Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch August 2021

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In this post, we would like to showcase a list of newcomers that have completed all their achievements tasks and received Pro Newcomer Verified title at the Newcomers Community.
We also announce 5 Pro Newcomers that will receive 1 month of 1000SP delegation for their activities and engagements on Steemit.

A total of 308 Newcomers have completed their Newcomers Achievement Program.

The previous batch graduation post is here Graduation Showcase of Newcomers Achievement Program : Batch July 2021

NoAccountPro Newcomers Compilation TaskCountry
254@danilopCompilación de logros 1-6: completado por @danilopVenezuela
255@benkhenvillCompilación de Logros 1-6 Por @benkhenvillVenezuela
256@alexandergudinoRecopilación de Logros por @alexandergudinoVenezuela
257@idalia87Compilación de mis tareas de publicación de logros del 1-6Venezuela
258@ederraList of achievement task completed 1-6 by @ederraNigeria
259@elianyCompilation of achievement tasks by @elianyNigeria
260@ham79Compilation of achievements from 1 to 6 [email protected]United Arab Emirates
261@mosin-nagantKompilasi Postingan Tugas Pencapaian oleh @mosin-nagantIndonesia
262@malikusman1Complition of achievements 1-6 by @malikusman1Pakistan
263@nabeelsaqibCompilation of Achievement Tasks 1 to 6 Posts [email protected]Pakistan
264@faran-nabeelCompilation of All Achievements Task 1-6 (11-08-2021) by @faran-nabeelPakistan
265@wumpini5Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @wumpini5Ghana
266@shani.chaudharyCompilation of Achievements 1-6: Completed by @shani.chaudhary 15 AUGUST 2021Pakistan
267@phlexygeeCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @phlexygeeGhana
268@breeze.comCOMPILATION OF ACHIEVEMENT TASKS POST BY @breeze.comCameroon
269@onoiboroCompilation of achievement task post [email protected]Nigeria
270@mayureshpanditList of Achievement Tasks 1-6: Completed by @mayureshpanditIndia
271@icon-mondayCompilation Of All My Achievement Tasks by @icon-mondayNigeria
272@brayanastro1997Recopilación de todos mis logros: desde el "Logro 1 hasta el Logro 6" por @brayanastro1997Venezuela
273@ozenozgeCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @ozenozgeTurkey
274@apolo01Recopilación de todos mis logros desde el "Logro 1 hasta el Logro 6" By @Apolo01Venezuela
275@predominaLists of Achievement Tasks 1-6: Completed by @predominaNigeria
276@daprado1999List of Achievement Task 1-6 : completed by @daprado1999.Nigeria
277@jani786COMPLITION OF ACHIEVEMENT TASKS 1-6 BY @jani786Pakistan
278@majeriusCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @majeriusCameroon
279@lealtafaithCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @lealtafaithPhilippines
280@luisjlr77Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @luisjlr77Venezuela
281@jerryofkingzCompilation of achievements’ task post by @jerryofkingzNigeria
282@samuelcynthiaCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @samuelcynthia 28th August 2021Nigeria
283@debenCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @debenNigeria
284@exerjsgRecopilación de todos mis logros, por @exerjsgVenezuela
285@nue231Lista de tareas de logros 1-6 completadas por @nue231Venezuela
286@eilyvictoriaLista de tareas de logros 1-6 completadas por @eilyvictoriaVenezuela
287@luismiguel23Compilación de logros por @luismiguel23Venezuela
288@paoand3Recopilación de logros por @paoand3, para optar al 500SP Minnow Support Program.Venezuela
289@mariamiPublicación de tareas de compilación de logros por @mariamiVenezuela
290@fucho34Compilación de mis (6) logros por @fucho34Venezuela
291@rubenjfmRecopilacion de mis logros del 1 al 6 por @rubenjfm.Venezuela
292@yanmery89Compilación de Tareas del Programa de Logros // Por: @yanmery89Venezuela
293@hdnakumList of Achievement Tasks 1-6 completed by @hdnakumIndia
295@karleidysRecopilación de mis logros, del 1 al 6. Por @karleidysVenezuela
296@mayberlingLista de tareas de logros 1-6: completadas por @mayberlingVenezuela
297@jomarlysRecopilación de Mis 6 Logros Por @jomarlysVenezuela
298@hocus-pocus47Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @hocus-pocus47Ghana
299@yordanobrCompilación de mis logros para optar por los 500SP minnowsupport - por: @yordanobrVenezuela
300@eliderojasCompilación de mis logros 1-6 // por @eliderojasVenezuela
301@zmorenoCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @zmorenoVenezuela
302@alee75Compilation of Achievements' Task Post by @alee75Indonesia
303@stapol10Compilación de mis Logros Por @stapol10Venezuela
304@sir-lionelCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @sir-lionelVenezuela
305@iloveakumaCompilation of Achievements Task Post by @iloveakumaCameroon
306@dloreantdisenoCompilation of Achievements' Task Post by @dloreantdisenoVenezuela
307@franklinrafa15Recopilación de Logros 1-6 por @franklinrafa15Venezuela
308@muhibbuttabriCompilation Of Achievement Task Post By @muhibbuttabriIndonesia
309@mvchacinRecopilación de Mis 6 Logros / Lista de Logros del 1 al 6 Por @mvchacin en steemit Newcomers' CommunityVenezuela

