Celebrating 10,000 Followers + Updated Steemit Tutorials

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Five-Digit Milestones

Nine action-packed months after our incubator's official launch, we’ve finally hit the coveted 5-figure mark in terms of followers! We’re incredibly grateful to all our supporters, members, engagers, and all who contribute to our activities and projects. We caught the final moments in the 4-digit level, creeping into the long-awaited 10,000.


More than anything, hitting this mark reminds us of how lucky we are to have the support of such an amazing Steem-powered community. We had no idea or expectation that our activity and projects would grow to this point and we’re very grateful to have such a level of engagement and enthusiasm from everyone. We’ll strive to become a more contributive resource and work towards a future where Steem is even more impactful.

This all being said, if you have any ideas, questions, or criticisms of how we can improve to bring the biggest empowering impact to the Steemit community, we’re all ears. We’re constantly looking for ways to gamify our various engagement activities and resonate with new and experienced users alike.

About our Incubator

@sndbox is an incubator that leverages the Steem blockchain to empower creatives and communities worldwide. Its membership program trains diverse professionals to integrate emerging technologies and establish impactful projects. We use Steemit as a platform to recruit, coach and empower creative blockchain entrepreneurs across 20 countries and over a dozen languages.

  • We Recruit : Onboard super talented creatives and entrepreneurs who are entirely new to Steemit and cryptocurrency as a whole.
  • Coach : Over time, we’ll help these minnows become dolphins. Sndbox will reward strong content and provide supportive feedback. Coaching is critical to retain talented Steemit contributors and help them engage their audience.
  • Empower : Our team is developing an incubator that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We believe that interdisciplinary practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize growth and independence for the 21st century professional.

If you're interested in learning more - take a look at our incubator schedule and membership details, here. Also, take a look at our very first introduction post to learn more about our mission. If you'd like to learn more about "incubators" make sure to take a look at this article.

If you're interested in joining our community, stay tuned for the next Cohort opening up August 1st. Until then, please make sure to check out our page @sndbox for weekly creative contests where all participants are rewarded through upvotes and creative showcases. Additionally, we have delegated a total of 55,000 SP to support these projects that - in turn - support hundreds of content creators and communities every week:

180315 Logo-Alpha copy.png@sndbox-alpha: A community run curation initiative that supports rotating themes and Steemit-wide authors.
TCC logo copy.png@creativecrypto: An online magazine dedicated to all things creative on the blockchain.

Illustrating Steem 101

Part of our programming as an incubator requires a mix of public workshops, outreach and education. Over the last 9 months, our team has authored and illustrated dozens of tutorials and infographics about Steem and Steemit. We use this material to showcase the many aspects of Steemit to the average newcomer. Our tutorials are designed to be easy and beginner friendly. Here is an updated list of the articles we have found the most effective:

Blog Post Description
180417 Icons-01.pngWelcome to Steemit! - A welcome post for newcomers to Steemit and creatives interested in the world of cryptocurrency.
180417 Icons-02.pngWhat is Crypto & Blockchain? - The most digestible guide for newcomers to the technology.
180417 Icons-03.pngBasics of Steemit’s Interface - What the basics mean when you first land on the Steemit.com website.
180417 Icons-04.pngMarkdown Tutorial - Explanation of the markdown code and simple strategies for post structure.
180417 Icons-05.pngSteemit Post Best Practices - A basic rubric of tips and suggestions for high-quality Steemit articles.
180417 Icons-06.pngSteemit Wallet - The ins and outs of the Steemit Wallet, its various categories, and how to interact with it.
180417 Icons-15.pngConverting SBD to SP - How to convert your SBD into Steem Power using the internal market.
180417 Icons-07.pngHow much is your post worth? - How payout choices and redeeming functions operate.
180417 Icons-08.pngWhat is a Steemit Witness? - The roles and responsibilities of a witness explained.
180417 Icons-09.pngWhat NOT to do on Steemit - Key and misc. pointers for new Steemians.
180417 Icons-10.pngEarn STEEM by Upvoting - A Guide to Curation Rewards - A guide to curation rewards based on upvote timing.
180417 Icons-11.pngWhat is a Steemit Reputation Score? - What your rating number means.
180417 Icons-12.pngThe Benefits of Powering Up - A comprehensive guide to powering up.
180417 Icons-13.pngLearning From the Steemit Carrot - Exploring the many features hiding under drop-down icons on Steemit.
180417 Icons-14.pngWhy Flagging is Important - Exploring the use and importance of flags within the Steem blockchain.
180417 Icons-17.pngHow an Upvote Works - Where the money and the rewards come from.
180417 Icons-16.pngArt & Cryptocurrency - A New Stage for Craft in the 21st Century - An article on the impact of blockchain media on the creative world.

