Exchange Transfer Report: 1/28/2018 to 2/3/2018

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New this week: Binance exchange added!

USD values are calculated per day via API feeds from Poloniex (for STEEM and SBD values in BTC) and Coindesk (for USD value of BTC). For the top 50 reports in USD terms, I take the average USD value for STEEM and SBD for the week using the daily average which came out to:

  • STEEM: $4.90580
  • SBD: $5.03061

Previous Report:

  • STEEM: $5.32677
  • SBD: $6.8955


Please see the first report for a detailed explanation of my personal assumptions related to what this data could mean (along with commentary on previous reports). What it does not show is people powering up, powering down, or if they are buying or selling on an exchange. It's just some interesting data dealing with transfers to and from exchange accounts.

Linked Accounts

hitbtc includes hitbtc-exchange and hitbtc-payout, includes freewallet, and openledger includes openledger-dex.

Previous Reports

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Top 50 Accounts Transferring to and from Exchanges: 1/28/2018 to 2/3/2018

First included transfer: 2018-01-28T00:00:48+00:00
Last included transfer: 2018-02-03T23:59:18+00:00

----------------------------- Exchanges ------------------------------

@poloniex STEEM transfer total: 13,917.067
@poloniex SBD transfer total: 3,111.112
@bittrex STEEM transfer total: -866,111.833
@bittrex SBD transfer total: 473,888.084
@blocktrades STEEM transfer total: 4,136.453
@blocktrades SBD transfer total: -75,796.762
@openledger STEEM transfer total: 0.000
@openledger SBD transfer total: 0.010
@hitbtc STEEM transfer total: 0.000
@hitbtc SBD transfer total: 0.000
@changelly STEEM transfer total: -172.607
@changelly SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: 378.683 SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: 2,610.301 SBD transfer total: 29.908
@rudex STEEM transfer total: 25,976.547
@rudex SBD transfer total: 346.570
@deepcrypto8 (binance) STEEM transfer total: 3,049,889.564
@deepcrypto8 (binance) SBD transfer total: 63.259

------------------------- Total Transferred --------------------------

Total STEEM transferred: -2,230,624.175
Total SBD transferred: -401,642.181
Total USD transferred: ($12,963,507.97)

-------------------- Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio ---------------------

Accounts withdrawing: 5805
Average withdrawal amount: ($     2,937.09)
Median withdrawal amount: ($        58.87)

Accounts depositing: 3324
Average deposit amount:  $       703.93 
Median deposit amount:  $        60.35 

Ratio of withdrawals to deposits: 1.75/1


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1tostitos:($ 5,469,973.26)
2firefire:($ 2,943,482.05)
3alpha:($ 1,851,231.31)
4tamim:($ 858,710.91)
5dantheman:($ 853,609.79)
6rainman:($ 476,530.57)
7wetroofwoof:($ 245,290.17)
8smooth-a:($ 196,232.14)
9minority-report:($ 153,807.77)
10steempty:($ 147,250.11)
11zefa:($ 113,548.00)
12transisto:($ 108,967.61)
13appreciator:($ 92,035.04)
14val-a:($ 77,055.52)
15faddy:($ 74,712.49)
16matsteem:($ 66,718.93)
17good-news:($ 63,775.44)
18noisy:($ 55,255.87)
19haejin:($ 54,462.97)
20nanzo-scoop:($ 50,768.44)
21teamsmooth:($ 49,058.03)
22eeqj:($ 49,058.03)
23originate:($ 47,650.89)
24ngc:($ 46,087.04)
25rzlt:($ 39,496.05)
26greenman:($ 37,912.05)
27corn113:($ 35,476.15)
28greene0:($ 34,355.07)
29yenlau:($ 31,488.81)
30booster:($ 29,631.80)
31happychau123:($ 28,618.29)
32justtryme90:($ 28,055.40)
33cryptopassion:($ 27,756.42)
34liberosist:($ 27,415.81)
35nikez452:($ 26,902.61)
36hyndai:($ 24,529.02)
37kusadasi:($ 23,362.49)
38bygag79:($ 23,089.25)
39steemaccess:($ 22,560.22)
40goldibex:($ 21,879.88)
41bayrene:($ 21,498.68)
42kingscrown:($ 21,390.08)
43jol:($ 20,320.79)
44inchonbitcoin:($ 20,295.31)
45cryptomancer:($ 19,266.65)
46black-hole:($ 18,571.64)
47velimir:($ 18,138.97)
48bitcoincompany:($ 17,178.91)
49sander-lacerda:($ 16,867.16)
50kurtcorthout:($ 16,802.03)


