What is a Steemit Reputation Score? [An Illustrated Guide]

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That Strange Little Number...

When you first join Steemit, you’ll notice that there is a number hovering next to your account name both on your blog page as well as next to every one of your comments and post previews. This is your Steemit Reputation Score. Today, we’ll explain an overview of what the score is, what it means both technically and socially, and why it is an important feature of the Steemit ecosystem.


The Basics

Simply put, the Reputation Score is an indicator of your standing in the Steemit community. This score is affected by a number of factors and influences but before we explore any calculations, here are the basic facts and ideas you should know -

  1. Every new account starts with a (25) reputation score
  2. Your score increases with the number of upvotes and proportional strength of those upvotes
  3. Your score decreases with flags/downvotes
  4. Each successive number increment (i.e. 44 to 45) is more difficult to achieve than the former

As your posts and comments gain upvotes, your reputation score will increase. If you post something that others deem “bad” for whatever reason (check the guidelines post by @steemcleaners for a general rubric of what is typically downvoted), your rating will go down. The reputation score overall is just one metric of how your presence, history, and contribution to Steemit is valued.

Fun fact: Currently, the highest reputation score is held by @steemsports with a 78 rating.

To understand how exactly to calculate your Reputation Score, we recommend you look at the article on steem.center and @sevinwilson’s post from earlier this year.

What Your Reputation Means

Your reputation score can be an indicator of of many things, including how long the user has been on the platform, how much their content is valued by the whole of the Steemit community, and how much their account has been punished by flags/downvotes. For the sake of fun and clarity, we’ve made a visual rubric that generalizes accounts based on their ratings.

171017_Reputation-Score-01.pngBaby! Everyone begins Steemit with the same rating, 25. This number means that you have not yet received any upvotes for blogging or your comments.
171017_Reputation-Score-02.pngToddler. At this point, you've done some blogging and introduced yourself to the Steemit community but are still getting your bearings on the blockchain.
171017_Reputation-Score-03.pngKid on the block(chain). Steemians with this rating know their way around Steemit and have done well gathering support for their posts and comments.
171017_Reputation-Score-04.pngBlogger. You are good at earning Steem and contribute quality content to the blockchain ecosystem. The 50's require a lot of hard work and dedication.
171017_Reputation-Score-05.pngProfessional. You've earned an established following for creating consistently valuable content. You know the way around and impart your wisdom unto others.
171017_Reputation-Score-06.pngGuru. Steemians with over a 70 rating are experts of the Steem blockchain. They are likely early adopters and know the inner workings of this world.

What the Rating is NOT

The reputation score can indicate a number of aspects concerning your account but doesn’t always tell the whole story. Here are some points about what the number does not indicate -

  1. The rating is not directly correlated to your voting power or the amount of STEEM/SBD in your account. Many investors store STEEM in auxiliary accounts and use them to vote. Since those accounts typically don’t post or comment, they usually remain at the 25 rating.

  2. Higher ratings do not equate to “higher quality” or “better” content. It is not a metric to compare two accounts, only a number to indicate the amount of overall rewards and upvotes an account has received.

Exploring More @sndbox Steemit Toolkits

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this "Reputation Score Article” useful. If you have any questions or ideas for future toolkits, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments section. Check out our other resource posts for helpful tips and ideas on our Master Toolkit Post.



It's a pity Steemit cannot incorporate your icons as reputation indicators. They're far more fun than just a bland number. :-)

Thanks for the kind words @dickturpin :)

It would be neat if they could include these as a placeholder until that user adds their own profile pic!

That's a great idea! I am would definitely like to suggest it to @fabien who is working on busy.org, which I am also helping out with. I am upvoting and following your post and see if we can make it happen :)

I like this idea!

Hi, please explain the number next to the the graph looking for arrow. Perhaps a post on what all the different icons and symbols mean! I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much. (If you already have a post like that up, please can someone send me a link to it)

Hi @mohamm, thanks for your question - take a look at this post on Browsing the Basics of Steemit's Interface and let us know if that helps!

