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hello dear friends

Today, there are some new information about my trip in South America. I broadcast to you from the Mambembe Hostel in Rio de Janeiro, you can read the experiences of my fourth and last week in Sao Paulo. hopefully i can sweeten your day with it ...

24.8. - 31.8.

I woke up in the hallway of the wg on my air mattress and collected my things together. I'm going to move to Lolita, who lives Pinheiros, a very hip neighborhood.
the breakfast which I conjured today consisted of french toast and coffee. When we had finished eating, I took a shower and then drove with the metro to the house where lolita lives.

she was waiting for me downstairs in front of the house, after I had left my things upstairs, we ran to eat well at a self service restaurant nearby.
Afterwards she went back to work and I hiked back to the apartment. but today more action was waiting for me, in the afternoon I picked up my car from the workshop and finally drove the first kilometers alone through the city. So I set off for Sao Lucas around 4pm, where I met with Sergio and together we walked to the upholstery, which had the seats and the fabric under the roof, as well as a door overworked.

the man had done a good job, the seats look like new. We then swapped the V-belt for which I recognized a fragile place. shortly thereafter I sat comfortably in the car and waved goodbye to sergio, the best road trip of my life can now begin.

after a terrible rush hour traffic I reached pinheiros and the street of lolita at 19 o'clock, but there is a gigantic parking problem in são paulo and you have to use so called estacionamentos, guarded parking lots, which of course cost real money.
but it is not for long, so I parked close to her house and cooked noodles with vegetable bolognese.
luari had invited me today for a special event, a jazz session in the basement of a house, even very close to here.
However, I was quite sleepy and showered again before I left.

the evening, with luari and her friend elisa, became completely wonderful. great musicians in a fantastic atmosphere. There was cheap beer and delicious pizza, a total of about 70 people visited the jam and it was packed in the cellar of that family house.
We stayed until 5am in the morning before we paid and ran to the subway. A few moments later I fell asleep on the mattress on the balcony of Lolita.

After the last night, I woke up around noon today and after a small breakfast, I parked the car and then searched for a mattress in a large supermarket for sleeping in the car.
Unfortunately, I would not find anything and then strolled through pinheiros back to the apartment and shortly thereafter to the feria benedito calixto. This is a flea market that takes place on Sundays in a small park.

I was able to search for an analogue camera and finally found a practica MTL 50 from 1985.
a bit expensive, but it is not easy to find something like this here in sao paulo. I paid 300 real, that is about 70 euro.

she is in prime condition and if i can buy movies now i have everything for a first class documentation of this trip in the past.
In the afternoon I slept a bit in the apartment, before I had dinner with lolita and then i went to a wg party of friends.

on the way there I bought a gin and unfortunately found no tonic, which is why I took with soda and cucumber.
The party was a housewarming of the home from Sâmia and Raphael, whom I met about two weeks ago. i talked a lot to a brazilian from the south and finally fell asleep in the armchair the last night demands her tribute.

I woke up in the morning in the apartment of sâmia and raphael, we had a tea and then I ran through the streets home to the apartment of lolita.
she was not there, she had gone to the airport to pick up her parents. These would stay with her in the apartment in the next few days. That's why I had been looking for a new place to sleep and planned to move in the afternoon.

I just finished my shower and ate something, when Lolita arrived with her parents.
we introduced ourselves and then talked a lot about my journey and her experiences in other countries. especially with her dad, who is a chemical engineer, i talked a lot, before we all went to a restaurant together in the afternoon.
The food was very good and my personal highlight was the panacotta which I ate for dessert. I was even invited to the food and in the car on the way back I was already thinking about that it is really a pity that I have to leave this apartment today. All of a sudden, lolita's mum asked if it's really true that I can bake a really great apple-crumble cake.

of course, I said yes and promised to make you one more, before I make my way to my new host.
So I went shopping again and got a few apples and some flour. In the kitchen, I stirred everything together and cut the apples into pieces, before I pushed everything into the oven.
Meanwhile, Lolita and her mother had gone to a furniture store to look for some new things.
I got a message from leonardo, my next host, that unfortunately I can not arrive until very late in the evening because he works very long. but when we ate the cake, lolita offered to sleep at the balkony one more night and to leave tomorrow.

that suited me very well and so i lay down after a few more hours of intercultural exchange.

