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Explore and Discover :

Browse around! Get a feel for navigating and the local lingo. Here are a few terms and tabs (below) that should help you get going. These 5 are the main tabs located in the upper right corner of your browser:

  • Home - Recent posts by the people you follow.
  • New - Posts sorted by most recent.
  • Hot - Popular posts at the moment.
  • Trending - Highest pending rewards.
  • Promoted - Paid for in order to gain visibility.

Trending topics can be seen on the right side column of the home page. Clicking any “tag” or category will pull up any and all content labeled with that same theme. Browse around some tags and discover content that is meaningful to you! There are hundreds of thousands of amazing authors on Steemit who blog about as many topics.

Anatomy of the “Story”

Each blog post (or “story”) can be previewed via a kind of “thumbnail” format. This allows you to see and scroll through dozens of authors via any of the main tabs, all at once. Each Steemit post contains a series of symbols. Here is a key or legend of those symbols to help get you acquainted...

Steemit Thumbnail

Steemit-ABCs thumbnail.png

Steemit Blog Post

Once you click on the thumbnail image or title, that blog post expands. Now you can read the full article that interests you and even explore some of the comments and commentary at the bottom. Try clicking the “Reply” button and leaving a comment!


That’s all for now. Make sure to follow the @sndbox incubator project for weekly Steemit Resources and creative projects!

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really useful tips here for when I have to put newbies through steemit. Thank you for this

Wonderful! We're hoping to put together a whole series of tips like these that newbies can reference. You're doing amazing work in Nigeria, @ejemai! Let us know if your team needs any specific tutorial materials made/customized for STACH. We're happy to help in any way we can :)

thank you very much for the offer. I am jumping on it soonest because STACH really needs such materials.

Feel free to reach out to us whenever. We'd be more than happy to contribute and collaborate!

A good diagram just does it!

We <3 good diagrams


nice work @sndbox

Thanks @thegoldenphoenix! We hope that this kind of walkthrough will be useful for new Steemians :)

You create your posts very professionally. You take it really seriously, and it's the reason why I follow you. Thanks for supporting this great community @sndbox!

Thanks so much @websensei! We appreciate your support and kind words :) Steem on!

Well explained. You're creating great and very helpful content!

Thanks for the support!

Спасибо! Ваши советы полезны для новичка.

Amazing post

I loved it, cleared my basics.....

Haha awesome! Passed with flying colors :)

I am new here and only have been here for 3 days. I blog and want people to read the articles that I put hours in putting them together. Any advice to get people to view them?

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Loving these posts! Excellent resource and reference for new Steemians.

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