The Steem Greeters Team Project has received a support/sponsorship of 10,000SP delegation from @steem.history one of the Steem Blockchain Top 20 witnesses. We are able to reward our Pro Newcomers who graduated with the delegation because of this generous support from him in addition to the support of The Steemit Team.

How we use this 10,000SP delegation?

We will allocate 5000 SP to selected 5 Pro Newcomers that being helpful in the Newcomers Community and also on Steemit platform as a whole.
Then another 5000SP is for 30 SP Support for Newcomers that have less than 30SP and have completed their Achievement 1 30 SP Delegation for Newcomers Open for Application📢

These users will receive the 1000SP delegation until next month of October

We hope more of you will be completing your achievements tasks, being active, and being helpful in the Newcomers' Community for a chance to receive the 1000SP delegation.

Steem On!

Steem Greeters Team.

p/s: please let us know if we somehow missed your name on this list of Pro Newcomer Verified.

 3 months ago 

Hello, @cryptokannon

I posted my 4th achievement 5 days ago and it is not checked yet please check it I'm want to participate in #cryptoacademy. Please verify my achievement 4.

Here is my achievement link below.

Please ma'am verify me.

 3 months ago 

Hola soy paola02 ..Soy nueva y no se en donde comienzo a hacer los logros !!! Me encantaria ser parte de esta plataforma 🤗

 3 months ago 

Why does it takes so much time before achievement task is verified? This is more of the reason why a friend of mine @salewa didn't continue with her tasks. Now I've done mine and it's yet to be verified and need it to be verified so as to move on to another task

 3 months ago 

Hi @cryptokannon, you can help me please, my post has not been verifed yet.
this one about to expire has six days of publication. Greeting.

Achievement 5 : task 1 : Review by @yury1977

 3 months ago 

Hello, good night, I have completed my achievements and I am not on the list .. here is my compilation of my achievements ..

Hello @mvchacin, you are on this list you are number 309.

 2 months ago 

Thank you.

 3 months ago 

Good evening please I can’t fine the link to the Achievements program 3 and 4 can u please help me out! I want to do my achievements programs also thank you!

 3 months ago 

Congratulations you all. I hope to join you soon on the next list. KUDOS!

 3 months ago 

achievement 1

Achievement 2

achievement 3

Achievement 4

achievement 5 task 1

achievement 5 task 2

achievement 5 task 3

achievement 5 task 4

achievement 1 to 6

Please You make me a Greeter helper I'm helping in this community I'm ready
Please make me a label @cryptokannon please

Felicidades @danilop me alegra muchísimo verte acá, gran meta lograda, que sigan muchos éxitos más!!!

 3 months ago 

Y yo muy feliz de estar acá. Muchas gracias por hablarme e informarme sobre el funcionamiento de esta plataforma.

 3 months ago 

Achievement 3 by @assurancescobar Task: Content Etiquette
My achievement post will expire tomorrow, please verify.

 3 months ago 

I tried my best to support newbies evey day i thought i would also receive
a reward for that 🥺🥺🥺

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much @cryptokannon. I am always grateful for your support and guidance!

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago
سر جی Achievement 1ابھی تک ریوارڈ نہیں ملا آپ میری مدد کرو

 3 months ago 

I hope to be among the listvsoon

 3 months ago 

Yeah! I'm #299, what next? @cryptokannon

 3 months ago 

Que bien espero algun dia estar en esa lista

 3 months ago 

Gracias por hacerme visible, ya tenia muchos mese esperando a ser graduado. Estoy a la orden y poder ser de apoyo en la comunidad, guiando a los que estan reciente y comenzando con sus tareas.

 3 months ago 
 3 months ago 

Hi @cryptokannon
I posted my achievements3 and achievements4 3 days ago and it's not verified , Please check I want to participate in #cryptoacademy. Please help
Here is the link to my post.

