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Fellow Steemians!

Today marks the official launch of @sndbox (pronounced “sandbox”) - an incubator project dedicated towards bringing STEEM to the professional practice of creatives and entrepreneurs in New York City and beyond. We are @hansikhouse and @voronoi - of @hitheryon - the team behind STEEM Park.


Our Mission

At Sndbox, our mission is to build a digital (online) and physical (offline) creative community through the power of Steemit and the STEEM blockchain.

  • Recruit : Onboard super talented creatives and entrepreneurs who are entirely new to Steemit and cryptocurrency as a whole.
  • Coach : Over time, we’ll help these minnows become dolphins. Sndbox will reward strong content and provide supportive feedback. Coaching is critical to retain talented Steemit contributors and help them engage their audience.
  • Empower : Our team is developing an incubator that creatives can harness to empower their craft both professionally and financially. We believe that interdisciplinary practice paired with emerging technology can revolutionize growth and independence for the 21st century professional.


A Physical Playground for Steemians to Co-Create

We’re excited to announce that Sndbox is going to develop into a real space - a physical co-workspace right here in New York City - where we will introduce new users to Steemit and STEEM, blockchain, host meetups and collaborative workshops. This experimental and flagship workspace will be an incubator where Steemians (and not-yet Steemians) can rent a desk and attend workshops in exchange for SBD (Steem Dollars).

Our goal is to create a supportive environment where an artist, architect, musician, curator, educator, entrepreneur, non-profit, or community organizer can explore, innovate and play all while being rewarded for sharing their craft.

We believe Steemit needs more physical resources where users can build relationships with potential new members. Our project STEEM Park was just the beginning of cryptocurrency becoming a physical fixture in our real life communities. Our team is dedicated to spearheading this effort in New York City and beyond!


A Brave New World

Communication is the key to growth. This brave new world of cryptocurrency can be a challenging one to digest! As a social media platform, we (all of us on Steemit) need to continuously discover and invent new ways of breaking down those challenges for the benefit of the average Steemain. On Steemit in particular, new users are flooded with supportive comments on their first “introduceyourself” post, but rarely receive sustained rewards or engagement on the second or third post.

Sndbox will provide continued support of talented new Steemians through upvotes, direct feedback and promotional content published on the @sndbox page.


Good for Steemit

@Sndbox is an incubator network (online) and a physical space (in Brooklyn, NY). We have a team - now dedicated full-time - towards recruiting and onboarding super-talented creative professionals to Steemit and empowering their practices. These Sndbox Steemians are entirely new to the world of cryptocurrency and @sndbox will be a comprehensive resource for learning about how to leverage the emerging world of crypto to support their ambitions.

As we develop Sndbox, we’ll be sharing everything with the Steemit public - programs, activities, info-graphics, onboarding resources, data, etc. - to be 100% transparent and get as much feedback as possible. This is a completely new journey for us (well, Steemit overall is a super new experience that we all share) and we want to be as best integrated with the diverse efforts within the platform as we can.


Follow Our Curation Trail

This is a team effort! We need your support to make Sndbox a success. Follow our curation trail to support @sndbox members. Our vote will go exclusively towards the new Steemians that we onboard.

FOLLOW the Sndbox curation trail here.

Looking Forward

Here is a sneak peek at our schedule for the rest of the week. We’re excited to share more about Sndbox, future goals and most importantly - our amazing new members :

  • Tuesday 08/01 - Welcome to Steemit! A Guide for Creatives
  • Wednesday 08/02 - State the Sndbox #1 - An Overview of Sndbox Current Events and New Members
  • Thursday 08/03 - How We’re On-boarding Members to Steemit
  • Friday 08/04 - The Future of Sndbox - Projects, Proposals, Potential

So there you have it, we’re excited to get Sndbox off the ground. Let us know your thoughts and ideas. We’re all in this together. STEEM on!



Absolutely amazing! I love your idea and what you are planning to do for the steemit platform and its members. There are many people that I have been following that are doing amazing things for the community and you are being one of them. The projects that can be build using steemit platform are endless and that is what will take this platform beyond the social media network in the years to come. Attaining and helping talented people that will help to create the success story for steemit is just brilliant idea. I wish you the best of luck and will give you a full support by following you and checking your projects and successes!