For more resources and tutorials - https://steemit.com/toolkit/@sndbox/master-toolkit-steemit-sndbox-resources-update-3

Thanks you for sharing this very informative article, I have been wanted to know all this before now.. Thanks for sharing the knowledge

seems like am not the only one who has been wondering

Lol!, thats life, you can't be the only one in a situation... You must have a mate...

Hi,thank you so much for sharing
I would like to ask i few questions with respect to the rating
1)Does the rating affect the amount of money we make from each post?
2)Are the number of upvotes the main factor affecting the amount of money we make from each post
3)What does the percentage beside the voters list stand for?
I would really appreciate it if you could reply :)

Hi @investorkjj :)

  1. Good questions! No, the rating does not effect how much money you will make. Although, it does reflect how much STEEM you've earned throughout your history here.
  2. No, it's not all about quantity. The value of each vote is directly proportional to the amount of Steem Power that voter has in their wallet.
  3. On the percentage, are you using a web browser plugin for Steemit? If so, that percentage reveals how strong of a vote each user decided to vote with. Once you accumulate a few hundred Steem Power you can vote on posts on a scale of 1% - 100%.

Thank you for your reply! Learnt something new today:)

Amazing guide and really love the illustrations :D

Thank you!

Reputation is one of the biggest measures to understand the power of the blogger (artist, writer, poet etc.). Also, it is exponentially difficult to rise from 60 to 70. A blogger with 60 has to create quality blogs to increase his reputation. However, there is a issue with upvote bot or whale bot, that can help to increase reputation. Some cases, reputation may not represent real quality since someone with huge SP can use selfvote or, buy whale votes to increase reputation significantly. However, beyond 65 reputation that mechanism may not help. Thanks again for explain reputation in easy and visual terms.

Sweet guide, thanks for posting!

Good explication post ;) Thank you

Im still kid on the block. 😁😁😁
Still figuring things out . God bless us everyone 😊😁

Welcome to the block ;)

Haha thank you , good luck to us 😁

I learnt here that highest reputation at the moment is 78. 😎
I want to hit 79 😂

Go for 80! I wonder what that level will be like...

Haha. Best of luck to me🐒

This comment has received a 2.09 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @uxair.

I think we can easily consider 80 a major milestone in the life of the community.

Do you agree maybe?

Yes! We remember when 70 seemed completely unattainable... 80 is on the horizon.

Oh yeah, and an additional interesting thought is that while each "x0 milestone" is more and more far, the increasing popularity of the site may keep the pace.

And I really wonder if it will.

It would be a Super Blogger or Super Steemian?
Thanks for sharing great content. It is amazing how you structure such nice posts. I will keep myself learning from you guys. Gracias amigos.

This comment has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @uxair.

really helpful, thanks for thr information and illustrations! It's a pity Steemit cannot incorporate your icons as reputation indicators.

Great article @Sndbox! I have always wondered what the number meant and whether they hold any value to my account. The levels are a great way for the community to value users! Thank you for the great explanation and illustrations to go along! I am very much inspired by your design stylings and have picked up a tip or 2 from it.

Thank you for the kind and thoughtful reply @ansonoxy :) No single number tells the entire story but it is an interesting metric to learn more about a steemit user / their interaction with others.

Very useful information about stamens rank. I am much impressed

Thanks for the support!

Hey @sndbox, I'm new here, so maybe this question has already been addressed. But, does reputation have anything to do with the reach of a post, or the equivalent of reach on steemit?

Great article, keep it up!

Thanks @isaideureka! We'll add it to the next masterpost =)

Legit description of leveling up here on Steemit - feel like I've done a decent job of progression in the first 3 weeks here. Been learning a lot, probably the best thing about the platform to me.

Excellent! We've been learning a lot as well and hopefully these posts help new users as much as other Steemians have helped us.

