Challenged @ merej99 day 1 The innocence of my people (Original Work)

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Hello dear friends of steemit, thank you for being present on my blog and accompanying with reading my post. Those who follow my work will have noticed that lately I am uploading my materials, I am not using other works to adapt or inspire me, a person recently told me, if you want to achieve different results, you have to do different jobs, thank you very much to all people That throughout this year I am working on the platform in one way or another have helped me.

As it could not be otherwise, this image inevitably brings me memories of my adolescence, that morning I got up like every morning very early, at that time I lived in my beloved Barrio Jose Maria Ponce, at that time our house was a humble construction Located from south to north in a horizontal way with its entrance and exit door facing west where the sun rises.

When the door was opened, the rich aromas of chamomile flowers were first to be seen; in the distance, among the branches of the fruit plants, the small glimpses of the April sun rose. Its reddish colors slowly broke the gray colors of dawn.

It was the first hour of Friday, April, 1982, I promised to be a normal Friday, the most anticipated day of the week, the last day of class of the week, and the obligations I had to fulfill in my home.

In my province it is customary for children to start working at an early age, I started at the age of 8, at that time at 13 years of age I was already an experienced young man with pre-established obligations to fulfill.

With my blank mind I enjoyed the rich aromas and watched the beautiful flashes of the rising sun, in the distance you could perceive the trinar of the birds, the cries of the Pacaá (Gallina del Monte) and the song of the picuí pigeon that betrayed one day Hot, suddenly heard the rooster singing that indicates that the sun is peeking.

That was the signal that I expected to start with my daily duties, I took my bicycle and I went to the tambo to get the milk freshly milked, a vital product for me to prepare breakfast, on my return enjoy a good latte accompanied by some fried cakes.

At the end of the breakfast I take my bicycle and take my younger sister to the kindergarten, an hour later, when I returned I had to take care of cleaning the orchard, while cleaning the weeds, towards plans of what my weekend would be like.

For the days to be more productive, the same Friday to return from the school would carry out my tasks to be able to have free all Saturday and Sunday, my plans consisted of hunting, playing soccer, swimming in the lagoon, fishing and falling The night, a few hours of metegol, well planned to make me better of the weekend.

As I said everything indicated that it would be a normal day, suddenly the sky began to change, slowly turned gray, the temperature began to fall, then the birds flew quickly, as when they escape the storm, after them a spectacle never seen, a great Deploying hunting planes, helicopters, noisy bombs of cannons, followed by unimog trucks of the Argentine army, in a few minutes surrounded the small neighborhood, to see all this deployment, leave what was doing and I headed towards my home.

When the radio came on, my parents listened to the news of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, indicating the beginning of the Malvinas War or the South Atlantic Conflict, as we called the war we had with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, my country in an attempt to recover the Malvinas Islands, invades the islands unleashing a warlike conflict that should never have existed.

The province of Corrientes is far from the Malvinas Islands where the conflict was taking place. This deployment was due to its proximity to the triple border, a vulnerable place if one wants to enter the country coming from the northeast.

Days passed, gradually we became accustomed to the military movement, for my part I returned with my daily obligations and commitments, the soldiers mounted guards in a very relaxed, including some were coming to the fifth to talk while I cleaned the ground.

My brother Corinthians were always considered brave men, the provincial axis through history was present in all warlike conflicts, the Battle of Brava lagoon that the Cortes Cordova against the Invasion of Juan Manuel de Rosas, the triple alliance war Or the Guazu war, fought against the invasion of Paraguay, the confrontation of my brothers against the English invasions, my military brothers have always been at the forefront of the battles for their courage and patriotism.

This time again the solidarity of the correntino was present, a contingency of soldiers coming from the regiment 4 of Monte homem, said present in the Malvinas war, to support the nation in this warlike conflict.

Faced with this situation, the entire town of Corriente got up and organized one of the largest food collections of all time, the proceeds were to send our brave soldiers who were on behalf of us all, there are no people more supportive than the Correntino, when a brother needs, humble people attended with closed boxes of non-perishable food, relatives put letters inside the boxes with words of encouragement for our brave soldiers.

Meanwhile the war continued, three times a day the Joint Chiefs of Staff reported on the situation of the war, the news was always favorable, our army with its Pucara Airplane destroyed British Ships and Army, and everything that appeared in its path, Until one day on July 14, 1982 the radio transmissions went out and no one else reported the situation, days later we learned that Argentina surrendered, we were defeated by the English army.

Apparently all the information we received was lies, our soldiers did not have weapons in conditions to fight, the rifles were out of fashion, they gave the soldiers weapons in bad conditions, when they wanted to shoot the bullets did not come out, we were devastated by the army British, the delegation of the English Gurkas slaughtered my brothers in war, the Corinthian soldiers of the 4th Regiment of Monte Caseros were Cannon fodder, they were the first to fall into battle, my brave brothers fought with a knife, against an army of the first World, armed with firearms of last generation, infrared sights that through them was seen at night as if it were daylight, yet gave their lives to defend my nation.

Some time later the details of the conflict began to come to light, the soldiers surrendered not because they did not want to defend the country, they surrendered to weakness, they did not have the strength to fight, they suffered from hunger, they spent whole days without eating, High rank fled, those who gave battles were soldiers without rank, fought to save their lives, count when they were captured thank God, they knew that when they were captive they were going to eat, a shameful fact of the history of my country.