One such project that I came accross last week is #SteemBnB which is AirBnB for steemians where steemit users can offer their extra room or property in return for steem. What an amazing idea! Projects like this are making me to like steemit more and more! The best of luck guys!

Thank you so much @czechglobalhosts! We're right there with you and believe so many projects and products can be made with and within this technology. We hope you'll follow our content closely and offer tips/feedback!

I will be definitely watching you and help you out as much as I can to upvote and resteem the best of your thoughts!

As always, I love how you two think about the power and potential of humans, of creativity and steemit! My initial thoughts are how "right" this is on so many levels since YES new steemians need tons of support and it does take an intentional and cohesive effort for it to be effective, and YES we all need actual physical ways to connect and direct our efforts collaboratively. Very exciting to ponder the possibilities.... Then of course I'm wondering how can I best contribute and how to engage given who I am and where I am. I'm interested and curious!

YES. 100% on all levels @natureofbeing! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support on this! We'll be sharing the first round of Sndbox members on Wednesday. As a first step... I'm sure they would benefit tremendously from your advice as a seasoned and successful Steemian! Much more to come this week. Onwards and upwards!

happy to offer advice and whatever else I can. like to brainstorm about what kind of support you guys need in your efforts....

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

Nice! I like the open-communication of this project, there's even a schedule to boot lol. Lemme know how I can be part of this and contribute, being halfway around the globe!

Absolutely, thanks @kevingwong for the support! For now, it would be awesome if you could sign up for our curation trail as we build momentum! We'll definitely be presenting more ways for fellow Steemians to be involved in the coming weeks.

Streemian is broken at the moment, for me at least. I'd need to find a better way to trail votes now

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

im in, all the way with this one. I am in CT, but will probably be moving back to NYC soon. Bringing together all of those great minds into one space is going to be huge.

Thanks so much for the support @rodonson! Looking forward to connecting with you. We'll be doing lots of meetups (more regularly) soon. We'll keep you updated as things develop!

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

Interesting project ! Good luck with your efforts and all the best !

Thank you so much!

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Awesome initiative! Nowhere near NYC, but certainly interested in the online initiatives... currently working on trying to get an art support initiative going here in our local town. Following and keeping my eye on this!

Awesome! We'd love to help in any way we can @denmarkguy, those are exactly the initiatives that we want to support.

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

Nice post bro.i follow you.please follow me.i am new on here.i need your please follow and upvote me

Hola @sndbox, si ustedes desean, puedo ayudarles a traducir el contenido de @sandbox a español , me parece excelente el proyecto y le servirá a la comunidad hispana... ademas tendremos muchos seguidores alli..

Excellent project! I'm very excited about this. I'm a graphic designer and I'll be involved with @sndbox to co-create and serve as much as possible.

Wonderful, thank you for your support @mitchmahoney ! Great to have more graphic designers out there ;)

We would be very interested in working with this :)

Interested to see where this goes for sure. Followed you so I can stay up to date, may be trying to get active in the community should y'all present enough resources :)

Are there any specific industries or domains y'all are trying to cater to?

Hey there @stonedbenots, thanks for your support! We're attempting to cover a healthy mix of creative disciplines. Stay tuned for our post on Wednesday when we'll be introducing the first hand full of Sndbox members!

Nice post bro just did some upvotes for u please do well to do same with my posts please allow me to introduce you to this post, if u can kindly upvote and resteem it i am sure it will help a lot of people and if u like u can always check out some other post too.

I would love to be a part of this. I am a word dominatrix, copywriter, social media whiz, and have a heavy background in radio and PR. Let me know if you'd like to use me ;)

Hey @arbitrarykitten, thanks so much for the enthusiasm! Right now we're focusing on resources and programs to on-board new members but we'll be offering more ways that fellow Steemians can be involved in the near future!

Sweet, I'm always around so hit me up :) And I'll be keeping an eye out!

