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Sndbox Project Updates are recaps of major Steem-powered project developments led by current cohort members. Sndbox projects are specifically designed and executed to broaden the impact and presence of creative and community work within the Steem ecosystem.

Hello Steemit! We are excited to share a new "Project Series" to update you all on what has been happening behind the scenes of the Sndbox incubator. There are dozens of projects developing right now and we thought this ongoing series would be a great way for you all to discover and engage them! Today, we're showcasing a handful of creative, community-driven, educational and impactful projects using the Steem blockchain as a catalyst for real change. Here they are:


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@kr-marketing is a Korean community project led by @leesongyi and @leesol. Their team reinvents blockchain news and crypto-information into beautiful and easy to understand illustrations. Afterwards, these graphics are shared throughout social media and off-line as prints. Even if you don't understand Korean, their work is absolutely worth exploring!

Give them a follow, and explore their latest encyclopedia update, here.


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@blockmountain is a creative group led by @djlethalskillz, @scuzzy and @playitforward. This trio is in the process of developing Steemit's first community powered music album. The Block Mountain group is assembling a collective of artists with talents spread across all different mediums through their weekly challenges and competitions. Make sure to explore their weekly updates and open calls for artists, performers and creatives of all kinds.

Join in on the collaboration, here.


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@phillyhistory is a graduate-level history seminar at Temple University. Each of the students (below) are currently using Steemit to blog, document and share their ongoing research for the seminar. A community account, led by [@phillyhistory] is being used to compile student research, offer feedback, share with the wider community and accrue funding to support non-profit grants of local Philadelphia institutions.

@hourofhistory, @dduquette, @engledd, @jfeagan, @cheider, @charliehersh, @tmaust, @chelseareed, @johnesmithiii, @gvgktang, @yingchen, @connellgregg, @xiaonanli, @peartree4, @landy-yinan, @phillyhistory, and @phillyculture.

We're nearing the end of the spring semester, and so far the students have accumulated over 3,000 Steem! They're reaching out to non-profits now and beginning an onboarding and recipient selection process. Contribute your thoughts and engage, here.


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@urban-thinktank is a research and development studio out of the ETH Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule/ Swiss Federal Institute of Technology). The team behind their flagship project Empower Housing has teamed up with @sndbox to raise awareness and Steem-power funds for new housing prototype strategy and community planning in South Africa. U-TT will use all cryptocurrency raised to fund ongoing development of housing in Khayelitsha, South Africa. Their approach to architecture and community development is inspiring, make sure to give them a warm hello and support their empowering work!

Read more about their efforts and process here.


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The Musician’s Guide is a developing eBook with the sole purpose of onboarding aspiring and established musical professionals onto the Steem blockchain. @heymattsokol does weekly reports on every aspect of the project from writing to design, to task outreach and marketing.

Explore more of the Guide, here.


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@mrblinddraw's #whisper Gallery is Steemit’s own artistic form of the game "Telephone" where artists call upon other creatives on the platform to interpret work and continue a thread of innovation. Check out the latest call to action, here. You should also check out @erb's latest contribution, here.

Thank you for exploring!

Stay tuned each week for a series of project updates and milestones. Make sure to give these projects a follow and support their latest posts. For more on creative initiatives be sure to follow our online magazine; @creativecrypto. Launching later this Spring!


Want to support Steemit authors like these? Consider joining our curation trail! You can learn more about the @sndbox incubator mission and 2018 program here.

Help us spread the word. Follow our Twitter and YouTube Channel!


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wow. Exploring such an efforts from community i just cant image how the whole steemit wont grow beyond any limits possible.

Thanks @sndbox
supported and resteemed


Thanks so much for your kind support and enthusiasm @bronevik!


@sndbox sir I just wanna ask how to apply in this community

All great projects, and the sndbox makes it happen! Well done guys!

Amazing collection of projects on the steemit blockchain within a short period of time.
Big ups to @sndbox for being at the forefront of project support and development within the steemit blockchain.
I and my team will be in touch shortly without project. Watch out!!!


Awesome! Looking forward to it :D

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Lots of educative and creative challenges, posting educative and original content, keeping steemians up to date coupled with supporting communities here in steemit, infact @sndbox team, you guys are just an all rounder. There is never a dull moment with @sndbox. You guys should just keep up the good work, we steemians appreciate you guys alot.

Thanks for the shoutout dudes!

I love the graphic design in the @kr-marketing work, they did an amazing job.

Amazing effort from all these communities, this will help steemit as a whole,Great projects. And thanks to @sndbox for this vital information as always

@sndbox Rocks The Blockchain! Much Respect to all the great works and support you guys have been showing us among all these other great projects and initiatives. Salute!

Love to hear about all the awesome initiatives which are happening! I hadn't heard of any of the before so always great to be informed. I have actually started running a series of events for women with their own businesses. Just ran the first one in KL which was a huge success 100 business owners came together. Looking for ways to make this grow into something huge, powered by steem! Keep sharing things like this to keep me inspired! We are capable of so much when we spread positivity.

Some real wonderful project.This is helping the community get better.This is helping the community to support each other.All the credit goes to @sndbox.Because of people like you steemit will grow big in coming times.Thanks for sharing all the updates with us.

Now this kinds of project is making steemit a better place than any other platform.Here at steemit every one is helping each other and people like @sndbox is always there for the steemian's.Helping steemian's from different angle.Thank's for doing such things and for this update of all project.@upvoted and resteemed

Such a wonderful project. You are doing a great work. This project is really great, I like it. Its always good to know that someone big name like you is trying hard to make Steemit a better & beautiful place for the creative poeple. Keep on enrich steemit with your great work.

There is some super project by @sndbox.Because of this project all the steemians is getting benefited.Thanks for this kinds of project and sharing this update is very nice.@resteem

You guys are impressing truth be told and I love the pace at which you are moving in making the this ecosystem more sweet-able for new projects. I wish something on architecture can also be introduce into this project @sndbox.
More grace.

@dhavey one of the co-founder of @goldenproject

Thanks for this valuable information

Beautiful project 👍🏻👍🏻😂😂

Interesting information submitted this. Hopefully the same thing is also done for the friends in Aceh.

Let's support and resteem to all friends. greetings from Indonesia Steemit Community.

Thank you for shareing and give detailing about 'project series'

Incredible, Sndbox can improve even more, with our sndbox will succeed victorious !!

Thanks for your valuable share sir.