Chapter 1 of 11: Have you recently Sign up on Steemit and Don't know what to do First - Basic Things for New People make their way easier on the Platform - Part 1: What you need to know to be more confident & get rewarded on the platform?

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Hi Steemians,

This post is the first of 11 Posts/Chapters, all intented to help the people who recently signed up on steemit and know almost nothing about it (or very little), and for the ones that have been here for a week or 2 and are struggling to earn some rewards. I want to really help new steemians on their way to grow in the platform, by adding value to steemit, and thus benefit all the blockchain.

So, for those of you who have been here for less than 20 or 30 days, on behalf of the steemit community, let me extend in a LOUD VOICE, a big WELCOME to you.

Full 11 Chapter Steemit Guide to make your way on Steem - Succesful.png

By the way you would enjoy reading: "Welcome to Steemit" from @teamsteem to learn the Steem vision of its creators, which you will see the whole idea on which the platform and steem blockchain is based on freedom! Empowering people and give the control back to us which is were it belongs to. A world free of intermediaries, this means no banks or governments in the middle. (Here is the post: )

My aim is to help people understand: the most important concepts, the actions they will do on the platform, the things that they will interact with, learn about the entire ecosystem were steem is being developed, as well as give them some personal advice on how to contribute with the steemit community by adding value, and thus earn rewards.

As @cryptoctopus mentions in one of this most recent posts (in addition to what I will add of value and personal experience in this posts), I definitely recommend you to read the Steemit Welcome Page. Many of the technical questions will be answered there. Here is the page:

Since there are lots of things to learn on Steemit and the steem blockchain (and you will see its a never ending learning process), below I will enumerate the learning topics I will be discussing in the series of 11 posts/Chapters (I will be publishing all the 11 chapters within 7 to 10 days).

General Sign this way or that one - Steem and Steemit way to succeed.png

All this topics I will be talking about are things I have learned from the very first day I signed up. There are many things to learn in order to make our way on the platform, and for sure I will miss some things.
This is because when we start doing things on repetition, we forget about them, and we just do them automaticaly, so feel free to ask any questions on the comments section. Also if you are a Plankton, Dolphin or Whale reading the post, your contribution, suggestions here will really help new People (Minnows) to make their way, and thus make steemit grow and make it a better platform every day.

Here are described all the posts and information I will be explaining on each post. So, if you are new on steemit, and would like to make your way on it, by adding value to the platform, this posts will help you be on track. You can follow me and you will see when I publish the next post easier.

[Important Note: At the end of this Post/Chapters Index, is were I start explaining everything of Chapter #1]


Current Post/Chapter #1: What you need to know to be more confident and set your way on Steemit

1- You just signed up, whats next?
2- How fast can I earn rewards on steemit?
3- 3 ways I can earn rewards in the steemiot platform (Posting, Commenting, Curating)
4- What is an upvote, comment, resteem, follow?
5- Lets learn about the wallet area: Basics

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @teamsteem , @cryptoctopus, @timcliff (The voice of the community), @cryptogaphic , @blocktrades , @elear

Chapter/Post #2: Focusing on the Wallet: Everything you need to know about it
[ Link to the 2nd Chapter (already published): ]

1- How to use the Steem Wallet?
2- How to transfer funds from my steemit wallet to a cryptoexchange?
3- What are the 2 cryptocurrencies on the Steem Blockchain?
4- How to convert steem or sbd into Bitcoin, Eth, Ltc or other crypto?
5- Amazing Bonus: The crypto managing spreadsheet and calculator by @lukestokes and Pablo Yabo

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @cryptos , @stanleyfordyale , @steemitguide , @mindhunter , @billbutler, @blocktrades , @thecrytotrader , @ilyastarar , @timcliff (The voice of the community), @steempowerwhale , @steempower , @glennolua , @jesta , @dan-atstarlite , @lukestokes and Pablo Yabo

Chapter/Post #3: Where do Resources Funds on Upvotes come from?
[ Chapter #3 already posted on January 1st 2018: ]

1- What is voting power?
2- What is SP (Steem Power)?
3- What happens when we power up? And what happens when we power down?
4- How much votes can we do per day so that it can get recovered at 100% again in 24 hours?
5- Steem applications to check the steem blockchain transactions + check voting power remaining
6- Where do resources for votes come from?
7- What does the reputation number next to your username at the top of your blog means, and what is it for?

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @tuck-fheman , @inventor16 , @dantheman (the brilliant blockchain visionary), @penguinpablo , @boxmining , @donkeypong , @rulesforrebels , @steevc , @roadscape , @dan-atstarlite , @cerebralace

Chapter/Post #4: Keeping your Steem cryptocurrency Safe

1- How can I help keep my steem account safe/secure, by using the different private/public keys on steemit, and keeping safe the ones that do not need to be used?

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @blocktrades , @jerrybanfield , @pfunk , @steemitguide , @thecryptofiend , @dantheman (the brilliant blockchain visionary)

Chapter/Post #5: Other ways to earn on the Steem Blockchain

1- Make Contributions in @utopian-io
2- By delegating SP to minnowbooster
3- By investing Steem, and Powering Up on the platform
4- By delegating being a sponsor in @utopian-io
5- By promoting steemit in your country, city or town with #promo-steem created by @starkerz and @stephenkendal

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @aggroed , @minnowbooster , @timcliff (The voice of the community), @terrybrock , @steemit , @starkerz and @stephenkendal

Chapter/Post #6: The Vision of its Creators, and the Power of the Steem Blockchain (Current Developments and the Ones in Process)

1- What's the vision of Steem and Steemit?
2- Why is the Steem Blockchain so powerful?
3- What are SMTs, and what are they planning to achieve?
4- What is @utopian-io?