ONLY for peeps in New York? :(

Well the physical meetups will be for anyone that can get to us in NY, but we'd love to help foster events anywhere. Also we'll be providing all resources openly for the steemit community!

What a great initiative. I hope it goes well for you.

This will be amazing, enabling Steemit to make the world even more smaller and connected than before.

If I ever visit NYC, I am looking forward to grab a desk at Sndbox.

You're always welcome to join us @sjennon! Our doors are (almost) always open. =)

Haha, that's great! I will be keeping a close eye on the blog!

Also if you guys are in need of any help, I would love to offer a hand :) I love getting involved in cool projects and start-ups on any level - however I think my strongest asset would be design.

I am in NYC and ready to jump in ! Upvoted trail followed :)

Awesome! Stay tuned for our upcoming events and meetups. And thank you for the follow!

Just genius...I'm following right now. I think I need you guys make a link to throw reminders on to my calendar for upcoming posts and events. Pretty pleeeaasseee? Because I'm old and can't remember :)

Thank you!! Haha well for the moment, check in everyday this week! We'll post new content daily. In the mean time, we'll start working on that blockchain calendar app ;)

An awesome idea, i hope this project grows from strength to strength.

Thank you so much @opheliafu :)

Absolutely, we have an ambitious plan to onboard. Excited to get some talented real-world folks into the world of Steemit. Growth is key!

The link to the curation trail leads to a 404 error currently. I'll check back again.
This seems to be a well thought out idea and even has a timeline for actions (many ICO's don't even have that) Good luck.

You got an upvote & resteem from me.
Steem on beyond the moon, we will watch it go way further than that. Good luck to us all.

Ah yeah I think the website was undergoing maintenance, here's the link again! Looks like it's working.

Thanks so much for your support @pqlenator!

What is the requirement for joining this program

Hi friend, very good !!!!!
You would help me with a vote in my Blog., Thanks !!! ;)

Thank you for the support :)

You're welcome!!!!

PS: You have my Vote

Do not take it wrong, I would appreciate you helping me with a vote in my blog @raziell

Waiting inpatiently to see what happens as we are here in South Africa but hope to see something develop from this thanks for the effort you all had to put in.

Thank you! We'll be creating resources (weekly) that benefit the broader Steemit community. While we might have more facetime in New York, we want @sndbox to become a go to resource for Steemians worldwide!

Sounds good. Let us connect and see where we can help eachother..

Thanks @kurtcorthout. It's a team effort, let's make it happen!

So glad to find the post by @voronoi about this project here! I would like to be helpful and join somehow if it is possible but I am not in New York at all. I am illustrator. You can check my works in my profile and see if I am okay to join or not :)

Hi dunsky! Thanks so much for your support! For the moment, we'll be onboarding creative folks who are entirely new to Steemit. But stay tuned, we'll also be sharing resources that will benefit the broader Steemians community too!

Great project and good luck. Good things happen when people put their minds together. WiIl be following your progress closely. I am not much of a creative myself but I can offer my upvote at all times.

Wonderful, thank you @jasonshick!

Impressive project. Excited to see where it goes, best of luck!

Many thanks! We're hoping this becomes a real somethingburger ;) with extra cheese. But sincerely, we're thrilled to get started and excited to have the support of Steemians such as yourself. Stay tuned for more!

Great initiative and awesome designs you have in this post and for your logo. I assume this is only interesting for New Yorkers?

Global too! While we're establishing a home-base in NYC, we'll be sharing resources for Steemians worldwide. The creatives and entrepreneurs that we're onboarding will be a mix of New Yorkers but also folks from all over. Stay tuned!

Sounds great. I am very interested in your project. Maybe I have something you would like.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem: S-Steemis. Thanks and good luck again!

Wonderful, thanks so much for your support @steemcenterwiki! We're very grateful to have a spot on such a distinguished list!

I'm a newbie, so lucky to be here. Looking forward to receiving your help

Welcome to Steemit! Great to have you here :) We'll be sharing lots of tips and pointers so stay tuned!

Hey, @sndbox follow me at @tacogranda on I will totally follow you back, no joke.

Very cool project. Will be following closely. Good luck @sndbox !


