Exchange Transfer Report: 12/31/2017 to 1/6/2018

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USD values are calculated per day via API feeds from Poloniex (for STEEM and SBD values in BTC) and Coindesk (for USD value of BTC). For the top 50 reports in USD terms, I take the average USD value for STEEM and SBD for the week using the daily average which came out to:

  • STEEM: $5.81846
  • SBD: $8.96750

Previous Report:

  • STEEM: $3.10542
  • SBD: $8.56390


Please see the first report for a detailed explanation of my personal assumptions related to what this data could mean (along with commentary on previous reports). What it does not show is people powering up, powering down, or if they are buying or selling on an exchange. It's just some interesting data dealing with transfers to and from exchange accounts.

Linked Accounts

hitbtc includes hitbtc-exchange and hitbtc-payout, includes freewallet, and openledger includes openledger-dex.

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Top 50 Accounts Transferring to and from Exchanges: 12/31/2017 to 1/6/2018

First included transfer: 2017-12-31T00:00:30+00:00
Last included transfer: 2018-01-06T23:59:06+00:00

----------------------------- Exchanges ------------------------------

@poloniex STEEM transfer total: -2,401,520.289
@poloniex SBD transfer total: 40,073.594
@bittrex STEEM transfer total: 5,672,140.516
@bittrex SBD transfer total: 518,588.373
@blocktrades STEEM transfer total: -1,069,915.522
@blocktrades SBD transfer total: -94,842.130
@openledger STEEM transfer total: -90,783.804
@openledger SBD transfer total: 2,582.845
@hitbtc STEEM transfer total: 0.000
@hitbtc SBD transfer total: 0.000
@changelly STEEM transfer total: -1,661.237
@changelly SBD transfer total: 25.001 STEEM transfer total: 21,878.017 SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: 0.000 SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: -1,208.759 SBD transfer total: -301.926
@rudex STEEM transfer total: 9,847.287
@rudex SBD transfer total: -351.391

------------------------- Total Transferred --------------------------

Total STEEM transferred: -2,138,776.209
Total SBD transferred: -465,774.366
Total USD transferred: ($16,621,205.53)

-------------------- Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio ---------------------

Accounts withdrawing: 7866
Average withdrawal amount: ($     2,744.14)
Median withdrawal amount: ($       156.01)

Accounts depositing: 2107
Average deposit amount:  $       631.10 
Median deposit amount:  $       113.31 

Ratio of withdrawals to deposits: 3.73/1


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1dan:($ 3,165,240.17)
2tostitos:($ 2,327,382.48)
3skan:($ 1,360,260.55)
4rainman:($ 1,250,968.08)
5val-a:($ 672,299.26)
6pharesim:($ 366,562.74)
7eeqj:($ 336,469.68)
8arhag:($ 320,015.09)
9coldstorage1:($ 296,741.27)
10grumpycat:($ 269,180.24)
11modprobe:($ 261,830.53)
12tamim:($ 254,395.20)
13abdullar:($ 232,796.43)
14smooth-a:($ 232,738.25)
15papa-ephraim:($ 197,205.45)
16jejujinfarm:($ 185,836.89)
17minority-report:($ 177,166.17)
18teamsmooth:($ 174,553.69)
19spas:($ 155,499.40)$ 151,279.80)
21pentahedron:($ 139,150.84)
22ngc:($ 130,018.18)
23appreciator:($ 129,676.02)
24dzid26:($ 125,082.58)
25originate:($ 98,942.33)
26worldfamous:($ 97,267.13)
27ugos:($ 87,328.97)
28jackkang:($ 72,729.10)
29oldstone:($ 67,688.85)
30themarkymark:($ 67,557.04)
31alpha:($ 62,257.48)
32simonz:($ 59,699.40)
33leesunmoo:($ 59,040.62)
34hr1:($ 58,184.57)
35aaron:($ 58,184.56)
36jaewoocho:($ 58,184.56)$ 53,651.06)
38ethereums1:($ 52,366.11)
39jwest40:($ 46,547.65)
40greenman:($ 44,749.75)
41booster:($ 44,660.54)
42marco-delsalto:($ 42,474.73)
43yenlau:($ 42,032.32)
44ryanwdaviessteem:($ 38,983.66)
45cryptopassion:($ 38,532.99)
46itchykitten:($ 38,189.78)
47richardroe:($ 35,092.58)
48chainreaction:($ 34,910.74)
49liberosist:($ 34,785.30)
50silentobserver:($ 34,768.36)


