Earn STEEM by Upvoting [How Curation Rewards Work on Steemit]

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How Can I Earn Curation Rewards?

On Steemit, you can earn rewards through blogging / commenting and by voting too! When you upvote another person’s post, you receive a fraction of the total value of that post in the form of STEEM. These bits of STEEM are called “curation rewards”. In this post, we’ll talk about best practices for earning these rewards and strategies for maximizing your impact.

Breaking It Down

Steemit rewards are split among two groups of people. 75% of the payout goes to the author of the post / comment while 25% goes to the curators. (These “curators” represent anyone who upvoted that post or comment within the 7 day payout window.)

How to Maximize your Curation Rewards

25% of the post payout is split among all of the curators. However, within that 25% there are some strategies to make the most out of your upvotes. Here is how it all breaks down:

If you vote on a post before it turns 30 minutes old, you surrender a portion of your potential curation rewards directly to that author. If you upvote a post before the 30 minute window, rewards are split up differently. Here’s how it looks:


0 minutes100% of the curation reward goes to the author
3 minutes90% goes to the author and 10% to the curator
15 minutes50% goes to the author and 50% to the curator
27 minutes10% goes to the author and 90% to the curator
30 minutes +100% of the curation reward goes to the curator

For more information make sure to browse the Steemit FAQ page.

Voting Tip: If you are looking to maximize your curation rewards, it is best to upvote after the 30 minute mark. However, if you would like to further support the author that you are upvoting, it's a nice gesture to vote before those 30 minutes have passed.

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That's only part of the story. The reward also depends on the amount of votes before you and the voting power. Waiting until the 30 minute mark doesn't necessarily maximise your reward.


So is it correct to say that author awards include things you write both articles and comments you write both on articles and comments you write on comments?
And curation awards are for up votes you make on articles and up votes you make on comments?

All actions you describe can return rewards but in different ways. Only author rewards, for authoring a post, not for commenting, can return rewards in SP (steem power) and SBD, other rewards are SP only. Authoring a post generates 'author' rewards, all other actions are called curation, a form of engagement with the author.

So are comments on comments curation also?

Hi @jefpatat, if you look down below at @fitzgibbon's reply, we linked that article for those who want to dive deeper. These toolkit posts are structured to give the most concise overview possible of topics of interest. We encourage Steemians to look further in the back end if they're interested in learning more and understanding the full spectrum of technical nuances. Thanks for linking!

great info

Yeah! That's a little known fun fact :)

While it might not make a difference from vote to vote, it can add up quickly!

If it's a hot/trending article it definitely will matter.

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wow.. that is really useful information. Thank you so much for that... very informative. !

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So, does it matter how much I upvote on any given post? I am new to this, so bear with me... Also, it seems as soon as I post something I never earn more than $0.37 cents, then it trickles down. I'm sorry, if this has nothing to do with curation, I'm just trying to figure all this out at once. Your post was helpful.. :)

Hi @docmatrix, we recommend you check out our guide on upvoting and the rewards pool!

Sure this is helpful for new joiners and all correct. You might consider adding that curation is making sense mainly when you have earned or bought a certain amount of Steem Power - the normal newbie is better off to start creating good content, engage and trying to build his network here.

Absolutely, great point @uwelang. In general, we recommend people only vote on content they want to support and less in regards to payouts or timing. Curation rewards seemed to be a hot topic of interest that wasn't clearly illustrated for new users so we wanted to cover it in a short post.

Agreed! I like the fact people agree with me too - good for my self confidence :-) - thanks @sndbox

Thank you @sndbox for sharing so much good and detailed informations for all the newbies like me. Keep up the good work!

I understand there was a recent rule changed where the bots can now wait for 30 minutes until they vote. Am I right on this?

We have no experience with bots so unfortunately we can't confirm this... Sorry @johnnyray!

Its mean all author use booster within 30 mints ;P

Thanks so much for this info, just what i needed to get started being a noob and all!

Great, that was a doubt I had, thank you for helping me and everyone! @sndbox Followed!

Nice post, and Steemit could do with more of this kind of clearly presented content on strategy. Personally, I'm not a fan of the idea that people need to engage in thinking about the timing of their upvote. On a separate note, do you know anything about how the rewards are distributed amongst all of the upvoters - is it a direct proportion of your SP in relation to the total SP of all those who voted? Or is it something more complicated than that? Upvoted and following, btw. Feel free to follow back if you take a specific interest in ICOs. Thanks.

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Hi @artem-sokoloff! Thanks for your support. You can read a bit on our trail and how to join in the 2nd half of this post.