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @teamsteem , @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @exyle , @cryptoctopus , @jerrybanfield , @mooncryption , @aggroed ,

Chapter/Post #7: Using bots to upvote quality posts you want to be reached by more people

1- What are upvoting Bots?
2- How to use them with quality posts and to gain more visibility?
3- How to use Bot Tracker by @yabapmatt to help you choose the best bidding bot
4- Important bots to reduce spam and double posting, like @cheetah created by @anyx

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @yabapmatt , @jerrybanfield , @anyx

Chapter/Post #8: How Making Connections with other Smart & Creative People that have our same likes make steemit and our way on steemit better

1- How to make a success path way on Steemit?
2- Getting to know smart and creative people on the platform
3- Collaborate with your knowledge and experience, to help the platform grow
4- Get to know the needs of the Community and see were your knowledge fits in order to help it be a better place

Special Credits on this Chapter for: @cryptoctopus , @timcliff (The voice of the community) , @terrybrock , @bigsilver , @utopian-io , @elear (The brilliant visionary that created @utopian-io ) , @theaustrianguy

Chapter/Post #9: Learning from Experts of specific topics on Steemit

1- Trading
2- Cryptocurrency
3- Investing
4- Steem Blockchain
5- Blockchains

Special Credits on this Chapter for: This will be revealed in the next few days

Chapter/Post #10: Other useful apps on the Steem Blockchain


Special Credits on this Chapter for: This will be revealed in the next few days

Chapter/Post #11: Steem as part of a much larger ecosystem

1- Bitshares
2- Steem
3- EOS

Special Credits on this Chapter for: This will be revealed in the next few days

Bonus Chapter/Post #12: Who are Steem Witnesses?

1- What is a Steem Witness?
2- Special personal Thanks for Witnesses that are contributing really huge for the Steem blockchain and Steemit

Special Credits on this Chapter for: This will be revealed in the next few days


Steemit Guide Chapters - Steem Blockchain - Chapter 1.jpg

So, lets get started with Chapter #1.

Post/Chapter #1: What you need to know to be more confident and set your way on Steemit

1- You just signed up, whats next?
2- How fast can I earn rewards on steemit?
3- 3 ways I can earn rewards in the steemiot platform (Posting, Commenting, Curating)
4- Lets learn about the wallet area: Basics

So lets start with item 1 of the 1st Chapter. You just signed up, whats next?

After you signup, you are 1 step inside, now you need to think about yourself. What are your likes. Start asking questions for yourself. Are you looking to build a list of followers? Are you looking to make a living? Are you looking to help the community with your knowledge and experience?

Doing this brainstorming and thinking is very important because it will definitely let you plan your strategy in how to achieve the goals you want. As Michael Jordan mentions in his book, step by step, I don't find another way to achieve things.

At the end of the day, the way to make your path on the platform is defined by the amount of value you start to give on it. This is like anything we do on life, if we give focus to it, and percevere, after a learning process, it pays out, and sooner or later we'll achieve results.

You will notice at the beginning that many New Posts get $0 payouts, and others 1 cent payouts. All this payouts are NOT in USD dollars for now. They are in SBD and Steem. As of now the value of Steem is around $1.80 USD per unit, and the value of SBD is around $11 USD per unit. So, 10 SBD cents in the post payouts means around $0.55 USD dollar you will get as far as SBD, and you will get a part on Steem (When choosing to be payed 50% in SBD and 50% Steem). But this will be discussed further on the next Post/Chapter #2. I am planning to post 1 chapter every 1 or 2 days.

Don't get in panic if your posts are like that. You can browse on my @gold84 first posts about 4 months ago, and you will see the payouts of $0 , $0.01 cent or $0.07 cents. You can also click on this older posts I made, and you will realize the quality of them is nothing compared to this post. You will also see, some even have very few information. So, the question to reflect is: Was I going through the way on the platform with a strategy at that time? Was I writting quality posts, or posts that were adding value? Was I clearly focused on a target audience?
If the answer is NO to this questions, it is clearly easy to realize that the platform is very smart, that it is rewarding posts and people who are really adding value. The more value we add, the more rewards.

I also want to add something to this. At the beginning, the first 2 weeks or 3, I was learning, researching a lot, and I had less to give, than what I could learn on the platform. So, my posts were more simple, I was trying the system, I was doing, and seeing how the platform reacted to it.

Hope that by now, if you are still reading, its because you already thought about your current state in the platform, what have you been doing, and perhaps their is a lot you can do, to put yourself in the right path to success on Steemit. I really enjoy upvoting quality comments, and replying to all questions that will arise for you. When I don't have the answer, I for sure think of whom in the platform can help you with it.

Once you start adding value with your knowledge and Experience in the platform, you will notice how open and collaborative are people on the Steemit Community.

Now, lets move on to item 2 on this chapter.

2- How fast can I earn rewards on steemit?