Great! Thanks very much for your support @reedus, stay tuned for much more :D

Great project

Thanks :)

Hiiii Sndbox nice to read about you.i am surendra from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck and also upvote me.

Great initiative. Harness and pulling resources togther in an organised and orchestrated manner would help speed and growth for participants. and best of all its going to be engaging with a physical space as against a virtual experience.
I'm in.

Hello sndbox, I feel fated to have stumbled across steemit as you are setting up such a network for new members. I've been researching and writing stories in my head for years now on health. Determining the inner workings of chronic diseases, the intricacies of proper nutrition, and evaluating the safety and efficacy of the supplement industry. Until this moment I wasn't sure I'd find a medium to get my points across. You've given me hope enough to smile. I want to start off simple, writing a story about the real reason people find chocholate, bananas, and cheese so uplifting, perhaps soon I'll write about the reasons behind high cholesterol and then the etiology of anxiety. I worry I should have a following first so my stories are seen. I'm about to go through the introduceyourself post and helpful posts, send me your luck

This sounds like an amazing project and it's good to see multiple support systems coming up on steemit to encourage and motivate content creators as well as empower creativity. looking forward to more exciting updates!

Thanks so much for the kind words @jznsamuel! We have much more to share, stay tuned :)

I am looking forward to see the development on this project, I am really curious to see how this turns out.

Thank you! We're excited to share updates as this project develops :)

Great idea, launched with clarity and style. Thanks for raising the bar at Steemit and offering support for creating and disseminating quality content. I'm very excited to watch closely how this all plays out. And I'm honored to be a participating member of the Sndbox Network. - @kenfinkel

Thank you for bringing a fresh perspective to Steemit via history and culture @kenfinkel! We're excited to learn more and thrilled that you're a part of this creative community.

Great idea, @sndbox! Could it be a rigth place to get support to SteemBnB project? Or maybe... Would it be a right get any blockchain developer over there? Thanks!

Would love to play in the Sndbox and create new tools for others. Followed. Thanks and best wishes with getting started!

Good thanks for project!

Many thanks for your support!

You got my vote and a resteem :)

Good info, would you give a return for my post? Thank you

Thanks for your support!

I would love to take part in a way. Not from that side of the world although :(.
I still have a problem with daily blog feed. Already too many followed and can't see my top picks articles in time.
Here will be good a way to keep track of favorites to be able to see their content.

I think the best way now is to relate to a physical blog or website to watch what we missed.
Wish you bests in yout initiative.
Upvoted, followed and resteemed for others to see, even you are already in @trending :-)

일전에 언듯 말씀하신 크리에이티브 플랫폼이군요. 팔로우했습니다.

감사합니다 @soyo님!

Well I must say, that I've been in cryptoworld for about 11 days and I am really happy, but this post, this intrigues me for more because I am a graphic designer working on creative fields like advertising and marketing, and I'm following this even on streemian just to know more about you, really interesed :)

Thanks so much @andren!

This sounds awesome. @ghulammujtaba and I are thinking on the same lines here in our region. We're beginners ourselves and hence, are still in the learning stage. You guys are definitely a source of learning for us. Thumbs up and a GREAT initiative.

Wonderful! Thanks so much for the supportive feedback, we're still in the learning stage ourselves! Even after being on the platform for a year now... we're all learning every day. Steemit is such an exciting and dynamic place to be :)

Welcome To Steemit! Let's build good relationship on this site. You have nice profile and biography. Wow great autobiography. I like it. You deserve to get two thumbs and upvoted @sndbox Let's take a part blogging on this platform. Keep Steeming and Earning big money. Good luck guys! Wish u always success. Let's have a look on Blog's wall. I ve interesting post. Upvote If you like it. Resteem is big appreciation for me. Thank you.

Hey thanks so much for the kind words! Steem on my friend :)

Anytime, nice to meet you my friend

Hello @sndbox ! It sounds as a beautiful opportunity! I hope that you manage to develop many talented people!
I think that this is the most important and core idea of the whole movement behind Steem, or this is the just the thing that I feel, but all in all, this Platform can give us the creative freedom to become the best of our creative selves and be free to pursuit it!
Thank you for developing that in others!

