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Good day, Steemians!

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice. -- Anton Chekhov

How to Yoga: tune into Mind/Body/Soul, and flow.
If you dig movement as a way to step into that one-pointedness,
here are some asanas for inspiration.
Feel free to take what you need for today:


Down Dog                                           Child's Pose                                        Standing Forward Fold


Backbend                                             Butterfly                                            Seated Twist


Crescent Lunge                                 Pigeon Pose                                         Hero's Pose


Revolved Head to Knee Pose      Seated Forward Fold w/ Easy Pose             Warrior I


Warrior II                                             Warrior III                                    Wide Angle Seated Forward Fold


Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose      Marichyasana I                               Lizard Pose (& variation)


Seated Forward Fold                        Mountain Pose                                   Wide Angle Forward Fold


Legs Up the Wall Pose                   Simple Seated Twist                         Revolved High Lunge


Standing Splits                                  Extended Side Angle Pose             Pyramid Pose


Triangle                                               Humble Warrior                              Eight-Angle Pose


Garland Pose                                     Extended Hand to Toe Pose                    Headstand


Reclining Pigeon                               Cow Face Pose                                     Head to Knee Pose


Wild Thing                          One Legged Seated Spinal Twist          Half Bound Lotus Forward Fold


Revolved Triangle                               Chaturanga                                        Cobra


Plank                                                     Bow Pose                            Reclining Hand to Big Toe Pose II

💛 Sara! 

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@saramiller Just finished such a lovely practise - the first in too long. This has definitely inspired the next! Thank you <3


So glad to hear that, lovely @daisyd!

WOW! This is incredible! Way to go Sara! I look upto you for all things Yoga! You're cool! :D


Thank you so much Mr. @firepower! You're super cool yourself! 😃

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Gracias & Namaste.
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good posting... thanks...^^

omg you're flexible.

I was once tasked with standing on one foot keeping my balance for as long as i could. I did ok. Then I was asked to do it with my eyes closed.

Not easy with eyes closed!!


It totally changes without sight! That's really interesting because you can do the same asana thousands of times and think you know it inside and out, but with a super subtle change--like just closing the eyes--the entire thing morphs into a different experience. Thanks for reminding me; that's one of the most epic things I love about yoga @solarguy!

Beautiful @saramiller. I'm always following your work :)

Great reference! I upvoted and resteemed, and I promoted it on SteemTrail under the #fitness-trail subgroup.

Yay. I'm going to read more of your posts. I tried a few beginners yoga poses last night and it was NOT as easy as I thought it would be. But it felt amazing!


Sweet, thanks @kaykunoichi!
I agree, yoga can be really surprising. Some things look like they'd be hard, but you nail them right away, and some things look super easy but you might struggle for years. One aspect is about letting go of expectations and instead drop into that space you experienced where it just feels amazing!
Hope you continue to bliss out!