Exchange Transfer Report: 1/7/2018 to 1/13/2018

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USD values are calculated per day via API feeds from Poloniex (for STEEM and SBD values in BTC) and Coindesk (for USD value of BTC). For the top 50 reports in USD terms, I take the average USD value for STEEM and SBD for the week using the daily average which came out to:

  • STEEM: $5.57098
  • SBD: $7.04185

Previous Report:

  • STEEM: $5.81846
  • SBD: $8.96750


Please see the first report for a detailed explanation of my personal assumptions related to what this data could mean (along with commentary on previous reports). What it does not show is people powering up, powering down, or if they are buying or selling on an exchange. It's just some interesting data dealing with transfers to and from exchange accounts.

Linked Accounts

hitbtc includes hitbtc-exchange and hitbtc-payout, includes freewallet, and openledger includes openledger-dex.

Previous Reports

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Top 50 Accounts Transferring to and from Exchanges: 1/7/2018 to 1/13/2018

First included transfer: 2018-01-07T00:00:06+00:00
Last included transfer: 2018-01-13T23:59:48+00:00

----------------------------- Exchanges ------------------------------

@poloniex STEEM transfer total: 317,861.665
@poloniex SBD transfer total: 164,074.385
@bittrex STEEM transfer total: 566,011.990
@bittrex SBD transfer total: 492,688.549
@blocktrades STEEM transfer total: -378,721.302
@blocktrades SBD transfer total: -107,370.818
@openledger STEEM transfer total: 736.398
@openledger SBD transfer total: 156.889
@hitbtc STEEM transfer total: 0.000
@hitbtc SBD transfer total: 0.000
@changelly STEEM transfer total: 21,929.623
@changelly SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: -78,758.168 SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: 0.000 SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: -78.617 SBD transfer total: -173.913
@rudex STEEM transfer total: 433.834
@rudex SBD transfer total: 31.936

------------------------- Total Transferred --------------------------

Total STEEM transferred: -449,415.423
Total SBD transferred: -549,407.028
Total USD transferred: ($ 6,372,527.85)

-------------------- Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio ---------------------

Accounts withdrawing: 7010
Average withdrawal amount: ($     1,765.48)
Median withdrawal amount: ($        97.88)

Accounts depositing: 2259
Average deposit amount:  $       856.42 
Median deposit amount:  $       113.83 

Ratio of withdrawals to deposits: 3.10/1


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1dan:($ 2,272,959.33)
2alpha:($ 2,013,151.60)
3val-a:($ 643,926.22)
4azeroth:($ 446,235.40)
5eeqj:($ 362,113.62)
6originate:($ 339,829.70)
7grumpycat:($ 261,617.09)
8minority-report:($ 167,129.36)
9steempty:($ 139,388.28)
10smooth-a:($ 139,274.47)
11appreciator:($ 131,911.15)
12kocowpo:($ 94,734.87)
13maa:($ 85,294.94)
14nanzo-scoop:($ 84,326.52)
15ugos:($ 83,501.76)
16slowwalker:($ 76,225.36)
17michaelterpin:($ 69,637.23)
18roxane:($ 61,422.55)
19leesunmoo:($ 56,195.54)
20smooth-b:($ 55,709.79)
21teamsmooth:($ 55,709.79)
22ngc:($ 54,889.80)
23trlrnr:($ 54,595.59)
24transisto:($ 50,176.34)
25greenman:($ 46,053.79)
26booster:($ 44,228.07)
27askcoin:($ 40,100.73)
28lukewearechange:($ 39,362.70)
29wans:($ 38,996.85)
30justtryme90:($ 38,180.08)
31steem-pays:($ 36,131.39)
32jwest40:($ 33,425.87)
33nikez452:($ 30,518.58)
34flyingmind:($ 29,891.84)
35liberosist:($ 29,779.09)
36cryptoctopus:($ 29,534.37)
37bayrene:($ 29,279.10)
38bitcoiner:($ 27,855.60)
39feruz:($ 27,121.48)
40steemdrive:($ 26,584.04)
41perspective:($ 26,462.15)
42jrcornel:($ 26,223.12)
43black-hole:($ 23,826.92)
44donaldtrumpfan:($ 23,270.21)$ 23,239.08)
46loopdog:($ 22,896.72)
47bitcoincompany:($ 21,687.23)
48kakaotalk:($ 21,294.19)
49gbert:($ 21,096.29)
50schnitzler:($ 21,053.54)