Welcome to Steemit

I hope u enjoy in this community
Thank You


Good luck with the project.

Thank you!

Absolutely ;)

Good idea, i wish it could be follow by others steemian in other countries especially developing countries. There are many talented people here, they just need an incubator like this

We're super open to helping others run their own programs as well!

Thank you for the support :)

only for new york??

We're stuck here so all of the activities will be based here for now! =)

This sounds like exactly the kind of project Steem needs right now. I've had a hard time getting other professional creatives to make the leap and give Steemit a try... will be keeping an eye on Sndbox to see if it might be the missing link.

Good luck dudes!

@heymattsokol! Many thanks for the supportive feedback. Yes! That's our goal, we want to be that link and a visual resource for Steem. Can't wait to share more with you and everyone on Steemit. We have a lot of exciting projects coming up.

Would be great to have this in London

We'd love to help make it happen!

Welcome to STEEMIT may still apply . So welcome . It looks like you and yours hit the ground running .

Thank you!

Welcome to Matrix sndbox.

Welcome sndbox to hackers world.

I like your combination of the physical and virtual workspaces! What subject areas do you want to incubate and foster?

We'll be focusing on creative-based practices, organizations, and startups to integrate their work into Steemit!

Will follow your vision and growth. Good luck!

This is brilliant, congratulations on the initiative, I ve seen a lot of amazing content lost in the shadows of steemit, with 5 up votes and 0.5 cents. Wish this can help discover new content and share it with a more effective system, love it and can't wait to be part of it.

Ah fantastic, we're glad to have your support and engagement on this! Thanks @fivefiveeleven :)

Impressive project. Excited to see where it goes, best of luck!

I would say... TOP!!!!!

Hiiii Sndbox nice to read about you.i am Manas from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed, can you also follow me.Best of luck.

Welcome to steemit, Glad to see more people like you - here join steemit!

.Hello @sndbox I am a new member of this community this would be a good help for us newbie. Thankyou for creating this project possible I hope you continue your mission and don't forget to include me. Thankyou. Feel free to follow me and upvote my post.

Good luck guys! tip! link

nice post Good thanks for project!

Make sure to follow us @sndbox to discover new Steem-creatives!

First time I read about this project and I think it sounds like an amazing idea and opportunity for many people in the Steemit community! I will follow this and learn more, thanks:-)

A nice idea. My question is on the nuturing of people who are new to the digital currency world and how to maximize the potential. I know about them but hardly have the true understanding of them. I would like to be tutored and coach on the way to go and the best practice in the world. Have lots of friends who are also interested in this emerging new world. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks and great idea again.

I really think this is so, so, so helpful! I was wondering if can I get the chance to start translating all this beautiful info for the Spanish Community? Thanks and Keep on Sandboxing!

Your work is amazing. I was thinking to start getting into the English Audience. As you can notice, my main language is not English. I'm Spanish native. So far, I've been developing Micro Guides about very specific subjects around Steemit. But honestly your level is very good and makes me "re-think" before just jumping into "translate my guides to the english language". I can see how definility the team work, works much better than just one people.
Thanks for sharing!

Awesome project guys! As the steem community grows and becomes more connected towards helping each other, the better off everyone is. This is a vision for the future and its what everyone needs! Resteem and upvoted, I am trying to create a series called "THE BREAKDOWN" where people comment what currencies they want me to do technical analysis and full breakdown. Your content has helped me very much! Thanks,


Are there any qualifications in becoming a member of Sndbox?

Today, I realized what sndbox means. While reading your post, it's such a relief to know that there is a community that is willing to help newbies. I've been here on steemit for about 16 days already but still having a hard time.

This time, I'll be more eager to read more of your articles. Keep steeming sndbox!


Great initiative! I'm curious what this will lead to. I've recently started developing Steemit related apps and this might be right up my alley. Resteemed to help spread the word :)

Amazing, thanks for helping to spread the word! This is a big team effort on Steemit, let's build some exciting resources to propel the whole community forward!