Exchange Transfer Report: 4/2/2017 to 4/8/2017

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Note: I started using the #exchangereport tag so you can quickly jump to some of the more recent reports.

USD values are calculated per day via API feeds from Poloniex (for STEEM and SBD values in BTC) and Coindesk (for USD value of BTC). For the hourly breakdown graphs, I show the USD values using the weighted average for that day. For the top 50 reports in USD terms, I then took the average USD value for STEEM and SBD for the week using the daily average which came out to:

  • STEEM: $0.16792
  • SBD: $1.03625

Previous Report:

  • STEEM: $0.17105
  • SBD: $1.18538


Please see the first report for a detailed explanation of my personal assumptions related to what this data could mean (along with commentary on previous reports). What it does not show is people powering up, powering down, or if they are buying or selling on an exchange. It's just some interesting data dealing with transfers to and from exchange accounts.

Previous Reports

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Top 50 Accounts Transferring to and from Exchanges: 4/2/2017 to 4/8/2017

First included transfer: 2017-04-02T00:00:21+00:00
Last included transfer: 2017-04-08T23:43:39+00:00

----------------------------- Exchanges ------------------------------

@poloniex STEEM transfer total: 1,914,598.356
@poloniex SBD transfer total: -5,940.153
@bittrex STEEM transfer total: 397,434.816
@bittrex SBD transfer total: 2,627.747
@blocktrades STEEM transfer total: 130,571.625
@blocktrades SBD transfer total: 2,205.421
@openledger STEEM transfer total: 9,243.378
@openledger SBD transfer total: 96.727
@hitbtc STEEM transfer total: 853.667
@hitbtc SBD transfer total: 131.077
@changelly STEEM transfer total: -358,082.058
@changelly SBD transfer total: 3.116
@shapeshiftio STEEM transfer total: 24,055.561
@shapeshiftio SBD transfer total: 0.000 STEEM transfer total: -208,464.049 SBD transfer total: 0.000

------------------------- Total Transferred --------------------------

Total STEEM transferred: -1,910,211.296
Total SBD transferred: 876.065
Total USD transferred: ($   319,857.15)

-------------------- Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio ---------------------

Accounts withdrawing: 927
Average withdrawal amount: ($       466.21)
Median withdrawal amount: ($        10.78)

Accounts depositing: 149
Average deposit amount:  $       121.17 
Median deposit amount:  $        64.24 

Ratio of withdrawals to deposits: 6.22/1


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1rokk:($ 74,304.18)
2dantheman:($ 32,275.61)
3jamesc1:($ 25,188.18)
4anastacia:($ 22,853.62)
5engagement:($ 21,428.76)
6cleta:($ 20,167.20)
7ashleigh:($ 20,148.67)
8erihn:($ 20,148.67)
9james212:($ 18,163.91)
10cloop1:($ 15,478.06)
11steempty:($ 15,050.50)
12steem360:($ 10,748.70)
13dan:($ 7,643.31)
14summon:($ 7,331.22)
15tamim:($ 6,656.75)
16onceuponatime:($ 5,472.95)
17smooth-a:($ 5,037.64)
18dimimp:($ 4,952.36)
19dele-puppy:($ 3,731.05)
20steemit-life:($ 3,703.17)
21c75c39f25a90:($ 3,702.37)
22arsahk:($ 3,575.49)
23liondani:($ 2,877.50)
24c91c2dfbf2f5:($ 2,728.02)
25a6ab6923e0a5:($ 2,527.36)
26b943863a19cf:($ 2,429.60)
27krnel:($ 2,421.25)
28hedge-x:($ 2,410.51)
29aaron:($ 2,351.06)
30stellabelle:($ 2,292.98)
31puppies:($ 2,089.98)
32steemit2:($ 2,072.50)
33anonymous:($ 1,880.07)
34kushed:($ 1,677.77)
35craig-grant:($ 1,661.01)
36alpha:($ 1,485.13)
37knozaki2015:($ 1,333.73)
38meow:($ 1,166.83)
39fuzzyvest:($ 1,101.81)
40chryspano:($ 1,089.26)
41the-alien:($ 1,064.28)
42joseph:($ 944.95)
43tuck-fheman:($ 932.67)
44steempire:($ 923.57)
45fyrstikken:($ 923.26)
46ericvancewalton:($ 921.91)
47bhuz:($ 913.43)
48officialfuzzy:($ 872.85)
49shenanigator:($ 829.14)
50artific:($ 826.91)