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1inceptionally:$ 255,587.04
2ewssir:$ 196,232.09
3rhanna10km:$ 161,349.02
4famunger:$ 132,479.38
5z8teyb289qav9z:$ 122,645.09
6pinacle:$ 116,662.72
7energiaglobal:$ 100,281.87
8bluemist:$ 94,499.56
9olorin:$ 88,499.98
10goodvibrations:$ 77,402.58
11trevonjb:$ 72,096.58
12goldmoon:$ 63,171.14
13prepstothepros:$ 57,039.06
14ndnewell:$ 56,063.38
15skininthegame:$ 54,503.48
16snubbermike:$ 54,108.72
17strongdelegator:$ 53,895.39
18action10:$ 50,850.69
19livingfree:$ 45,493.14
20neworleans:$ 43,406.36
21redpalestino:$ 35,751.30
22cancerdoctor:$ 34,340.57
23jean-gregoire:$ 29,923.02
24beiker:$ 29,434.77
25fermion:$ 29,346.14
26cryptoburner:$ 29,108.19
27be-good:$ 28,109.39
28ambyr00:$ 26,711.28
29haejinmustdie:$ 26,557.43
30yell-o-wish:$ 25,575.98
31evanrvoss:$ 24,886.17
32schreiba:$ 24,541.34
33schmidthappens:$ 23,750.78
34sexyboy:$ 22,026.76
35wotjsozm:$ 21,012.90
36nathanmars:$ 20,959.19
37yanebomg:$ 20,417.56
38acidyo:$ 20,393.41
39overkillcoin:$ 20,366.32
40otac:$ 19,559.83
41kailaknives:$ 19,511.72
42thetruth36:$ 18,833.06
43ssg:$ 18,209.61
44fenghuang:$ 17,168.42
45drorion:$ 17,043.15
46verodato:$ 16,867.11
47riseofcoins:$ 16,674.83
48sofia1000:$ 16,160.94
49claudiop63:$ 16,034.46
50n0ah:$ 15,974.59

Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio by User Count over Time

click the image for an interactive graph


  • The withdrawal to deposit ratio came way down this week to 1.75 to 1, which is suprising since Binance is only doing deposits right now. This could get interesting.

  • @tostitos is still enjoying that tasty, tasty STEEM (see previously reports on speculation there).

  • Just like last week, @firefire is cashing down hard.

  • Nice spread of significant deposits this week with 7 accounts over $100k

  • The power down report appears a little messed up with some missing days, so I won't include it this week.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, STEEM witness, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Visit

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for always sharing this information. It is amazing. Well, I noticed in the last two days that the price of steem has risen beyond that of sbd which has always been the prediction always from experts and I believe you have also given a slight hope towards that direction on some of your previous assumptions. Here is my question. Does it mean that the expected new dawn is here? New dawn of steem being the new hope/dream of everyone and is steem going to stay consistent in the lead? What are your predictions Sir? @lukestokes


I made a post today regarding a large-scale idea to advance Steem’s development, and aiming to get the idea out in front of some power-players who might be able to run with it:

The $1 Billion Steem Development Fund: How Steemit Inc.'s Stake Could Be Best Allocated To Grow A Thriving Network Of Applications And Users...

would be awesome if you could have a read through, and IF you feel it’d be a great idea to serve the community, share with others you know who may be in a position to advance the discussion.

I know you’ve been VERY active for a while, and thus probably have made some solid connections. hence, if there is anyone in particular you know of who might like the idea and be able to take away something from it to implement for the benefit of our collective future, it’d be really cool to have your support by forwarding this.

cheers mun, and Happy New Year!


I was top 31 in deposits... STEEM to the MOON!!!

Good post cheers, ps do you have any ideas to why steem and steem dollars are not trading on poloniex at the moment. Thanks mike

Hello @lukestokes
I'm intrigued to know how these folk make so much on this platform? It's very insightful and extremely useful info mate, coupled with your in depth analysis and statistics!
May I digress a little? (PS. I'm not in anyway begging here 😂)
My sole purpose is very simple... To find an avenue to share my music.