The boxes of food that we have donated never traveled to the island, the usual scoundrels were the order of the day to profit from the situation, as they were received classified and sold to retailers, more than one merchant claim to have found A letter from a relative in a food box.

A war that never had to be, this war not only left dead people, also left crippled people and a lot of stories of heroes worth telling, seeing this work the memories come, those passages of having studied the history of my province, living memories Of my adolescence when the worst war in the history of the country developed.

This story I wrote with passion, pride, tears of happiness and sadness, to think only of my Corinthian brothers who throughout history have died for their courage and patriotism to defend our beloved Nation, I could not help shedding my tears at the thought In the innocence of my people.

Dedicated to my Correntinos brothers who gave their lives to defend my nation.

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I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land in Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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I have increasing hope every day that the blockchain can make powerless those who would have us fight each other for their benefit.

It will arrive that moment in which the love of the people of the difernetes peoples can get to eradicate this type of manipulation that so much damage is doing to the world today.
Thank you very much dear friend @ theblindsquirl for your support and the great support sharing my work.
I wish you a beautiful weekend

Best wishes to you as well.

I think that one of the root causes of war is the failure to understand others.

Perhaps this technology can help us all understand one another better?

The love my friend is the universal language, we can handle this, I think we will have a better world
have a beautiful day

Cool post)))

It makes me very happy to know that it was your pleasure dear friend @serfdeneg, thank you very much for supporting my work sharing in your blogg.
I wish you a beautiful day

Thank you very much dear friend @maruharraca for this nice visit

Have a beautiful day!

Thank you very much dear friend @maruharraca I wish you a good weekend

War is always a tragedy for people.

You are very right dear friend, wars is never beneficial to people, since I have reason always were against them.
Thank you very much for the daily visit and the great support you give to my work
have a good weekend

Good post

Thank you very much dear friend @lmrey for visiting and commenting my post
Have a great day

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Many thanks to all the people who make up the team @screenname for trusting and supporting my work, I am very grateful this support is very important for me

Oh my goodness @jlufer
I cannot imagine how scary that must have been to see military coming into your beautiful town and all the hardship that the men and women went through. What a terrible sacrifice the soldiers made with their inadequate tools and weapons and for what? This saddens me so much and yet you've written it so well. Thank you for sharing this.

This was one of the worst mistakes of the rulers of my country dear friend @ merej99, even though we were far from the battlefield, we also saw the pressure of a country at war.
I appreciate your words very dear friend, thank you very much for the support you give to my work.
have a beautiful day

I watched the battle of the Falklands as it happened live, here in the United States. It is a spectacular account you have made for this original piece my dear friend @jlufer and your account is historical and typical of what governments can do to their people with lies

Many thanks dear friend @ jeff-kubitz for your words, this was a shameful fact of my country,
Have a great day

Thanks for another excellent post. A very difficult subject, and with no reason or logic to the reason as to why this all has to occur. So truly sad.

Thanks for putting this out. I am sure it was very difficult to write, as you say. Trying to make sense of how we treat each other is near impossible. As you say below, maybe things like Steemit help with the understating between people. Now we just have to get the leaders who make all the dumb decisions about people's lives learn from the site. Difficult indeed, but try we must.

Wars are never easy dear friend @ddschteinn, leave many sequels in the memory of people, it is something shameful of my country that everyone decided to forget, thank you very much for your great company to my work.
Have a great day

I hate war I hate fighting, why can't these so called people in charge get there hands dirty, its always the little people who suffer

As long as there are interests created there will always be wars dear friend @ karenb54, but my country was something that was not something to go by we were not in trouble to face that war, thank you very much for your great company

As long as there are humans there will be war :(

I much regret for your brothers! They are very brave!

Great story of the history of your country. I feel so sorry for the lose of your people in the war. It's very hard time indeed.

Thank you very much dear friend @tangmo for your kind words and empathy with my people, I appreciate your heart's accompaniment
Have a great day

You are highly welcome! Have a great day, too!

Wow es increible que a tu corta edad de 8 años ya trabajaras... Las guerras nunca son buenas y dan tristeza. Un saludo amigo!

Trabajar de chico fue lo mejor que me pudo haber pasado, me han preparado para afrontar la dura realidad de la vida, gracias ha esas enseñanzas en mas de una oportunidad salí airoso de las adversidades, en cuanto a la guerra fue un hecho vergonzoso de mi país.
Muchas gracias querida amiga por esta agradable visita, aprecio mucho el apoyo brindado a mi trabajo.
Te deseo un hermoso día.

Si es cierto que las experiencias te hacen madurar, y seguro aprendiste mucho. Buena tarde @jlufer! :)

You were so young when you started working, 8 years, that's a kid. I'm so sad to read your experience in the war. The war is the most terrible thing that can happen to a country and people. This is what I'm talking about because my country was in war and I have terrible memories. You're very brave my friend, thank you for your story :)

Today times have changed, children do not work at an early age, but I am very grateful to have started at that age, when things got ugly in the country I was a teenager and had a great experience.
The wars have never served anyone, but those who had interests created with it, I am very sorry for what you had to spend.
Thank you very much for your kind words dear friend @ pepe.maya
Have a beautiful vacation

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