On Steemit we can start earning rewards from the first day in which we make something that means value for somebody else in the platform. This can be by making a post that helps other people on the platform, thus they will upvote. Another way is to make quality comments adding value to other steemians (Many of us on the platform use the term: "Steemians" for people that are on steemit) posts. Once you receive an upvote, you are getting a reward in exchange for the value you are adding. We'll discuss this more in the next item of this chapter.

@cryptoctopus made a great post with 3 case studies of people making it in big in the platform. So, I want to credit him for this top quality contribution, and thus share his post with you, so that you can see how each of this 3 steemians (complete different people, likes, and stories, and each of them are making their way with success on the platform)

In @cryptoctopus post, you will really enjoy reading about this 3 smart guys on the platform:

A- @elear (creator of @utopian-io), he is a smart visionary and is disrupting the way open source projects are funded, thus chaging the industry forever.

I had the possibility to exchange several comments with @elear and he is very commeted to his project, and he is a very smart and collaborative person, that if we add this to the power of his vision, we can understand were his project will take him.

B- @lemouth , he is a scientist, and looked for people of his likes and make a special subcommunity to promote scientific posts, which rewards comes from the support of the sub-community he was able to build.

C- @dontstopmenow is a very smart guy that is great at finding quality content .
(When you upvote quality content, and that content goes hot or trendy, you also earn rewards. This is something that will be covered in the next item)

D- [This SPACE will be yourself: "Have you thought on your likes? Your strategy? And how you will add value to the platform, and thus start earning rewards?"]

So, let me clarify on the rewards, once we get an upvote of say: $0.01 cent, $0.10 SBD cents or $0.30, we need to wait for a period of 7 days until it is available to be claimed on the wallet. Once exact 7 days have passed, we go to the wallet, and press a button that is called "Claim Rewards". (This button is only visible when their are rewards to be claimed). We'll explain this further on the next Post/Chapter 2. You see I devided this in Chapters. And the reason is that their is so much to cover and explore, that I realize its better to read and learn things from Chapter 1, then explore everything with your account, and after that, go to the next Chapter. Then you can always go back to any Chapter to have some things even more clear.

So, now that we have cleared some of the answers about rewards, lets move to item #3 of this Post/Chapter.

3- 3 ways I can earn rewards in the steemit platform (Posting, Commenting, Curating)

There are 3 ways to earn rewards in the steemit platform. Let me explain each of them.

a- Posting: When you make a post, you will reach people that are on the "New" posts Category. Also, each post you make will appear in the feed of people who follow you. So, if our post adds value to anyone that looks at it, you will definitely start getting rewards, once they upvote you.

b- Commenting: When you start exploring the Categories, you can first select: Trending, New, Hot or Promoted, and then choose the tag you like, for instance, life, or cryptocurrency, or steemit. Once you do this you will start looking at posts of the category and tags you selected. You can click on the posts to read them, and finally if you feel it is giving value, you can upvote, follow and/or resteem, comment or do all the 4, depending on how you value what you have discovered.

So once you start reading posts of other authors, if you would like to leave a comment, at the end of the post their is a "reply" link. After clicking there, you can enter a comment. And here we go. It is the same as a blog post you make. If people consider this of value, they will upvote you, and you will start earning rewards.

c- Curating: The term curating on the platform is used to the fact of discovering great content and upvoting it. Just by upvoting content that will go to the hot or trending page later on, it will give you rewards at the end of the 7 days. How much of rewards? This depends on the amount of SP, and also depends on other people that have or will upvote the same post within the 7 day period, and how much steempower they have. (Steempower you have invested in the platform, or earned by adding value. Steem Power will be explained in more detail in Chapter #3).

Thanks to @cryptoctopus I mentioned above a great example of a steemian making its way of success in the platform by making one of the best curations in the platform.

4- What is an upvote, comment, resteem, follow?

Althoug this 4 actions can be found explained on the welcome page (, I would like to emphasize on them by adding something valuable.

a- upvote: as we use likes on facebook, we use "upvotes" on steemit, and it means we like the content we are reading and that it is adding value.

b- comment: as mentioned in the previous item 3 of this chapter, we can comment on any post we like, by clicking reply. It is a great way to make yourself noticed when you are starting. Each comment is also considered a post and it will be counted as a post. Comments are great to get ourselves noticeable by the community, and start knowing about us.

c- resteem: we resteem when we want to show somebody elses post, in our blog. This helps the person who posts the blog to reach more people (some of your followers and people who see your blog). This also helps yourself you earn more curation rewards, in case you have upvoted the post of this person. Because the more people who see it, and the more Steem Power the votes have, after you made your upvote, the more curation rewards you will be receiving on that specific post you upvoted.

d- follow: same as in other social media platforms, you can follow the people that are presenting and creating valuable content and interesting information for you.

5- Lets learn the Basics about the wallet area

Now its time to understand the basics of the Steem Wallet. On the steem wallet you can keep in a safe way, all the Steem and sbd that you buy from cryptocurrency exchanges, and also the steem and sbd that you earn in rewards for adding value to the platform, or to the people of the platform (On Chapter #2 we will give total focus on wallet details, and here we'll mention the basics to start learning how to use it, and the different functions we can do).