AccountNet Transfer Amount
1damarth:$ 12,947.92
2matt-a:$ 9,417.52
3thejohalfiles:$ 8,506.41
4sigizzang:$ 7,115.64
5originate:$ 6,742.11
6doweig:$ 5,436.71$ 4,290.95
8randomthoughts:$ 4,198.02
9nanzo-scoop:$ 3,691.36
10jyp:$ 3,656.35
11confederation:$ 3,358.42
12btu:$ 3,324.84
13hebrew:$ 3,089.75
14eubanks:$ 2,802.04
15steemdice1:$ 2,332.19
16htooms:$ 2,290.95
17theyeti:$ 1,928.20
18destbest:$ 1,679.21
19demotruk:$ 1,643.69
20wintzingerode:$ 1,554.38
21goldemar:$ 1,536.87
22logicwins:$ 1,242.55
23bcc:$ 1,219.44
24nikolai:$ 1,206.28
25enki:$ 1,022.13
26rlavie985:$ 1,006.05
27oldtimer:$ 919.18
28mf-tzo:$ 890.82
29corn113:$ 839.60
30aomura:$ 744.37
31daniel82:$ 630.62
32morning:$ 615.99
33speda:$ 609.05
34jackkang:$ 586.98
35voluntary:$ 512.46
36exyle:$ 512.15
37slowwalker:$ 479.34
38bladetrigger:$ 434.73
39ioc:$ 431.89
40nwaltham:$ 411.99
41miguel12:$ 408.70
42oldstone:$ 384.60
43philokalia:$ 359.83
44permacryptofolio:$ 304.87
45noisy:$ 273.11
46gregm:$ 267.22
47joshuamschultz:$ 221.68
48davidnx:$ 219.11
49fbechstein:$ 214.92
50soldrakon:$ 195.62

Withdrawal to Deposit Ratio by User Count over Time

click the image for an interactive graph


  • The last two weeks we saw a total of over half a million dollars going out for Steemit, INC. Nothing but around $2k in SBD this week.

  • The withdrawal ratio is starting to climb again at 6.22 to 1.

  • Maybe it's just me, but I'm going to be sad every week seeing @dan and @dantheman powering down and transferring value to exchanges.

  • I noticed a lot of old school names on the withdrawal list this week. Maybe they are moving on to other things or just expecting some volatility in the STEEM price. I often get tempted to free up some Steem Power to play the markets a bit myself.

  • @damarth tops the deposit list this week and has a total of over 120k Steem Power. Seems they did a daily crypto post for a while but didn't stick with it.

  • The powerdown amounts for next week are 37% in the green, more than last week's 34%.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, business owner, programmer, voluntaryist, and blockchain enthusiast. He wants to help create a world we all want to live in.


Thanks for this report. I spend at least 30 minutes to an hour with it every week when you release it checking the numbers and names. It's very valuable to me. Investing is still the way to go for me.

Very cool! I'm glad you find it so useful. :)


I've noticed that while Steemdb continually shows pending power downs as lower, however, it sometimes turns into greater completed power downs than the week before. Do you have any ideas why it's inconsistent?

I'm not sure. Are you going off my screenshots or the data itself in real time? I don't create these reports each week at the exact same time, so there may be some discrepancies there if you're comparing my screenshots. Otherwise, I'd suggest asking @jesta in the steemit chat. He may have some more info on that.

I'm noticing it when I create my daily investor report. I'll start keeping a detailed log of the variance and then ask @jesta.

Maybe it has something to do with people who are set to power down but end up cancelling the power down before it hits?

I think that is part of it, but it seems to jump both up and down.

You're not alone with regard to @dantheman, Luke. I couldn't help but notice that @thejohalfiles continues to be one of the top depositors for a long time now. I really wish he posts soon so that we could extend our appreciation in the comments.

He (?) posts in comments now and again. When I asked if they would introduce themselves a while back they said eventually.

You can view Dan powering down and pushing Steem into the market as a good thing. I mean, he is a MASSIVE stakeholder. Providing that amount of liquidity to the masses in my opinion is a good thing. His mind is probably consumed by bigger and better things (new projects). He probably isn't too worried about trying to ball out of control, because, well, he is already doing that both monetarily and in terms of doing good for the world.