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It's excellent blog for us ND also for new comer in steemit. To understand how it works properly.

Great tips for newbies. Really useful post. Thanks @sndbox

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I see you are all over the tutorials. Really doing your homework on STEEMit.

This was quite helpful and showed me a great path to earn more curator rewards!! THe 30 minute time period is what I did not know about .Thanks for the information it would be of great help to me.

Very helpful! But I'm a historian and have a question: Once the 7-day payout window is over, then what? Does it make sense to upvote "historical" content?

Great question @kenfinkel. After the 7-day payout, voting on their content will no longer give them rewards.

So after 7-days no one (neither author or voter) can get any reward from upvoting?

That's correct! It's purely ceremonial at that point... like facebook or instagram... suddenly that feels kind of old fashioned doesn't it?

Definitely! On the 8th day it's all downright archival. Now there's motivation for shorter, more frequent posts. And recycling in summary clusters of good content. And probably other tactics I'm not yet able to wrap my head around yet. What about rewards for replies? Did you talk about that?

Good questions. I tried posting a lot but then you just spam your followers so I guess about max four quality posts per day is good. 😀 😃 😄 😁 Have a wonderful day!

Yes! Comments (replies) and blog posts act the same way!

Doesn't the 8th day (and beyond) devaluation of posts and the interaction around those posts demotivate the collective creation of content with lasting value? Imagine a Wikipedia-like project at Steemit. It couldn't work, could it?

realmente llamo mi atencion lo poco que pude entender y use un traductor para entender muchisimo mas, excelente informacion que me hacía falta saber, muchas gracias Saludos!!

I vote before 30 min .
nice post thanks for sharing :)

You're welcome @youk95!

Very informative post special for new steemians, I am new so want to know how to check my upvote worth in SBD and how much steem power is necessary for 1$SBD upvote.
Thanks for in courage to ask questions without hesitation @sndbox

@majidawan one great resource to check voting strength and weight is www.steemnow.com

Clear, simple, straightforward explanation of curation, @sndbox...aaaaahhh, thank you. Have resteemed.

@sndbox a good brief explanation on a very important topic for new steemians. Thanks.

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This is so cool! The GIF's made it easy to understand! Doing great @sndbox! :)

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Cool. Your information was definitely worth an upvote and a resteem. Im still getting the hang of the ins and outs of steemit. Ive been on here since Feburary but didnt look into it much. Ill settle back and consume your content again. Its definitely worth a re-read or two....., or three.🤓


Thanks @markperandin =)

I've seen many bots and users upvoting without even understanding the content. They are doing this just for the reward. Thoughts on how to prevent that?

Unfortunately, that does happen. Some users are surely doing it to get rewards... but as Steemit grows and matures, reward distribution will become fairer, harder to manipulate, and less hit or miss.

good post! thank you for sharing a good story, success always! take a moment to see my post, if possible !!!

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Could you maybe also elaborate on how the curation payout is calculated? It seems that sometimes the curation payout gets much higher, particularly when others make big votes later...

There must be some method to that madness, but that question is why opened and read this post... Can anyone explain it?

That's definitely helpful. I love designs and gifs, are those made by you?

Yes! We make all of our diagrams and images. Thanks for the support =)

I finaly understand it now! Thanks!

Glad this post could help!

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Nice article thanks!

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Do the number of votes on a post decide the percentage of curation that is going to be distributed to curators?

It all depends on the weight (amount of Steem Power) that the voter decides to use!

Thank you this was very intersting

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Grata información, se agradece, todavía tengo mucho que leer acerca del funcionamiento básico de Steemit.

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Glad you found it useful @juliusfatai :D

I did not know that and I like that you explained it very well. Thank you for Voting Tip: "If you are looking to maximize your curation rewards, it is best to upvote after the 30 minute mark. However, if you would like to further support the author that you are upvoting, it's a nice gesture to vote before those 30 minutes have passed."

I also thank you for your link to Steemit FAQ page.

Great post :)

It is a very great post, especially for new Steemians. Many people do not know what it means "curation rewards". Good information!

It's true! There's a lot to learn here, we're happy this could be of help :)

If you are looking to maximize your curation rewards, it is best to upvote after the 30 minute mark

This recommendation is not correct.
The early curators do surrender part of the reward to author endeed.
On the other hand latecomers do surrender part of the reward to early curators )
So it's always a lottery.

Hi @svamiva, this rule of thumb is more intended to clarify the percentage differences between voting before the 30min mark vs. voting after the 30min mark. The actual calculations for curation rewards depending on when you upvoted in respect to other upvotes, how much the ultimate payout is, your upvote strength, and several other factors are of course a much more complex consideration.

