STEEMIT OPEN MIC WEEK 71 (original song) Lights by Darren Claxton

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Here's my entry for this week's contest
It's an original song called 'Lights'
I hope the lyrics resonate with some of you.
Thanks again for the support!
@passion-ground @curie @krystle @pfunk @luzcypher @soundlegion


Nice one dude!! Sounding great. I agree, its great to have your music heard and to be part of the openmic community with you too!

Cheers mate!
I really do appreciate all of the lovely comments on my music! It just makes me wanna do more and more...

Great song Darren. I really enjoyed that. I'm looking forward to taking part in the open mics myself.

Cheers @camuel I look forward to hearing your song!

Wow! Really inspiring. Great song and I like your voice.

Cheers man! I really appreciate your support and upvote.

great sound im hearing. u really are good at what you do. Big Ups

I really appreciate your feedback!

Love your song, lovely voice too.

@thisisjordan I really do appreciate yours and everyone else's support and wonderful love for my music!

Lovely song and lovely to meet you here in this wild community. upvote from me :)

Hi @samcook thanks for listening, supporting and upvoting! It means a lot!

what a great song, keep making songs like this simply beautiful, go through our page we will be uploading videos, I follow you

Cheers! You have a very funky cool sound!
I look forward to hearing more!

thanks Bro, we will be in communication, we the musicians have to support us

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@bitgeek This makes me very happy indeed!
I'm so blown away by the reaction to my music from the #steemit community! I'll look forward to hearing from all of the other brilliant songwriters and performances this week!
Thanks again for the stats!

Quite a nice preamble, Darren. I'm certain you speak for many great artists like yourself who are finding captivating audiences for their work.

"Lights" is brilliant! I really enjoyed your performance, brother!

Hey brother! The 'preamble' was meant from the heart! You guys are helping me so much, to finally reach out and captivate an audience! Thanks for listening and for the brilliant comment!

OMG! That was brilliant!!! beautiful song, beautiful melodies, beautiful guitar playing!! LOVED IT! I am so following you! keep it up!! .

I can see you are fairly new here , yet.. you have really come to appreciate what open mic and steemit in general does to people! you are in the right place, and you also have the right mindset!! congratulations!

You are very kind! Your comments and feedback are one of the main reasons I write songs! To share my deepest, innermost thoughts and feelings with total strangers, that then become new listeners, makes me feel extremely humbled and grateful...
Have a great week whatever you're doing.
Darren 🎶 🎸

you are so very welcome!

GNice chord riff liked the way it progressed after the 3 minute mark good tone of voice found myself harmonising over the top. Wondering where a freestylist alto sax can play its a bit difficult for me to vocalise and play sax but yeah top one nice :)

So spiritual and revealing! You truly brought lights! You sound like a radio hit. Keep up and best of luck in the contest :)

Thanks my friend! I appreciate your support!

Sounds really good. Love your music.


Cheers @luzcypher
Really appreciate it!

What a voice dude! I really enjoyed it.

Carry on that way, you're a really talent man! Music is part of our life and I imagine that you enjoy it as much as me.

I take the advantage of invite you to watch my first video in this content Open Mic.

Regards from Venezuela dude.

Manu Rodriguez.

Cheers man! I wish you all the best in the contest!

YEEEESSS!! Look at you rocking it! I’m so glad to see your incredible music getting a little more exposure and recognition. @curie is so great about finding talented new users and giving them a bump!!

Thanks for the shout out too. :-) It put a huge smile on my face!

Hey!! You're very welcome @coruscate! This is one of my favourite songs that I've had the pleasure of writing.
And to put a smile on one's face is also very liberating! Thanks for your support and to @curie...for finding me!

with so much talent here, its absolutely wonderful to still be discovering stuff that just blows you away. Fantastic original piece loved the entire performance, great singing, fantastic playing and lyrics are wonderflu

You're very kind! That makes me smile and wanting to write more and more songs!
I've done a Cover this week... Not something I ever do.... I hope it sounds OK?
Speak soon
Kindest as always

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