Multilingual Resources (12 Languages Represented)

Multilingual Steemit Resources + Tutorials | Last year we invited international Steemians to translate our tutorial posts into their respective languages. We covered 12 languages in an effort to promote the growth of Steemit and used upvotes as rewards. In the future, we hope to develop more content that is multilingual and strives towards broader understanding of the Steem ecosystem.

What kinds of projects does the incubator support?

Sndbox supports several Steem-communities, individual practitioners and institutions, as well as incubator members who pursue artistic, entrepreneurial, humanitarian or educational projects while in the program. Learn more about the projects underway within Cohort 1 by reading our weekly updates, here.

Our Weekly Newsletter

"State of the Sndbox" is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest in projects, workshops, activities, tutorials and showcases new resources in creative empowerment for the Steemit community.

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Week 6Week 7Week 8Week 9Week 10
Week 11Week 12Week 13Week 14Week 15
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Week 21Week 22Week 23Week 24Week 25
Week 26Week 27Week 28Week 29Week 30
Week 31Week 32Week 33Week 34Week 35
Week 36Week 37


Want to support Steemit content like this? Consider joining our curation trail! You can learn more about the @sndbox incubator mission here and our 2018 program schedule, here.

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel!

For any suggestions on potential tutorials or resources, please let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow @sndbox and @creativecrypto for all of our daily posts and weekly newsletter.


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Woots! Congratulation @sndbox for reaching yet another milestones and this call for a celebration, those tutorials are very handy for newcomers 👍🏻

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Go you good thing!! Well done guys and totally well deserved. You have had an epic 9 months and it's been an honour to witness your journey and growth.

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Thank you @bearone! Amen, here's to the next 10k! :D

A HUGE WELL DESERVED CONGRATULATIONS MY FRIEND! All the VERY best! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

it's pretty amazing to realize that @sndbox came to life only 9 months ago....so much has happened, so much impact, it's as if it has been 2 years! Big congratulations, you have created a magnificent project here!


Thank you for being such a foundational part of that growth and progress @natureofbeing! :D

Let me start with a congratulation message as regards to the Celebration of 10,000 Followers, this is an outstanding milestone achieved @sndbox and it is well deserved because sndbox has touched every aspect of steemit. I wish sndbox many more success in their future endeavours as the keep promoting steemit as well as supporting steemians and the communities within the blockchain.




Love it! Thank you @alexisfuentes :D

Congratulations, for your remarkable achievement on 10000 follower's.

Awesome milestone! Love the work you all put forward


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Keep the fire burning. No wonder why a great number of steemian would like to be part of your team.


All-around awesome, @sndbox team! <3 Congratulations and all the very best!

congratulations @sndbox

i love sndbox



Congrats on the followers!!


excellent friend, keep it up, you have my support, I hope to have your support. regards

wow congratulation @sndbox

Congrats on your achievement.

Congratulation @sndbox.
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I can get information from my friends, to join the @sndbox community to register. how and how. thank you

Congratulations on this milestone!!

Congratulations! I will soon celebrate mine congratulations :)

congrats! very awesome post, i love the way that you collect the info and create and beautiful info article. :D

Damn, that really is impressive

Congratulations on your milestone, keep the good job going.

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Congratulatolion, keep stee on....

Congrats to @sndbox more power to you guys and more projects to come. ;)

congrats. Would I still make a translation for Steem 101 series? @sndbox

Congratulations @sndbox it's great best of luck

congratulation bro
for you achievement 10000 follower'

Congrats for that well deserved 5 digit followers team!

Oh congratulations! That's a lot of members. Whew.

Thanks for the useful links too.

Good job @sndbox.. and congratulation for you!!. i will always to support you..

que bonito proyecto, le doy gracias a Dios por dejare llegar a ustedes. estare pendiente para aprender cada dia y ver asta donde nos lleva esta union, mil gracias, muchas felicidades desde Venezuela con cariño.

Thank you for this AMAZING guide!!!! We just started a new initiative and this will be PERFECT for directing our members to it!!! Since this is past its payout - please accept this tip! :)
@tipu send tip please :)

Hi @sndbox :)
I would love to be a part of the Cohort #2, but I can't seem to find the application anywhere. Will keep looking! But - if you have a link, that would be most appreciated :) ~@dreemsteem

I am longing to be sndbro.