Now I know how voting works...

Thanks for reading!

Excellent!! I'm still a newbie here-still learning. I'll pass this on👍🏾👍🏾


Alright... alright... alright ;)

I have to be honest, I did not know it, I have to give a vote when post is up 28 minutes . because then it is profitable.
But I try now, And time shows how it works.

Excellent post, thank you. I've always had a vague understanding that you should upvote around 27 min, but after 30 is the best for curation. This post is so good, I would have upvoted you at the 1 minute mark so you could get 100% of my upvote! But I was too late. Next time.

Really like the animated gif!


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All of this tips are gold for me! I am new here and still have a lot to explore! This post wil teach a lot of people to understand better how much we are important to each other :) up voted and resteemed 🤗

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This is a great tutorial about how to use steemit. I need to brush up on my markdown language. Thanks again. 🐓🐓

Well, we recommend checking out our markdown toolkit post! =)

Now that's some good information right there,anyone new or old can find this really really useful. Thank you

Many thanks for the support @castiel11 never too late to learn new steemit tricks ;)

This is clearly explained

so how to make money by creating content because after 30 minutes your post will be lost is noise and don't get anything out of it.

For a new user a key piece of advice is to keep engaging other Steemians. Yes, the post will likely disappear from the "new" tab fairly quickly but other members will find your active wall and continue to upvote you.

You made it very clear all,this could be alot of help to those people wondering why they lost their 25% every payout...

Great Work @sndbox

You're right, it isn't so clear from the interface. Thanks for the support @bien!

They will understand how it is @sndbox

If they read it till the end..no worries you did it very well!

what if i have voted more than 60 votes per day for example ?
i mean what is the maximum votes daily allowed ?

You can upvote as many as you can if you wanted..but it's 0 nothing after you use 100% of your voting power.. @red-rose

You can measure your voting power on the website steemnow.com. By our calculations, voting power recharges ~0.9% each hour. There's no real cap to how many times you can vote but of course the vote will weaken substantially if not given enough time to recover.

It is always nice to get a great refresher on the system. Thank you a lot @sndbox
Also thank you for helping out people who don't know how it works.

Glad to be of help!

ok... so someone was explaining this to me last week, but without your snazzy graphics :-)


That's what we're here for =)

@sndbox great info, I was just wondering how it works.

I needed to know that, thanks!

Thank you for informing me, I did not know that, but I noticed some changes in voice and racketing

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You wrote this post 9 months ago. Is it still relevant @sndbox
Still same rules apply or there is any change in this curation process and incentive distribution???

Thank you for that info

Our pleasure!

That's the best thing about steemit. You also earn just through upvoting. This is very helpful.

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Love this post!
You guys should do this kinda stuff full time ;) :D

Well... we do =)

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Appreciate the explanation... as best I can tell, curation rewards are little more than a fraction of a cent until you build your account to maybe... 1000+ SP?

The thing that's a bit odd about it is that the algorithms seem to reward the most immediate comment while rewarding the upvotes that come closest to the 30-minute mark.

Functionally speaking that means... taking two actions on the same post, 30 minutes apart? I guess I'm just not that dedicated!

Steemit's system is definitely not simple! For new users with low SP, the rewards are definitely not significant enough to warp your decisions. We highly encourage voting/commenting on posts you enjoy, regardless of time!

It's a complex problem to answer the questions of when to upvote to maximize the curation award. My simulation shows under certain conditions, it's the best to upvote within 30 minutes. This is the link to my post

The chart shows under certain conditions curation reward is the same no matter when you upvote as long as within the first 30 minutes. Then it drops afte 30 minutes.

This is great! Definitely a great resource for those who want to learn more about curation calculations. Thanks @nationalpark!

Thanks. Could you please nominate me to be a @sndbox member?

I thought the earlier you upvote, the higher your curation reward :D

In the grand scheme of things that's a fair rule but the 30min mark is important to know.

Yeah thanks by the way :D

Exactly what I needed, I was searching on google for hours and I wasn't able to get a detailed explanation of author-curator reward system. Great breakdown, I didn't even knew about this 30 mins thing, upvoted you immediately, thanks one more time. :)

A helpful information thanks @sndbox

I only thought of earning only from making posts. I'm such a baby here in steemit. Much to learn from here though. Thank you for sharing these information and for the links. Have a great day!

Thanks for the information it is a useful one for the #newbies

I am a beginner and your posts are very helpful to me. Thanks..

Thanks for your informative post. I've been here (20) days, and I'm slowly learning this stuff.

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