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1enki:$ 552,753.34
2gcalex:$ 491,301.61
3rzlt:$ 276,382.49
4happychau123:$ 154,918.24
5helloplease:$ 151,775.61
6yipstarr:$ 116,368.95
7bluemist:$ 115,854.42
8oth1:$ 101,312.33
9dineroconopcion:$ 88,988.62
10good-news:$ 85,086.38
11redpalestino:$ 83,822.83
12mmmmkkkk311:$ 79,167.40
13vjanma:$ 78,067.19
14dobartim:$ 72,327.04
15sridevik:$ 69,914.61
16centering:$ 62,124.91
17imanisraelirick:$ 58,184.56
18omit:$ 57,928.55
19jpdttm:$ 49,666.50
20mistershack:$ 49,336.22
21fur2002ks:$ 49,072.45
22iodin:$ 41,055.03
23whaleofcrypto:$ 40,438.15
24crypto-old-guy38:$ 38,087.01
25lightspd:$ 33,479.97
26cnsteem:$ 32,590.98
27kyoto:$ 32,197.55
28nikolai:$ 32,001.39
29craim100:$ 31,909.42
30vermeirj:$ 31,730.07
31threshold:$ 27,959.75
32batesie1:$ 26,630.52
33scottweston:$ 24,145.56
34ninan:$ 23,688.84
35luckyguy:$ 23,273.82
36thecryptor:$ 22,836.03
37arete:$ 20,759.33
38wouter-v:$ 19,838.82
39bujuben:$ 18,619.00
40prosperous1:$ 18,551.02
41donkeykong9000:$ 18,463.03
42stewie:$ 18,406.88
43hyojunguy:$ 17,801.82
44jasonyoakam:$ 17,587.45
45japanesemask:$ 17,386.54
46idyllwild:$ 16,954.06
47breakingbitcoin:$ 15,391.46
48cyphernugget:$ 15,273.78
49iksvitzer:$ 14,779.11
50davidding:$ 14,713.81

Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio by User Count over Time

click the image for an interactive graph


  • The withdrawal to deposit ratio is about the same as last week at 3.73 to 1.

  • Over $16 million dollars in value heading out to exchanges. Amazing.

  • The @tostitos account is back with over $2M out the door. We've talked about them before here.

  • @dan got a nice payday of over $3M.

  • @enki is dropping some serious cash and tops the deposit list this week. I've noticed they sometimes follow my votes and 98k and 20k was powered up 5 days ago. Interesting.

  • The powerdown report is still a little funky and showing INF%. I've spoken with @jesta about it a bit and will just exclude it from this report until it gets fixed up in the future.

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Makes sense for people to be cashing out during a rally. That's the way trading should be done anyways: buy low, sell high.

The data appears to correspond with expectations of what is currently occuring in the STEEM market.

Bittrex speculators are accumulating and holding it on the exchange rather than powering up; surprising to see Poloniex transfers are negative. Some arbitrage to Bittrex's higher priced market surely occured, but maybe some made it into new Steem investors Steem Power.

Steemit SMT's are the most exciting news on the near horizon. Maybe good enough reason to buy the dips in this bull run for a while.

Watch and see!

Thank you for your continued contributions to @lukestokes, and may your 2018 be bountiful.


Thank you for a great comment!

thank you so much @lukestokes for such a nice information. i find many solution at this posts <3
i really appreciate you


This is a very good report @lukestokes. It helps keeps tabs on what is going in and out. Obviously, lots more are going out than coming in. How good is this to the value of steem token?