This morning I woke up in good spirits and after a small breakfast with lolita's parents, I said goodbye to this lovely family and made my way to the apartment of carol, today they wanted to bring the old sofas down the street and I had offered to help with this matter. So we unscrewed the feet and carried them two blocks through the streets to a special place under a Viaduct. people live here without a roof and they will either use the sofas or use their parts.

then I wanted to search in the center for a film for the analog camera. however, this turned out to be extremely complicated and I spent hours walking from shop to shop asking for that special thing. At some point I found a special photo store, which had some rolls, however, only ISO 200 and incredibly expensive.
I still bit into the sour apple and bought a roll. I then took some pictures on the paulista, before I met carita for a beer.

We were in a steakhouse and had a great view of the Avenida while talking a lot about fate and the authority of vintage and retro.
In the evening, I drove back to carol's appartement and then we picked up a new washing machine with the friends, before heading off to jabaquara to meet leonardo and his cat. here I will sleep for the next couple of nights. I reached his apartment quite late and so we talked just very little before we fell asleep.

iI woke up well-rested in the apartment of leonardo. After a good breakfast, I set off to look for a mattress. I first went to a walmart and after some asking around I finally found in a hypermercado of carrefour, a cheap cozy mattress. I also bought a sheet.

Back at the house of leonardo, I parked in the street and I was busy this afternoon to clean the car and scrub the dust off the lack.

In the evening I started the third season of Rick and Morty. just fantastic. I also cooked some noodles before I went to sleep.

Today I spent a relaxing day at home and did not do much more than finish another blogpost, watch more of Rick and Morty and around noon I called the family in Germany. My grandmother had her birthday today and I was able to call all my relatives at the same time.
I then started a Spanish birthday song and it was wonderful to see and tell everyone what happened. all about the car and stuff. In the afternoon I got to know that a friend from Leipzig, Chris, just arrived in buenos aires and will spend some time here.
I cooked in the evening, but you can not really call it cooking, it was more like a cereal.

Today I spent the day in the city, after a good breakfast, I drove to a girl, that I had found on couchsurfing. If I stay in the city longer than until the weekend, I may be able to sleep at her appartment. So I met Clara for lunch and we talked a while in their apartment before we made a risotto together.

In the afternoon I drove off to pick up Carita from her work, then we made our way through the rush hour, to a special area with a lot of street art and paintings on the walls of the houses.

After dinner I took her to the train and drove the long way to jabaquara.
At home, I wrote with Bart to solve a small problem with the car's engine number before I went to sleep.

I did not wake up until late morning, and then after breakfast I started to transfer the number of the engine to a sheet of paper. With this note in my pocket I drove to the office of Bart, who will then forward it to the despachante, the person who takes care of the documents.

Maybe I can pick up my documents tomorrow morning and then get on my way north.
When I finished there, I drove to refuel and then I collected dante, with whom I wanted to go together to paranapiacaba. the first little trip for the new car. It is a small, very old village on the train route. It was built by english settlers, you can see that it is very different from a normal village.

We strolled through the streets and after the sunset we visited a small café that sold us the best caffee for a long time.

then we went back home and I drove dante home, where we then talked again with his parents about my plans for a long time and around 23 clock I drove to sao bernado to visit carita at the party of one of her friends ,
It was the birthday of Eric and many friends had come by to the bbq. I stayed until about 3 o'clock and then drove home to sleep.

Here it is good again and you can look forward to the next post, where I will tell you about my roadtrip and the first week in an ashram.


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