I'd love to make enough #sbd to buy myself and family a modest little house.
@lukestokes I'd like to somehow secure some kind of sponsorship for me to record and release an album exclusive to #Steemit.
I could do with some help though!

I'll endeavour to carry on writing my original songs and uploading to the #steemit #blockchain in the hopes of it getting noticed.
I'm in my second week so far on this amazing platform and have already made 200 bucks.
The organisers of the #openmic have been brilliant in supporting us musicians too.
If you'd like to discuss a few things regarding this post, please message me over on if you would be interested in supporting my cause.
Here's my latest song for this week's contest

Cheers for reading.



Wow great analysis thank you for sharing lukestokes it shows how great the steemit.

This is mind blowing...
This is way too much! Nice job sir

Great information really nice post thanks for sharing [email protected] love it 😍😍😍

thanks for post @lukestokes

Very nice post, thanks for sharing

Please, don't leave comments like this. They are uselessly generic.

Excellent analysis on steemit, very good job
Thanks for sharing

incrissing exchangereport higher..thats a great news... sir
thanks for sharing
@upvote and @resteem done

very informative post.
thanks for share such a nice post with us. i think this post helps every steem users.

The reason for the decrease in withdrawal to deposit ratio, in my opinion, can be the decrease in Steem's price below its perceived value. It is interesting to see how the ratio would look like if the two top withdrawals are not considered (or hadn't happened).

Great post. Unfortunately from your chart it appears as tho. withdrawals are increasing at a faster pace than deposits. Although it is understandable given the current crypto environment but would like to see those funds kept within the Steemit community in order to help more newbies such as myself and others in order for the overall steemit community to continue to grow!

I think you have the chart backwards or I didn't explain it well. Check the ratio because decreasing means more accounts are depositing to their STEEM accounts than withdrawing from them to exchange accounts (where they probably intend to sell).

You're absolutely right. Thanks for catching that. I was reading the ratio backwards. Thanks for clarifying!! Makes me feel better lol

Man that @tostitos account getting that STEEM from @steemit2 and then powering down all of it.

It blows my mind no will talk about that.

Thanks for covering it

If you scroll back through some previous posts, it's been talked about and speculated on quite a bit. Someone even did a video mentioning it.

O yeah most definitely. I chose the wrong words. Meant blows my mind no one really cares that it happened.

@lukestokes Its interesting how steem is holding strong while bitcoin and most of other altcoins are suffering. EOS also staying strong, and bitshares is doing its part too.

Regarding SBD, although the average here shows its a bit above steem, in the last 3 days, it has been from 10 to 15% below steem. Do you know or believe we are heading to the $1. The function to convert SBD to Steem is not available, correct?

Thanks for this new analysis.

Regards, @gold84

nice post thanks for searing....

"Searing" is not what I'm doing here. Please, stop filling up the blockchain with spam comments like this. We witnesses have to pay to store it all and it uses up bandwidth which others could benefit from.

Tostitos is about out of chips :) I took a look at @steem2 account. How are accounts worth multi millions of dollars already??

This is really informative and useful artical @lukestokes. You have shared the great information about steem and SBD. The exchange transfer report that you have shared is really important for steemit. You are doing a great job.
Good luck and stay blessed

Hallo @lukestokes have a nice all time good news given thanks for sharing this post.

As usual very deep analysis. :)

Thanks for giving the chance to enjoy this beautiful news!!

Wow I'm #39... ☺ Didn't realize I'd be made 'famous' though haha

In every business organization, it is proper to keep tracks of inflow and outflow of funds to determine the healthiness of such business. The current Stats shows that steem blockchain has come to stay and the confidence of people are increasing every now and then. Thanks for updatin the community.

Upv by
@eurogee, the Witness Voting Advocate/Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest Host

In every business organization, it is proper to keep tracks of inflow and outflow of funds to determine the healthiness of such business. The current Stats shows that steem blockchain has come to stay and the confidence of people are increasing every now and then. Thanks for updatin the community.

Upv by
@eurogee, the Witness Voting Advocate/Show Us Your Witnesses Weekly Contest Host

Yeah,... Inflow and outflow are very important!

Interesting stats.... Very interesting