On chapter #2 focusing on the wallet, we'll explain how to use each of the functions and we'll show you videos and posts with images to help you understand how it of the functions are made. Their are many valuable contributions made by different steemians on this, and I will be selecting the ones I see easier to understand, so you can learn faster, about each of the possibilities on the wallet.

a- STEEM: Steem is one of the 2 cryptocurrencies of the Steem Blockchain. If we click on the STEEM tab at the right of the page, we have 6 options (below I am explaining the most important ones):

i) Transfer: You can transfer your Steem to a cryptocurrency exchange with this option (in case you want to trade with other crypto like Bitcoin, ETH, LTC or any other the exchange works with, and finally transfer it to your own countries fiat currency), or transfer it to another user. I will explain in more detail how to do this in the next Post/Chapter #2 that is focused on the Wallet.

ii) Transfer to Savings: if you leave the funds on the STEEM area above, in case someone discovers your active password or master password, they can transfer them almost instantly in a matter of seconds or minutes, and you can loose your funds. So transferring to Savings means a 3 day period to get the funds available. This gives you time to get into your account, and secure your funds, before they are stolen.
(As an important note, it is not recommended to use your Master Password to login to your account, because that password is used to change ownership. This master password must be kept offline and secured. We'll speak about this in more detail, and about the posting, active and other passwords on Chapter #4. In this way you will learn which passwords to use, to keep your funds more secure most of the time)

iii) Power up: When Steem is "powered up" with this option, it will be transformed to SP (Steem Power). And the steem power can be understood as your power of influence on the platform. The more Steem Power you have, the more your votes are worth, so the more responsability you have on the platform to choose were to distribute rewards, thus which posts will tend to get more exposure. The more a post is upvoted with more power, the more it can get noticed.
When we power up, it is having our steem invested in the long term. If we want to get it back, it will be returned in a period of 13 weeks (around 3 months). We'll explain SP (Steem Power) in more detail in Chapter #3.

iv) Buy: This option is one of the options to buy more steem. In this case you will be using the @blocktrades platform to convert any cryptocurrency you own in any wallet you have (a wallet from an exchange or a wallet were you have your cryptocurrency). What @blocktrades does is converting your other crypto, lets say LTC (according to the current market value. Not sure exactly how their algorith calculates the value) into Steem, and finally receive it in your Steem Wallet. We'll explain this later in another post.

v) Sell: This is the same as the Buy option described above, but in this case @blocktrades will convert your steem into another cryptocurrency like ETH, Bitcoin or any other supported by blocktrades, and it will deposit it on the wallet you decide.

vi) Market: This option is were you can exchange Steem for Sbd in the internal market. As of today the value of 1 SBD is around 6 Steem, and this means it is around $11 USD dolars, so it is really recommended to trade any amount of SBD earned, even cents, because for instance 10 SBD cents are worth $1.10 USD or $0.55 Steem, so its a great time to get Steem and power it up.

I definitely recommend you to read the great post from @timcliff about the current value of Steem and SBD and the huge upside potential it has considering all the great developments from the Steem Blockchain: (Many of this developments will be discussed on Chapter #6)

For the ones who do not know, @timcliff started like any of us on the platform about an year ago (he was a really early adopter), and he made his way to be one of the most recognized persons in Steemit. He can be called the Voice of the Community. Many thanks to all his continuous contributions to the growth of the Platform and to make it a better place day after day.

b- STEEM POWER: Steem Power as explained on (iii above on part a), can be understood as your power of influence on the platform. The more Steem Power you have, the more your votes are worth, so the more responsability you have on the platform to choose were to distribute rewards, thus which posts will tend to get more exposure.

If we click on the STEEM tab at the right of the page, we have 2 options (below I am explaining them):

i) Power Down: With this function, you will start receiving the amount of steem power, converted back to steem, in portions of 1/13, being each portion delivered on the first week. The second portion on the second week, and goes on until week number 13. You can decide to cancel the powerdown after you receive 1/13th of the total of steem power during the first week, if this is what you want, or you can leave it to receive another portion on the subsequent week.
Powering down can affect your voting power, and other things. This will be discussed in a bit more detail on Chapter #3.

ii) Buy: In this option, you can buy SP directly by using @blocktrades . You can convert any cryptocurrency you own in a wallet, into SP with the help of the @blocktrades platform.

c- STEEM DOLLARS: SBD (Steem Backed Dollars) is the other of the 2 cryptocurrencies of the Steem Blockchain. If we click on the STEEM DOLLARS tab at the right of the page, we have 5 options. They are the same available options as for STEEM, with the expeption of POWERING UP, because SBD can't be powered up. Its usage is different as the one of Steem. SBD is considered to be Pegged to the USD and be a minimum value of $1 USD dollar (never go less than it), however, it can go up all what the market is upto.

In this topic, I definitelly recommend you to check @cryptographic 's post about SBDs pegged to the USD:
@crytographic is adding great value to steemit with his great correlations of BTC with other currencies, technical trading analysis on cryptocurrencies, so if trading is something you like or would like to learn, his analysis are a must see, and he is definitely worth of following.

d- SAVINGS: In this section you can Withdraw Steem or SBD if you had previously transferred steem or SBD to your savings account to have them better protected. I don't see other type of function of the Savings account, at list for now. I guess the % of interest to earn sometime ago was worth of placing it there too, however, I will leave this functionality to your research in case you are insterested on it.

e- Estimated Account Value: Here the blockchain displays the estimated value of your account/wallet in USD Dollars. The price is calculated by the platform algorith, and does not reflect the real market price of the time you are looking at it. But it gives you a good idea of the value of your investment in the blockchain.