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1trevonjb:$ 497,387.54
2livingfree:$ 356,542.64
3bramd:$ 238,657.14
4experty-official:$ 188,412.92$ 144,845.45
6testing123:$ 142,247.91
7eaunoire:$ 141,424.48
8dobartim:$ 140,888.70
9healings:$ 137,845.23
10bluemist:$ 133,724.31
11markimchi:$ 125,333.04
12freemoceanisnow:$ 118,150.09
13guyfawkes:$ 114,762.16
14kayejeong:$ 111,913.06
15ds1tle:$ 102,511.72
16gavvet:$ 92,128.19
17rhanna10km:$ 83,212.57
18mmmmkkkk311:$ 76,346.01
19muzzelg:$ 55,846.39
20panel:$ 52,924.30
21imanisraelirick:$ 52,701.96
22sridevik:$ 52,423.02
23gloine:$ 49,439.72
24davidding:$ 47,606.72
25destbest:$ 44,567.72
26predictionbot:$ 44,484.27
27abajnath:$ 43,765.44
28jsteem:$ 42,032.92
29whaleofcrypto:$ 41,782.23
30fur2002ks:$ 41,258.28
31jejujinfarm:$ 41,136.20
32aka8888:$ 39,284.36
33metawhale:$ 38,303.92
34japanesemask:$ 38,125.88
35marleen76:$ 35,709.97
36nyh:$ 33,649.50
37newyorkdude:$ 28,785.88
38edholden:$ 27,351.57
39cryptoprowler:$ 27,064.49
40vermeirj:$ 26,009.75
41eric818:$ 25,450.02
42iodin:$ 25,180.82
43georgesdehk:$ 24,345.24
44card1001:$ 24,338.93
45herverisson:$ 22,283.69
46wotjsozm:$ 22,283.59
47bujuben:$ 22,065.50
48epan35:$ 20,263.72
49acidyo:$ 19,602.97
50don100100:$ 19,578.84

Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio by User Count over Time

click the image for an interactive graph


  • Sorry this post is a bit late this weekend. I've been busy. :)

  • The withdrawal to deposit ratio came down just a bit to 3.10 to 1.

  • I wonder what @dan and @alapha are going to do with that STEEM/SBD valued at $2M each?

  • LOTS of power down STEEM hitting next week at 361% more than the previous week with over 5M STEEM hitting on Tuesday. Could that impact the price?

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Thanks for the great info...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for this detailed report. You keep me informed all the time. Thanks for great analysis. Few minutes ago, I noticed 1 sbd = 1 steem.... Please can you shed more light on this.

The internal market assumes 1 SBD = $1 USD though that's not the case right now as you can see from coinmarketcap: SBD's are trading for $5.91 right now. That means 1 SBD on the external market is equal to 1 STEEM since STEEM is also trading for $5.91.

That means you have to do a little math to figure out what the real price on the internal market is. A tool I've used in the past to help with that is

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 6.11.14 PM.png
Help me understand this Luke. Right now with the current price of Steem and Steem dollars, if someone upvotes a post and awards the author $1, it is actually $6.75 USD?

Yes, but not all of that goes to the author. 25% of rewards go towards the curator who voted up the post as Steem Power (vested STEEM) and 75% goes to the author as 50% Steem Power and 50% SBD. Of the SBD portion, yes, if it's more than what is displayed.

Makes sense, thank you!

You are amazing... Thanks for helping out with this.


Great post @lukestokes. This post Very Interest and useful... I see you are very master of science treding, I want to learn, would you teach me? thanks @lukestokes

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

You have done a great analysis. I am grateful to you for this detailed report.I really took care of my stefem chart very seriously. Do you have any information on this topic? @lukestokes

Thanks, Luke. This was helpful as I learn the ropes.

I wonder what @dan and @alapha are going to do with that STEEM/SBD valued at $2M each?

Prolly buying PACcoin....Or transferring it to Zuckerburg to bribe him to use EOS to power Facebook.

PACcoin is more probable, though. lol

More power to those powering down. That's their business but I'm not powering down anything until STEEM is much much higher if ever.

THanks for the stats. The SBD to STEEM ratio is still a bit jacked isn't it? I've gotten some nice payouts on seemingly small reward posts but the value of the SBD makes it worth a lot more.


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

SBD is now 6.67. TOP 50 WITHDRAWALS I think this is the effect :)))
@lukestokes thank you information and sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Excellent data collection! @lukestokes and lol to the comments i'll take a free invitation to comment

I wonder what @dan and @alapha are going to do with that STEEM/SBD valued at $2M each?
i won't use the Lambo/ "Lambo's" joke in this case, shit i did! :/

LOTS of power down STEEM hitting next week at 361% more than the previous week with over 5M STEEM hitting on Tuesday. Could that impact the price?

i guess lot of people investing early deserves to take some profits so i guess that comparing the market volume (24h) right now vs 6 months ago could illuminate us about the supply / demand of steem and if the demand is higher we should not worry much if there is more steem circulation in the market


Thank you for sharing this luke, you really put in time and effort, this is evidence to the fuders who think less of steemit

Thanks once again

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Resteemed and upvote sir..