Clear and informative explanations! (as per usual ;-))

Very useful info indeed. Looking forward to the climb in score. Got the desire to read and comment. Will have to challenge myself to write and contribute content.

Great breakdown! I guess I can call myself a blogger now. It's pretty hard to move out of the 50's though. Its gonna take some work for me to get there.

I already have some time in the platform, I feel I got this information late, because I already know something about it, however it is great for new users, with this they illustrate a lot! Greetings, and thanks for creating great content

I've only been here a couple months and I'm level 53. I have no idea what I am doing or what's going on

Haha well the 50's are very honest too... :)

Thank you, I'm one of them that no have any idea of what that numbers means

Very clear explanation that will be very helpful to new users. Well done!

Actually I was wondering if it became harder to level up. Thanks for this post! :)

Yes! Each level gets a little bit harder ;)

Hey @SndBox thank you for the informative post, but i just got to give you kudos for all the amazing graphics and illustrations you/ your team does. Every time you make a post its easy to spot the familiar colors and the design style - It sure looks like a lot of thought and work went into it. So as a visual creator myself, I really appreciate the significance you give to the graphic aspect of your post/content. Keep it up! <3

Thank you so much for the support @ankapolo and the appreciation of our aesthetic playfulness =)

@sndbox, this is very good. Glad i stumble on this post. Been wondering how the reputation thing works. Now i have a better understanding. @sndbox, i have a couple of question i would like to ask. Can private chat you on steemit chat or discord?

Hi @ceepee, thanks for the support and absolutely, you can reach us at @hansikhouse in steemit.chat

thanks for the clarity, used to think the higher your rep, the higher your SP in otherwords a user with 30rep can have a SP over 20,000+? @sndbox

Yes, there are quite a lot of these 'investor accounts'. They don't write anything, just comment and vote, some are pure bots.

lol exactly been seen more of this account lately

Yeah that's a common misunderstanding. Your reputation score has nothing to do with the $ in your wallet. :)

saw something related to that today, the user joined probably 4wks back and his rep was low but guess what his SP was above 20,000

I'm so close to 50! Lol Steem on everyone

Cool, I didn't know someone was doing clear, easy crypto information. Nice.

I didn't know about that fact.I've read the full article. Now I know the reason of that little numbers.
Thank you @sndbox

Great info for newbies

I am a Toddler feels bad man !

I didn't know any of this. thank you for the education.

good post , i have entered this community since 10 days, it is useful for me

Welcome to Steemit! Glad this post could be helpful as you get your footing here :)

Thank you for explaining, I had a hard time understanding this notion, but at the same time, it seems to move irregularly, and someone with a fast growth can have a high rep but at the same time still be a newbie on Steemit =o

good information.. thank you :)

I was thinking about it for a long time. It's indirect way of providing benefits to profile as far as I understand. Alright, blogger is not too far for me :)

Great article! Is there any way to decipher how the $ amounts get awarded?

All right, so I'm a blogger on the way to become professional. Good to know ;-)

Hah, you're just 4 rep points away @jefpatat ;)

or at all who wants to help :)
Can the reputation score sink if i upvote to much things?
or the second question, can the steem power shrink if i upvote too much? So that i like so much, that my "whole power" is used and now it looks like I only like everything to get SteemPower...
Maybe it´s a stupid question :D

Hi and welcome @amityx! To answer your questions -

  1. No the reputation score is not altered by how much you upvote! Upvote away :) (It only changes when others upvote you)
  2. Check out https://www.steemnow.com/ it shows you how much your vote is worth and also how much voting strength you have left :)

Thank you for your answer!

Thanks for this guide. You explained very well everything a new steemian need to know. I mistakenly thought the rank was associated with high quality content.

really helpful @sndbox, thanks for thr information

Is there any site to count the amounf people belonging to each reputation values? Like, "number of people with the reputation of 70" or "above 70" or something.

