engage clients and customers. And we can really get behind it!

I saw a video by Drake called 'God's Plan'. If you haven't seen it, go google it. I didn't really know much about him and I'm not a super huge fan or anything. But, I am now! And that is one of my biggest why's. I've always wanted to be able to give people money. This is one of the things we are loving about steem. And also, one of the other things I will be launching soon. We are going to be launching a 'money for your health' series. Maybe on DTube. :).

Anyways, that's it for today, because Jamie wants to go to sleep!! We have an early day tomorrow!!


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I read your Clarity and there's one thing needed to clarify so everythings gonna be clear in charity..(lol, I just made it up with my limitation in English)
Thanks to Pay It Forward Contest so I can read your post, How do you do that? to find clarity by asking your self a right question? how you define the right questions?