Blog Earn and Invest in steem

I will follow and support this motion

i enjoy your post ^^! Thanks.

happy for today!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

To bad, this may put some pressure on the STEEM prices. But more importantly, it may cause some others to follow the suit. It is not the most bullish scenario :-( although, some are living off of Steemit, there will always be some outflow.

I wish there would be more inflow than outflow.
Dan is probably going to deploy some of it into EOS, he may have some insider info ;-)

Last week I decided to look a little into this and stumbled on the page. I was sort of shocked to see @steemit powering down(I mean the scale of it), but I haven't been here long enough to really know what that entirely means in a practical or mechanical sense.

I've been contemplating investing more in the platform for a while but didn't for various reasons. Mostly that I was traveling for work and didn't have any time to actually participate in the community. Having quit that job, I have more time, but seeing that withdrawal amount sort of delayed my entry point. Seeing @dan making large withdrawals doesn't bother me. He's got his hands full with other things.

There appear to be a lot of ins and outs and what-have-you's in the machinery of the of the platform. I guess I have a lot of catching up to do. Thank you for the information.

will steem go more expencive than steem dollar ?

Great job as always Luke! Happy to have you guiding us here! One day I will be on top of that report, transfer $1M SBD :D See you soon!

Thanks @lukestokes

Many of us really count on these reports. It is VERY important information to discover the health of our vestors.

Hi @lukestokes ! Thanks for keeping us posted on the exchange transfers and how steem is flowing!

I have a question for you regarding Smartcash, after I came across:
Did you realize is trading Smartcash? I think it started yesterday. Not sure if that is one cause for the price to be pushed down a bit? Or it may be a normal retrace?

Also, I wanted to ask you if you know more about Is it secure to use it? To download the wallet and start using it? Same as we do with the client?

Thanks for your input on all this.

Regards, @gold84

I created a separate bitshares account on crypto bridge when they first launched (it's all bitshares under the hood, for example, you can access the trading pair here: I haven't traded on their platform yet, but from what I understand, it seems like a legit interface, much like Open Ledger). As for a "normal retrace" we won't know anything about what that will look like until all exchanges open up for deposits and withdrawals. That said, it's nice to see some volume on that pair. 20.896 bridge.BTC so far.

As for "is this safe to use?" questions, well, those are tough. I generally don't go on the record much at all with, "Yes, this is safe to use" advice because anything (literally anything) can be hacked with the right amount of resources put towards the effort. All I can suggest is learning enough for yourself to make a good decision.

Thanks for your fast reply and advice @lukestokes ! I just traded and bought some smartcash at 0.95 cents and 1.06 usd each. And sent that to my Smartcash account and went through.

What I am not sure about is entering my Bitshares password on CryptoBridge , but when I installed CryptoBridge it replaced my desktop bitshares client, and now I only have cryptobridge there. Your thoughts?

Regards, @gold84

@lukestokes Why do you think suddenly all exchanges that held smartcash, placed smartcash wallets into maintenance? Is it because of the high price it reached? And is that causing the price to go down? Cryptopia even closed the Smart/LTC and Smart/dodge and also placed in pause the Smart/BTC.

Which is your reasoning here?

What may happen to Smartcash once they open it again? Isn't this a pressure the exchanges received from an other actor of other altcoins that are more powerful, after they saw how smartcash was skyrocketing? Something similar to what happened to bitshares when bittrex decided to close the market?

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Regards, @gold84

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Why th is @dan withdrawing all those $!?

Ned isn't on the list. Am I missing something?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Jesus Christ! My mind sometimes write nonenses. LOl. And yes, I just said my 'mind' writes.

Great report Luke. I'm really starting to understand this stuff much more lately. Which means I'll be keeping a close eye on these reports you do. Great stuff. So useful, interesting, and informative. Had no idea until now. Thank you for doing all that you do here! Hope you had a great weekend! -Dan

Amazing article sir.@lukestokes, thanks for sharing. more power.

I'm extremely new to Steem so I'm still trying to understand the fundamentals of how it works with steem power, steem dollars, power ups/downs, etc. In regards to the recent large withdrawals and the 5M Steem being powered down on Tuesday, that points more towards an upcoming drop in the price, right? I'm considering loading up on Steem to power up any info would be appreciated. I look forward to hearing from you!

If I had a crystal ball to predict future price swings, I'd be a very rich man! As it is... who knows what will happen.

As for understanding, I recommend the "blue paper" and the "white paper" which are available in the main menu on the right.

fair enough. Thanks for the info!

It's lit!🔥🔥🔥

hey @lukestokes please vote me 😊