That'd be awesome to see and plot as time passes by.

If you haven't seen Steem Whales already - here's a helpful list that measures Steemit members based on their reputation score / wallet / following etc..! https://steemwhales.com/?p=1&s=reputation

So I have to scrap from HTML either way - no problem though, better thank nothing. Thanks!

Thanks for explaining the Reputation Score since I was just wondering why there was a "25" by my name, and by others' as well. Your article definitely helps!

Informative post for the newbie.

It is important to keep providing quality contents. More important is to follow the rules otherwise your reputation will go down and your post visibility will be greatly reduced.

Kid on the block!! 😁😁

Next target to be a bloger

Nice work! :)

lol I've been trying to get a hight number with little knowledge of how or what it does. Thanks for the info.

I'll take note of this and add this up to my next orientations. Thanks @sndbox! Your blogs are always helpful! :)

Worth my 10 cents of 100% upvote and resteem!

Thanks so much for the support @jassennessaj! :)

Great post @sndbox , thanks for the information. Now i know i am a kid on the block(chain). For reputation questions i will use this post to give answers in my language.

i am in my late 30s. or how we say it with age "i am 30 something". thank god, here we don't make a life crisis when we reach 40 or 50 or 60 or so on. maybe when i wake up in the morning, i already passed another decade.

tnx for the very coherent explanation. indeed, it helped a lot as i arrived to steemit planet less then 10 days ago :)

i woke up in the morning being 40. oh, man, life is changing so fast. :)))

this is a great post. It is information I have been looking for. I have resteemed it because I found it so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to make this information clear.

Thank you very much for the kind words @sandsoftime!

hi,moring! thank you for sharing!

Thank you very much for the clarification, @sndbox! Resteemed it so that other newbs like myself can get educated ;)

Quick question(s):

  1. What is the significance of resteeming to the resteem-er?
  2. Why can't I add my thoughts onto the post that I'm resteeming? (like how to retweet (Twitter) or reblog (Tumblr) works)

Following to become more informed @sndboxp

thanks for this.......now I know and know I need to get off my ass and post more interesting stuff..........

What i want to know is why my score just went down?

with the whole world at your finger tips..... you cant have the cake and ea it as well..... my question.... should one just give quality comments on high reputation blogs.... in other words... does high reputation means --- high quality blogs...

Yah this is indeed a very useful article especially to newbies who still dont know a lot of things here on steemit.

Hope to read more like this.

My reputation is 47 so what am i? Hehe

thanks for details information about reputation. this kind of post is need for newbie

This is really informative. Thank you for sharing.

Best description I have found yet, thank you. I'm a toddler and I want a badge :)

Great post! Your guides are the best, always simple and beautifully explained, and that's what new and not so new ones need :)

Without doubt this will be another post that I will translate to spanish. Keep it up this great job guys!

That's very kind of you to say, thanks @angelgarz :)

This is probably going to stir up some controversy, but are there gender neutral versions of the icons for the female Steemians?

Great explanation of the reputation score.
Thanks for that simplification.

May I ask if it's allowed to use your illustration?

Kind regards

Thank you @modernpastor, yes! Absolutely, just make sure to source any images back to the original post and attribute @sndbox as well.

Of course, I will do that :)
Thanks​ for the permission.

very good post

Thank you for sharing this, As I am fairly new to Steem I have often inquired about that number. And now I have found out i'm a blogger hehe

Good post for the newcomers like me! It is hard to see any (25) in the comment section. Poor me lol

been trying to get my round the reputation numbers thing, now i have some clarity to things had google how to increase my reputation score earlier. thank for the help

This was so useful :) @laurabarrera @marypoppopins you should read this!

hi, Toddler here :-)! Just joined a few days ago. Thank you for this valuable info. It allows the newcomers to have an idea of the path ahead.

This is really helpful. I am new to Steemit and couldn't quite figure what the number meant. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Very useful information, not only for newbie on Steemit, but also for those who want to reinforce previous information about the reputation of the score.