In case you think this post is original and helpful for the STEEMIT community, Please:

Upvote, Resteem, and Comment , so we can all get the most of the benefits of this cryptocurrency journey.

I like to upvote quality comments and suggestions that are good for the growth of the steem community.


Thanks @gold84, for important information
This is a guide to everything a new member needs in a steemit community
I wish you luck and success.

@slimanepro thanks for your feedback and support.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

Chapter 9 of 11: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of Specific Topics on Steemit was released already -

Regards, @gold84

thank you for making this post

Thanks alot for the guide, you are an angel. Please ill be introducing myself this morning as i am a newbie and it will make my day if you all go through my blog. Ill be honored. Thanks for making my day. Great work here on steemit

@nesis you are very welcome! I just posted the 2nd chapter too. It is about all we need to know about the steem wallet. Hope this helps you too. If you have any questions now or in the future, don't hesitate to ask in this or future posts here in the comments section.

Here is the link to chapter 2 about the wallet:

The steemit community is very open and willing to help everyone who adds value to other people, the steem community, and all communities in the world. Their is a much bigger vision with this crypto, that is to empower people, give them the control that is what they deserve, and thus provide freedom.

Thanks for your comment and support. Keep up the hard work. Looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Upvoted your comment, and also your intro post.

Regards, @gold84

Chapter 9 was released already.

Chapter 9 of 11: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of Specific Topics on Steemit -

Regards, @gold84

Well done @gold84 !
Great idea and better work!

@toofasteddie thanks for your comment and support on this one. I am planning to post 1 chapter every 1 or 2 days. The main reason for this posts is to help new steemians, new signups, minnows, and people who want to make their way on steemit. Hopefully more people resteem this post, so we can get it on the hands of those people who need it.

Regards, @gold84

Count with me, I will support you :-)

Well thank you very much, because I'm kinda lost here haha. But thanks to you tomorrow I will not anymore hehe. Thank you!

This is the most educative post on the use of steemit, am new here and this was really helpful, am following you right away, I look forward to rest of the chapters, I have lots of questions but I believe the rest chapters will answer my questions. Thank you for this

@ofishea Happy New Year! I am very glad this is helpful for you, and perhaps you can use it to teach steemit in your community.

I just checked your last post about how to erradicate poverty in your community, and upvoted!

Thanks for your feedback and support. Looking forward to hear from you on future chapters/posts.

Regards, @gold84

Chapter 9 was released already.

Chapter 9 of 11: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of Specific Topics on Steemit -

Regards, @gold84

This is exactly what I needed to boost my confidence on the platform. Thanks for all the info!

Chapter 9 was released already.

Chapter 9 of 11: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of Specific Topics on Steemit -

Regards, @gold84

@johngabriel great this material is helping you. You are welcome.
Thanks for your comment and support.

Looking forward to hear your ideas, thoughts in future posts.

Regards, @gold84

Hi @gold84, First off - Congratulations on coming up with this much needed initiative. I believe, Steemit is growing at a fast pace and soon there will more users than what we have today. There is too much info available on the topics you're covering but for a new users the most important point is where to start from. I think this post is the start point. This will clear everything regarding Steemit basics in the minds of new Steemians:

Post/Chapter #1: What you need to know to be more confident and set your way on Steemit

1- You just signed up, whats next?
2- How fast can I earn rewards on steemit?
3- 3 ways I can earn rewards in the steemiot platform (Posting, Commenting, Curating)
4- Lets learn about the wallet area: Basics

By the way, I still don't understand the Steemit somewhat mysterious payout system. I mean I'm happy for getting paid nicely but when new Steemian asks me about the exact division of payout, I fail to explain. You're going to discuss it in 2nd chapter, so if you cover this part as well, it will be great. By the way, I'm on @timcliff's recent guide on this topic. Thanks for sharing.

I see lots of big Steemians mentioned in your post so it makes this initiative look bigger. All the very best to you and the people who are part of it. Shared.

Steem On!

This is very helpful. Thank you.

@miketavels you are welcome, glad this will help you clarify more things about steemit. Any questions you have please let me know. For sure me, or some steemian will have the answer for you.

Regards, @gold84

@ugetfunded I am very glad this is helpful for you, and that you agree in the importance for new signups and new visitors to get this initial help and information for them to start their path, and for them to know, this is not a morning to night get rich thing, that if we work hard and with all our efforts we'll be able to make our way on the platform.

Thanks for your resteem and for your support! Hope to see you in future posts with ideas, suggestions and comments.

Regards, @gold84

100% agreed and not a fan of shortcuts in life at all. I always support valuable content because Steemit is the best thing happen to my professional life in 2017. :) Have a blessed day!

Chapter 9 was released already.

Chapter 9 of 11: The Art of Giving Value - Learning from Experts of Specific Topics on Steemit -

Regards, @gold84

Thank You, I am still new and sort of lost...not really understanding how to add value to this community I am a boat builder lol so not very technology savvy but I am trying...I will follow you and hope to read more chapters. God Bless.

@jakeduck definitely, you are in the right place. No need to know lots from technology. Any questions you have about steem, steemit, the wallet, what is sbd and what is steem, how to use the wallet please let me know. This information about the wallet will be ready on the next chapter in 1 to 2 days.