Hi @cryptokannon,

I started a daily raffle series for newcomers month ago. Maybe you realized one of the draws already.

You can have a look here:

What do you think? Would this daily raffle series be interesting for the Newcomers Community? If you say yes, I would move my DDDD posts to this community.

Looking forward to your answer.
Best wishes

 3 months ago 

Thank you, @cryptokannon, for all the support! ♡

 3 months ago 

Thank u Maam ! @cryptokannon

I have completed all my achievement program and you have added us to this list. If there is anything we can do next, we will do it.
My number on this list is 266
Will You Guide Newcomer's

Pro Newcomer:@shani.chaudhary

 3 months ago 

I just joined the community, can anybody help please?

 3 months ago 

@Greeter, I submitted my achievement1, what next? Do I have to go through few verifications with the achievement 1?

 3 months ago 

Muje zra btana k tamam achievement kesy complete kaeni
Plz tel me about something

 3 months ago 

Hi, Dear @abeeha You can contact me personally whatsapp Link I will tell you.

 3 months ago 

Wesy meri achievement 2 verify ho gy hai
Muje smj agy hai
Bht shukria

 3 months ago 

Wellcome! Good Keep it!

 3 months ago 
Hi, Cryptokannon. I wait for verify Achievement 6 to procedure to last achievement. Thanks a lot.
Hi @cryptokannon! I post my first achievement 2 days ago but it hasn't been verified yet. Here is the link:
Hola @cryptokannon! Publiqué mi primer logro hace 2 días pero aún no ha sido verificado. Aquí está el link:



Have any idea why Trx dist seems to have frozen? It's been like that for more than a week.

 3 months ago 

Dear @cryptokannon
I published my achievement 3 post 20 days ago, and it has not be verified up till today
Link to my achievement 3

 3 months ago 

Dear @cryptokannon
My achievement 3 has not been verified

My achievement 3

 3 months ago 

Hola, recibe muchas bendiciones por tu labor, por favor me gustaria que me puedan verificar en este logro

 3 months ago 

Buenas tardes podrían revisar mi logro 3 por favor

 3 months ago 

Very nice @gandaff

 3 months ago 

I have completed on my achievement,but my name is not added why?

 2 months ago 

You need to make a compilation of all your achievement tasks.
Look at mine for reference

My achievement compilation

 2 months ago 

I have updated it

 3 months ago 

Im happy to be among the graduates of this month. Thank you so much

I am now in this, how can I achieve mine?

Please ma help me verify my Archievement1 post please ma

 3 months ago 

Congratulations friends
Very good!!!!

 3 months ago 

Thank you so much @mariami

 2 months ago 

Hello @mariami, Thank you very much indeed.

 2 months ago 


 2 months ago (edited)

How are you ma'am I hope you are well ma'am my асhievement 3 has been verified today it will be 7 days but I have not received a vote yet and I am an active member please I hope you will definitely help me and Will vote for me۔ And I have also sent you the link of my achievement 3 below۔😥😥😢😢😭😭

 2 months ago 

saludos @ cryptokannon, hice mi logro 3 hace 8 dias, y aun no lo verifican, por favor ayuda :( .

 2 months ago 

Congrats to all graduates

 2 months ago 

Hola,no se porque aún no han verificado mi logro 3

 2 months ago 

I can’t find my name please

Please @cryptokannon

Please how do I become a greeter ?

I have completed all my achievement tasks and I want to help guide newcomers on this platform. Helping to verify their achievement posts and guidance on their overall experience on steemit.

My country (Ghana) only has 3 country reps, if I’m made a greeter I will be of great help to them in receiving and verifying and guiding newcomers in this platform.

My achievement compilation

My steem promotion event

Hello, you can't find your name, because this is the list of graduates for August.

 2 months ago 

Hello @cryptokannon, I just made a compilation of all my achievement posts.
Compilation of Achievement Task Posts by @venon

Hi. Your post corresponds to the month of September.

You must use the #taskcompilation tag.

 2 months ago 

These users will receive the 1000SP delegation until next month of September

Hi @cryptokannon, Sorry to disturb you but I didn't get any delegation.

 2 months ago 

Please patient.

 2 months ago 

Hy @mayureshpandit thanks for reminding me
As I also ignored it but after your mention I have asked
from Respected @cryptokannon hope so best will come
to us :)

 2 months ago 

hola saludos desde la perla del caribe, Venezuela. que bueno saber que podemos constar con personas como tu, con la gran dispocision de ayudar a los usuarios que están dando sus primeros pasos en esta maravillosa plataforma.


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 2 months ago 

Saludos, felicidades a los recién graduados, éxitos en la plataforma.

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