How to Become a Sndbox Fellow

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Sndbox is a Steemit incubator for creatives and communities. We utilize the STEEM blockchain to empower impactful projects worldwide.

Growth through Nominations

All new @sndbox fellows will join through a nomination process. Current fellows can nominate up to 2 new Steemians per month. This nomination strategy is designed to achieve the following goals :

  • Healthy Community Growth. - We want new fellows to join by building relationships first. Sndbox is both a program and a community guild. Our goal is to create an empowering network that motivates mentorship, conversation and collaboration.

  • Strong Vetted Content. - This organic referral process will be a filter to insure strong quality content and community stewardship. Nominations can also radically reduce the presence of plagiarism on Steemit. Sndbox fellows represent two dozen countries all over the world and as many languages. Having trusted eyes and ears will support healthy growth in new communities.

The @sndbox team gathers and reviews nominations on a monthly basis. New fellows are introduced within the first week of each month.


As a Sndbox Fellow...

Coaching : Daily one on one support. Steemit has a learning curve that we aim to accelerate our members through.
Editing : Help with formatting and translations.
Feedback : We will support our bloggers with ideas and advice on structuring STEEM-powered projects.
Promotion : Visibility is important. Our incubator has weekly member spotlights, highlighting newbies and helping our members raise awareness for the issues and projects important to them.
Project Development : We help you structure your campaigns, documentation, and overall project impact.
@sndbox upvote : We reward strong and creative content. Consistent support will help retain talented Steemit contributors and help them engage their audience.60 SBD monthly maximum*

*If you earn less than 60 SBD, that's okay! We will never charge you more than you've earned. Fellows can also lower their fee by nominating new Steemians. Each approved nomination will be rewarded with 20 SBD (up to 40 SBD or two nominations per month.) This incentivizes the growth of the incubator network and the growth of Steemit as a whole!

Where will the Fellow Fees go?

50% of SBD received through fellows will be converted to STEEM power to help grow the account. The other 50% of these fees will go towards support costs of maintaining the incubator including programming and projects throughout the year. This will include offline programs in New York City through our official Meetup Channel, Steemit workshops and community projects like STEEM Park.


Who can be nominated?

Sndbox is a Steemit incubator that empowers impactful and creative projects worldwide. Our goal is to create a supportive environment where an artist, architect, musician, curator, educator, entrepreneur, non-profit, or community organizer can explore, innovate and play all while being rewarded for sharing their craft. (We ask Sndbox Fellows to nominate individuals or organizations that align and improve upon our creative-impact mission.)

A “Sndbox Fellow” can be :

NEWCOMERReputation Score 25 - 59
  • An existing / prospective Steemit user with creative or community content in mind
  • A project-based account created collaboratively by multiple Steemit users
  • A community leader or organizer who is looking for support in establishing a Sndcastle (Steemit Accelerator) in their local area. (For prospective Sndcastle initiatives, blog about your idea or showcase the meetups / workshops that you're already hosting! This makes it easier for us to learn more about the great work that you're doing and how we can best support you.)
EXPERIENCEDReputation Score 60 +
  • If you are a Steemian with substantial experience on the platform (i.e. reputation score greater than 60), we encourage you to submit specific ideas for a project, community initiative or long-term endeavor.

If you’re interested in becoming a @sndbox fellow, we recommend engaging with existing fellows in their posts as well as reaching out to Sndcastle Projects in your region. If they believe that your work and ambition are aligned with the @sndbox initiative, they can nominate you into the network.

If you would like to submit a form and be considered independent from a nomination, you can submit your information and ideas at We maintain a waiting list that we review at the end of each month. NOTE: Priority for consideration will be given to nominations.

Do not leave comments on members’ posts similar to this - “Please look at my account, @_____”. Begin a conversation. Explain what you do and why it would be beneficial to both you and Sndbox if you joined the community.

Thank you to the Steemit community for the incredible support and engagement around Sndbox!


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As always, great initiatives here again. Thank you for sharing, I'll keep you mind when sharing about Steem even more so now than ever!

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

@sndbox is a great initiative-- It's already helping our small independent art gallery through helping us build a network of artists and art lovers on Steemit much faster than we would otherwise have been able to.

I got to know about Sndbox just now. Initiative like this will bring the steady and necessary growth to Steemit. I will apply to become a fellow as I want to be a part of the success of the Steem Ecosystem.

Thanks @sndbox for this rare opportunity.

wow great sir

@sndbox , how about my submission before ?
please reply my message :D

Great work! Thanks for sharing :)

Nice work guys

This is all so exciting!

Steemit and Steemians constantly amaze me. Both in the civility and culture that they offer up it is great to see a community that is rising to support things like this. It is pretty neat. Thank you for your efforts.

Hello. I am just now discovering you and very interested in what you do. I still have some reading and catching up to better understand your project. However, I am aware that I can leave very long comments so I will try to keep this brief, and hope to continue a conversation with you and your team.

I am an improviser by trade of 17 years. Recently I was the Artistic Director of a new Comedy Sportz Franchise in St Louis. I teach, write, and perform. I am teaching a Comedia del Arte class at The Improv Shop in St. Louis AND I am doing my best to share what I learn about blockchain with my fellow improv and artist communities.

I am hosting the third consecutive weekly Steemit Bitcoin Happy Hour at The Improv Shop this evening.

I admin a Facebook Group for fellow improvisers called ImprovCoin.

And I field a lot of questions via text and pms from friends looking to know more about bitcoin and steemit. Things are relatively humble at this point. But interest grows a little every day. I also have to balance my own personal, business, and family life. But I am interested in anything that can help me, help others.

Thank you for your time. I am leaving links here so you can see learn more about how I am attempting to help my improv and artist community. Cheers and all the best, JacobTS

Sounds like a great program. Thanks for putting it together

But how do we identify who is the @sndbox fellow already to start the communication?


I identify @sndbox fellows by searching for steemians who use the #sndbox tag. Those with consistent upvotes from the sandbox account should definitely be a fellow.
Hope it answers your question. Steem on!


Yes thanks for the answer!

Thanks for carrying even newbies along. Some day i hope to be a member if its possible. For now, you said we can visit members post and comment on their blogs and start up a relationship, pls how do we know the members is there a members list?

Hi @sndbox! I'm on Steemit since november 2017, but I still feel like a newbie ;-) I discovered you this week, and I'm very interested in being part of your community. I'm a proffessional illustrator and comics colorist and I think (or I hope...) my posts can be interesting to learn how to use Photoshop to make digital paintings. In your post, you give us a link to a contact form to submit independently from a nomination, but it does'nt work... Is there another way to get in contact with you and submit?

Hello. I'm strongly interesting to become fellow.I'm from Myanmar and I've huge minnows Pls helps us to perticipate with your project. Thanks