As you are a boat builder, it would be interesting if you are able to show some videos of your boats, and photos, that will be of the likes of many people here. Just search for the correct tags, and people will respond to you. Let me know if you have any questions. Other steemians will be willing to help as well as myself.

Thanks for your comment and support.

Regards, @gold84

Im a newbie on steemit. Ill be introducing my self shortly on my blog please help me view,follow and i hear upvote is important please help me upvote. Thank u. Great work here

@gold84 hello sir you give the most interesting stories and your work is impressive i want to learn a lot from you and i am new on steemit i have posted something about me and i want to show it to you so that you can give a good feedback

This is my story

@hamzaatiq I am glad this post (1st Chapter) of the 11 I will publish was interesting for you. My aim here is to help new visitors, and new members understand as much as possible about the platform, so this can help you make your way on it.

I read your story in your blog and gave some feedback. Also upvoted it and sent you a recommendation to check the @theaustrianguy . He created @welcoming to help new members that have great stories on their introduction posts.

Thanks for your support, and looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

helpful i`m very lost

@charlesdruett glad it is helping you. I also posted Chapter 2 about 1 hour ago, with everything we need to know about the steem wallet, that will help you understand how to convert steem and sbd, transfer it to other users and exchanges, convert it to other crypto like LTC, Bitcoin or ETH, and finally to your countries fiat currency.

Regards, @gold84

It feels really worthy post for newcomers. After signing up I just looking for a quick start guide, & while searching on @steemit I found this article. This would really help beginners to understand the process. Thanks for writing such kind of helping content. @gold84, I followed you to learn more from you. Thanks again.

@aadityathakur very glad this is helping you, and hope the next chapters help you even more.
Thanks for your comment and support.

I just upvoted your comment. Keep working here and with efforts and perceverance you will make your way.

Regards, @gold84

Well done @gold84! Your name is gold and this content is golden! It matches perfectly. Thanks for the considerable time you spent compiling this post and those to come. Have resteemed, upvoted and followed!

@themikepitt glad this is very helpful for you. And thanks for your thoughts.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to see your feeddback on future posts/chapters.

Regards, @gold84

Hi @gold84 You're welcome. Yes, I will be happy to feedback on your future posts/ chapters.

Informative! Well presented @gold84

@jamshedbaloch thanks for your comment and support.

Looking forward to hear your thoughts and ideas on future posts.

Upvoted your comment. @gold84

Sure, I am also looking forward to read your future posts. Thanks!

great job.. as i am new here,i have learned the basics, this helped me alot. now looking for your next chapters. keep it up
hope i got the right place.

@lucifar very glad this first post/chapter is helpful. I believe this will definitely help new visitors and new members understand as much as possible of the steemit platform, and help a bit in making your way here.

Thanks for your comment. Looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Upvoted your comment.

Regards, @gold84

yup ! waiting for your next post to learn something new and interesting.

wow wow wow.. this is truly expository. thanks 2gold84

would you mind to check my introductory post and upvote? thanks

@emmyllionaire gald you enjoyed the post, and hope it helps you on your way on steemit. Thanks for your support and comment.

Looking forward to hear from you on the next posts/chapters.

Regards, @gold84

Thanks for the information. Can you explain what are witnesses?

@amit-negi thanks for you comment. This will be explained in more detail in future posts.

To give you a brief explanation, witnesses are people on steemit that run a server and create blocks for the blockchain, and each of them does community work based on their knowledge to help the community succeed and be a better place everyday.

Regards, @gold84

Thanks for the reply. I will be waiting for future posts.

Great! I have one question: Why do we need SBD as a second currency? From my point of view it does not have a benefit or a usecase.

@mrdupin accoridng to my research sbd is a crypto from the steem blockchain that is pegged to the USD in the sense that its minimum will always be 1 USD. Talking about the other side, it can go up above $1 without a barrier. It is planned as a more stable crypto than steem, and as it has much less marketcap, with much less investment on it, it can go up a lot faster than steem.

It happened a few weeks ago that SBD went as high as $16 I believe, which was 10 times much than Steem. So, if you exchanges on the internal market (something I will be talking about in more detail in chapter #2 of the wallet), you could get 10 steem for every 1 sbd. Now its around 3 steem for 1 sbd.

Hope this answers your question a bit.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to see you on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

I learned many things in this post. Thanks for sharing this kind of good things.
Thanks dear @gold84

@nurislam Glad this is helpful for you. My aim is to extend this to all new visitors, members and steemians that need a bit more help to make their way on the platform. Hope to get more support so it can reach even more hands.

Regards, @gold84

articles that are very helpful for beginners like me @endatu, who much curiosity about steemit. continue to work @gold84 and please guidance steemians gentlemen.
may i resteem this article?

regards steemians

@endatu my aim for this posts/chapters is to help new visitors and new steemit members to understand the whole thing about the platform and about the steem blockchain technology behind it, and thus help them believe on the platform, and make their way on it.

Glad this is helping you.

Thanks for your support and looking forward to hear your thoughts on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

Great teacher😁👍

When we upvote a post, do we pay for it? I mean it would be strange for me if no, because it would mean that we create money from nothing.

@jaskrawo we don't pay when we upvote. The funds come from the reward pool. I am explaining this in one of the future posts on Chapter #3 in more detail. This is some of the magic of Steem.

