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Another week of the Pay it Forward Contest is upon us and though my brain is on lockdown from a rough couple of days, my fingers still have a bit of power in them.

This week comes with a "new home" for the contest - @pifc. We are trying to grow this page so that it can do what it was invented to do - assist and build a supportive community for Minnows. Do hop on over and show some love. Below are some account building posts with the latest one listed first:

Also if you are reading this and wish to participate in this week's contest, please feel free to do so. See the rules and layout for the contest here.

This week's featured bloggers are:


1. @kimberlylane


@kimberlylane is a writer; a poet who dreams - as she so subtly describes herself.

What makes her interesting is the fact that she does quality and daily freewrites. Her freewrites, which I assume are less than 10 minutes, are rather captivating, soothing and deep. Although "short", they still offer you a "belly full of spicy thoughts."

Her most recent freewrite - The Painter - which takes the form of a short story, is a prime example of what goes on inside of her head when she sits to produce a freewrite.

Someone, please give her a ballpoint pen, few sheets of paper and a comfortable chair on the shores of a tropical beach.

I hope to be like her when I grow up. For real, I hope to start participating in some daily writings too and produce some good stuff. 😉


2. @garthgunawundai


@garthgunawundai is a new kid on the block and already he has "created quality content" to show himself approved.

He is an early retiree who hopes to share his collection of knowledge and skills whilst holding steadfast to his beliefs and honest demeanor.

Some of the broad topics I would like to cover are

Early Retirement
Engineering a good life
Dog Training
Fixing things
Building things
Permaculture / Regenerative Agriculture

He has also started a series titled #betterdog in which he helps you to identify different behaviours of your dog and offers tips on either promoting or changing such behaviour among other dog-related topics. So for the animal lovers, you can check him out for this line-up.

His latest post - You let strangers stay in your house? Why couchsurfing rocks! - which first caught my attention, is one that would be very useful for my backpack travelling friends.

And there you have it, my chosen two for this week.

Thank you for stopping by.

Please show these featured bloggers some love by visiting their blogs.

"Team-work makes the dream work."


Great entry as always! Thanks so much for continuing to support the #payitforward contest. I have visited, commented and upvoted all your featured authors. Wish you all the best.

I gone to both the nominees, upvoted and commented too..

Thank you very much...

Great to see you back again, @honeysim!

Yeah....the kindness continues. :-)

if you replaced one of the tags with #ccc, you will be eligible for the first time bonus 2.0 or second serving. Please see my post for last week.

Oh really...that is kool....on it. lol....thanks for the update.

Welcome back @honeysim 😉. You took me to a very nice bloggers and I enjoy their impressive posts. I haven't vote any of you, yet.. will do that when the VP is full. Thank you 😙

Thank you dear; happy to be back. Nice to know that you liked the bloggers. No problem, that's is alright. Thanks again for the support.

You already completed your task...Well done and congrats... Will check the nominations...

Thanks you

Thank you for the entry. Have upvoted both of them.

No, thank you.

Thank you so much for your love and attention--it really feels great to be noticed and featured here on your page :)

Commented and voted on both. Really good entries. I am really intrigued by the whole 'couchsurfing' post I don't know if it's something I could do, but does seem very adventurous.

if you replaced one of the tags with #ccc, you will be eligible for the first time bonus 2.0 or second serving. Please see my post for last week.

I am almost sure I responded to this earlier today, lol. Thanks for the update. I have done so.