I want to ask whether the flags given by others, not confirmed in advance? What about the possibility of someone who is dislike with us for reasons other than the rules that apply in Steemit, then he invite @steemcleaner come to punish us? In such circumstances, it should be the person who spread the false news to be flagged.
Please explain from @sndbox. Thanks so much.

Well so I'm just a kid in Steem and also in my real life :D
I always wanted to increase my reputation to 50s since I was a baby on Steem. I'll be achieving my goal real soon.
Thanks for the information.

Yes, the 50s seem to be a tough "decade" to work though. It would be very interesting to know what strategies are best to help move up. And is there any way of knowing how many accounts there are in the 50s, 60s and 70s?

It's a decade requiring some grind! The best methods revolve around consistency and engagement. Here's a post that gets into a bit about this - https://steemit.com/blog/@sndbox/submit-a-story-tips-for-crafting-your-steemit-blog-post

Check out Steem Whales - it's a helpful list that measures Steemit members based on their reputation score / wallet / following etc..! https://steemwhales.com/?p=1&s=reputation

Thanks for Follow me I already FOLLOW and UP VOTED YOU So please Also UP VOTE ME

It's happening. The world is slowly moving towards the economy of trust. Our minds free from our bodies and become content machines that want to share thoughts with like-minded souls. I feel like we're moving towards a giant collective consciousness, built on top of the next-gen of the blockchain (think the direction of Plasma 3.0 and stuff).

Could we really tokenize our feelings since we already tokenized our trust?

I really appreciate your help here ! I have joined and I am absolutely buzzing !

awesome information - as a newbie myself (just here since Sept) I am still navigating the forum site - but all in all, I like it! Cheers xo

Very useful information

Hello @sndbox, I have read your post and I love reading it very much and I think I must translating your post into Bahasa Indonesia so that my friends will be able to get this useful information. Is it possible to do it? THanks in advance.
warmest regard from Indonesia.

Thanks for shedding some light on reputation scores for everyone explained in an easy to understand format. Some information I have come across is missing key elements as well as being very hard to understand. This is a great help especially for newbies. Keep Steeming :)

Thank you @beccadeals, glad to hear that :D

Quote: "Many investors store STEEM in auxiliary accounts and use them to vote."

I would love a post about this aspect of steemit and why people would set up second accounts and more. I can barely take care of this one account, but maybe I'm missing something :)

uhhhhh look at me I am a blogger :D Feeling on the top now. eheheh now let's become a professional. It is about to work hard.

As they say - learn something new every day.

Thanks for well explained and beautifully presented post! Keep on enlightening us!

Lovely icons, very informative article, i was guessing it was something like that, but wasn't sure, now i am. Keep up the good work!

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human!

Check The Daily spotlights of 16 October 2017! You missed one? ----> #dailyspotlights

thank you so much for the information, very helpful! so what would be your advice on how to get more steem power when you start out?

Good info, thanks a lot mate!

It turns out I belong to the category blogger. Thank you for the information @sndbox.🤗

Thank you for this information. I'm still trying to figure out the basics like how many times a day should I upvote, resteem, and post each day?

Nice and easy to understand!

Some icons or even colors would be a cool UI improvement

Very nice post, didn't know i was a professional, lol

Can I ask you a question and you make me so happy with it. I see that you didn't vote for witness yet. Would you please consider to do that for me? It's free and you have 30 votes in total.. You could really help me out with this... and maybe you can make my dreams come true

Thanks for the insight, however I must be honest in saying that I love reading the comments below. Sometimes the comments throw even more light on the topic at hand with ideas surfacing from the collective.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the Steem.center wiki article about Reputation System. Thanks and good luck again!

Wonderful education in this post about reputation score! The article deserves all the reward it got.

Great info for a newbie like me. There's much to understand about the system. A lot of information to process.

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