Regards, @gold84

Awesome post @gold84, well worth a read even for a more seasoned STEEMian...

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@bonds I am very glad this is helping lots of new steemians, new visitors, people who search on Google and on Steemit. My aim here is to share this for new people so their way is easier for them, compared to what we had to research and learn when we started several months ago, or a year or 2 years ago like the early adopters did.

Thanks for your comment and support.

Looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

Greetings brother distinctive publication
I can even support my vote

Great it is helpful for you @tohamy7

Thanks for your comment and suppport. Looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Regards, @gold84

Damn @Gold84 -- fantastic post.

All the questions/terms I didn't know on Steemit, I CTRL + F on your post.


@prauk glad this was helpful for you. Thanks for your feedback and support.

Looking forward to hear from you on the next posts.

Regards, @gold84

Wow, thanks for putting this together! As a brand-new member, this will definitely help me start growing and contributing.

@wired247 you are welcome. Glad this will help.

Upvoted your comment.

Regards, @gold84

I was in search of a guide like this! Thanks for all the hard work you had to write this wonderful post! i will certain read the other part of the guide! Upvoted and resteemed!

@steferretto excellent this post is helping you. Thanks for your comment and support.
Tomorrow I will be posting the next chapter. Everything about the wallet.

Regards, @gold84

Good list here. It will help out myself and other minnows!

@jgvinstl glad it helped you. Hope it gets as many hands of minnows as possible.

Thanks for your support. Looking forward to hear from you on the next posts/chapters.

Regards, @gold84

Thank you so much! I am new to the platform and this will help me a lot. Thank you again.

@cryptorise glad it is helping you. Tomorrow I will be posting the 2nd chapter, totally focused on the steem wallet.

Thanks for your comment and support. Looking forward to hear from you on future posts.

Upvoted your comment.

Regards, @gold84

@gold84 Thank you again! upvoted but the resteem button is gone?

@dexterdennis you ae welcome! After 7 days, that is when the payout occurs for posts, comments, the resteem button also dissapears. Once any post is made (comment or post), we have 7 days to upvote, resteem. We can add new comments later though.

Regards, @gold84

Ow thank you for explaining.

Thanks @gold84 for this well explained and in-depth guide. It cleared all my doubts about the steem platform and how it worked.

@sohamrajput7 glad it helped you.
Thanks for your comment and support.

Looking forward to hear from you on future posts/chapters.

Regards, @gold84

sorry i want to as a question. is it a must i introduce my self? and 2 i cant find my self when i search for my username, do you know why?

@reechi thanks for your question. This may help others too.

It is not a must to introduce yourself, but it is recommended, so people know your values, and what you are looking to do here on steemit. The more value you will give, the more other steemit users will be interested in following you, and/or read what you will be doing on future posts.

If you decide to do so, add the tag "introduceyourself"

Also, check @theaustrianguy and see what he is doing to help new people that make their introduction posts!

Regards, @gold84

Thanks for this info

pretty cool tips, thanks for helping :)

@ivelton you are welcome. Any questions feel free to ask. Me or any other steemian who knows the answer for sure will help.

Looking forward to hearing from you on the next chapters. Tomorrow I will be posting everything about the steem wallet.

Regards, @gold84

I really enjoyed every bit of this post
Is highly informative and educative.
This just widen my knowledge and prepared me for the journey.
Thanks for your effort and concerns @gold84

this post has help me alot... i still got to pay more attention to it

İ need to have fun. But i could not find anything funny on here.

@lambofgod35 this post is intended for new visitors and new users of steemit to learn everything or at least the most important things to make it in the platform.

Regards, @gold84

thanks very inormative

Finally, a comprehensive introduction to Steemit! This is a post that I will re-read and look closely. I will also eagerly read the other installations. Thank you @gold84! Will resteem this shortly.

From someone who is trying to understand this community more and how I can contribute better - @go2sheila

Finally something comprehensive on Steemit blockchain! Sharing it with my followers. I hope they like it. Just an off topic question: how can I get upvote by creating good content and without buying upvotes? I know some platforms like utopian-io pay if we use their tag in our posts. But they cover only the topics that are related to open-source technology. whereas my niche is purely parenting. Any guide/help would be greatly appreciated. Started following you and hope to keep receiving good content everyday.

Thank you! This was the first complete article I read, and it will help me as a minnow.

wow, great post, i really learnt a lot from this. thanks alot

Hey! I'm new here , just got approved and i'm interested in your following posts. I got lots of questions ( don't we all ?) and i'm interested in your input about it. Hope to see a lot of new content , too! Also , check my intro and tell me if i did good lol!

Such a useful post for anyone who's new ! Gonna share ☺️

Wonderful and clear write up . A must for all new comers . cheers !! @gold84

Great article can I translate it to Portuguese?

Really helpful, thank you! I have so much to learn. I look forward to reading the next 10 chapters

Beautiful exposure, wonderful insights ..Thanks a lot .i will certainly resteem this.

That's quite extensive.

What a great article! I'm impressed. That's my first steps on steemit so your worki is very helpful ;)

Thank you very much, I just started on steemit and today I actually made my first post. I still have several doubts. I hope to clarify them in the following post you make, for now I`ll start by reading the posts recommended.