Great motivation for newbies seeing this numbers!

Awesome post! I‘m new on steemit but I see an enormous potential in this network! Let‘s make steemit even bigger - together!!!

Nice content! Thanks for enlightening us on the value exchange of USD to steem /SBD . I have learnt a lot from this. Keep up the good work. I follow and upvote you.

very informative post

Thank you for this information
I wish you success

Some people are making insane amounts of 💰 here

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Steem and SBD to the sky

great postttt


I have been a dedicated follower of this stats update. It enables me to be informed about the health status of steem blockchain at all times. Thanks for Always updating us.

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@eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team.

Great job as always Luke! So much work you do here! Thank you!

I'll be honest. I've been absent for a week. I waited until something big I had to say before I posted next, and I finally did, and it was well received (see it) ... first big one in 8+ months for me.

...then I got to thinking... I should go see what @lukestokes is writing. Same good stuff. Wow. You're a diehard. Great content as always.. hard working.. I need to know what you eat for breakfast to do what you do all the time. :)

Great job! Love the data analysis. Important information. Thanks!

Helpful post

You might mention to @jesta that steemstats is not functioning. Great report, nice to know who the movers & shakers are.

Nice report. Steemers made some serious cash. I project my future to be the same. With skill and a little luck of course!!

Hi Luke! I bet you're very busy these days being back from vacation. I'm always so impressed with how you come up with all these numbers. But then again I just learned how to cut a paste a few weeks ago! lol (not exactly) Based on your analysis looks like it's full steem ahead for steem it! (pun definitely intended lol)

So I must say you were right about steemit not being a reliable steady income. One whale picking you up or dropping you can double your income or cut in a half literally over night especially when you are trying to be lifestyle blogger like myself.

But I'm still going full time blogger regardless of what you said. Besides having the time and the passion, It's truly been my dream of mine to be a successful travel writer/blogger, and there is no better place for me to do it than here on steemit regardless of what I get paid.

On that note, I know you are interested in doing some traveling yourself. @chefsteve asked me a great question about how to avoid food born illnesses while traveling. It turned into a highly detailed article with over twenty photos and almost 2,000 words. It's loaded with strategies on how to not get sick and I think you should have a look to keep you and your family healthy when you do go.

I'm thinking the more people that see this post the more people I can help avoid getting sick. As this is one of the biggest and most common issues people have when traveling to foreign countries.

Hope you are well, and wishing you the best! Your steemit friend-Dan

Very cool! Sounds like a great post, Dan. I'll check it out.

Yeah, right now steemvoter is down so much of the autovoting that was happening has stopped and they said it might be a week or so before it comes back online. Since my voting strength was around 50% after flagging some spam, it's a good thing for me so I can get that back up where I prefer it to be (around 85%) so my votes will have more impact.

Glad you enjoyed my post, I worked many hours on putting that together. I was up past my bed time, that's for sure ;) Thanks for the up-date on steem voter.

I actually have put my travels on hold for about a month. Just working out of my hotel in Guayaquil Ecuador getting my blog, money, and other things organized before I head south towards Argentina!

Just before steem voter went down I got things balanced out, where I was rebuilding my power to rebuild and keep around 85% as well. The balancing act I created was between content creators I value offering between 10-75% voting power with a full 50 bloggers on my list. This is whole new aspect of steemit that I'm now getting pleasure from as well.

I really have grown to love this place. All the people I've met and more. Far different than when I first reached out to you! lol.

Now that I've diversified my earnings a bit, I'm going to start focusing on building up my SP so I can help more people. Thanks again for your continued support. -Dan

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I thinks you are generous person, let's help each other,
please follow and vote me

Asking for follows and votes isn't a good way to build a reputation. Add value instead. Maybe this post will help: #SteemitIsToMe: Relationships, Reputation, and Rewards

About $500,000 to the robot @enki I wonder how much money the robot owner made?