I am new(just few days) in here , so I really appreciate your helpful post ! Honestly, thank you ! Many Blessings to you and your family mate ! 🙂

Thank you for this information. It answered some questions I was planning on researching to answer. I will be following you to look out for the next Chapters!

Thank you for your grat idea please check my post here i give some addvices too

This is very informative for a newbie like me. Thanks for taking the time to post this, I appreciate it very much! All the best. Keep posting.

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A very thorough and informative post! Thanks for making it.
Upvoted and Resteemed :)

I still don't understand the difference between steem and steem power

excellent post!! @gold84 , great work with steemit

Big ups!!! This was indeed very helpful.
You already answered some many questions i wanted to ask.

Well I finally found a Great and awesome and and and no words! Unspeakable post

Thanks for writing this @gold984. We are glad we read this before blindly posting the content that we already have on steemit without any real vision, or thought if our content is adding value to the network.

The thought now is whether or not to create post and embed our already create YouTube vids in them, add those same vids to, or just create content for YouTube and respectively?

We'll play around with both of these ideas and see which adds more value!

Once again, thanks for the thought provoking post.

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Thanks for this post, its sure meant for me,please precisely after how long should a fresh steemian engage in the transactions aspect, including purchasing of
steem power ?

I need to resteem this to my blog, please how do i do that?

just click the icon on the left side of the reply.

Hi, thank you so much for sharing this one. Genius! As someone who is new here I really need posts like this to guide me through Steemit. It's really nice for guys like you to create complete guides like this! Good job!

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Hi @gold84, great post. I am new to steemit and this post was exactly what i was looking for. Thanks for the well structured information. I hope i can use it and add value to my posts ;) can not wait for the next chapter to be posted. Keep the good work up! Greetings

After reading this so carefully, I've learned a lot. Curating means you need to comment to a potential post then if that particular post got trends, then you will have a portion of its earns, is it right?

This is exactly the kind of content I was looking for as a beginner. Thanks!

Informative Post !

Taking my time to read this one but full of great info for starters, good knowledge. Thx again.

It is a very helpful post @gold84, especially for a newbie ups I mean Minnows like me. Please anyone follow, upvote me @suryansah. I will for sure do the same.

This kind of content good for beginners like me. Thank You :)

thanks @gold84 since i m new in steemit. your post help me to know more about steemit.

This is really amazing, that you would take the time to explain all of it. I am still utterly confused and overwhelmed with this world, but hopefully the force can be with me, and through utter perseveration I can understand this stuff....eventually.

Hello all, am new to the platform. Who knows any website other than that is as legit for earning quick steem and other cryptos by watching videos and doing data entry. I believe cryptos are the future. It's best to have as much as one can.

Wow very helpfulpost indeed @gold84

we "freshers" appreciate your contribution. Thank you

we "freshers" appreciate your contributions. Thank you

It is a very useful post, you have very well explained some notions that I did not understand. Congratulations for your work, is a complete chapter. I can not wait for chapter 7 about bots.

I'm very happy because I discovered you, I'm following you now. All the best for you!

Nice article. Thanks for the information.

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Thats very informative. I am newbie here and so in cryptocurrency so many things are not familiar and so I'm always exploring other steemians post and reading this post gives more knowledge and it helps me a lot. I am looking forward for your new post..thank you for this :)

Very. Much. Appreciated.
I'm not new to the block (pun intended), but I am new to Steemit. For some reason I've avoided it as it just seemed yet another space like Reddit and BitcoinTalk.

But I'm slowly changing my opinion, I've seen plenty of valuable posts already and maybe, just maybe, more quality people. :)

Cheers, and read you soon.

great artical to teach the technical, basic use of steemit...It will help the newbies for making good quality post(content) ...the thing which was missing to be guided to the minnows or newbies was this one only.. which topic you have decided to explain...its really good innitiative...loved it..:)

@bacinilat : this is a good summary of Steem, take a look, full of advice and answers to all your questions!

Great post! This information is very helpful for new steemers like myself. Looking forward to reading more of your posts @gold84.

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Great Idea! Thanks For Share My Blog Check it

I am so thankful for people like you who take the time to help others in such a way that you don't feel overwhelmed and instead feel like you can accomplish anything! It is a wonderful feeling. I have followed you and look forward to all of your future posts!!

Thank you so much!

Thanks for the information. I entered the steemit community in May of this year. It seems that at first, I participated on a regular basis. However, since I am a teacher, once school began in the fall, I began to slack off. I just felt that I didn't have the time. I tried to post in different categories to see if I could be successful. The educational sites hold my interest the most so I feel that I could really get involved here. I find that I log on to the site and get sidetracked with reading all of the fun and interesting posts that people post. I enjoy the site but have not been very successful yet. I tell myself - commitment! So this year, I am going to put more effort into my posts. I still get confused with the Steem, SBS, and what to do with it all. Your post definitely helps.

Thanks for this @gold84! I've been here since October 2016 and I still need to read it! haha. Have resteemed it and tagged all my friends who are new to steemit [I've been encouraging them!]. Many thanks for taking the time to write such a comprehensive guide. :-D

Great post there, keep up good work !

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Well done @gold84, this will be very useful for any newcommers, like me. Keep up the great job!

Thanks a bunch for this demystified a lot

Valuable info, like always, but you can make shorter ones, too many information in one post, can be confusing for noobs ;)

Thank you kind sir for sharing this helpful Post, can‘t wait for chapter 2

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