❓ Answering Common Questions: An Easy to Use New User Resource Library ❗

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The big, long, in-depth guides are great...
but I want my Question's Answered Quickly!

Steemit users, especially new ones, don't want to spend a lot of time answering their question. They have so many things to read, people to vote, and posts to write they!

I used to write the long, detailed guides like everyone else too! But after a while of moderating Steem Chat's General channel and answering thousands of questions I needed something else. After life changes I didn't have the free time like I had and there was no way I could answer questions for everybody individually. So I started these Short Form Guides called "Answering Common Questions"...cause that's what they are! Quick, yet in depth enough answers for people with only a few minutes. Now I can easily answer questions by giving a link to exactly what I would have said 'one-on-one.'

Quickly there was a need to not only have these near 50 'Short Form Guides' written...but easily found and searchable. Trying to make a Steemit post every week or two adding the new guides didn't really work that great. On top of that posting a list of guides that often would have made me feel somewhat greedy. Long story short (too late!) my Answering Common Questions library has found a home in a Google Doc right here:

Click Here for the Answering Common Questions Library!

You can also always find this link in the profile section at the top of my blog as well as at the end of my posts. (For those of you that understandably don't like shorted URLs. Any updates, new guides, etc ALL get put into those single spot. YOU FINALLY ONLY NEED ONE LINK!!

To jam pack even more work into a single post, rather than just giving you the links, below you'll find a Steemit version at your fingertips below. Just make sure you bookmarked the Google Document link so you can easily find any future additions or updates.

NOTE: This Post has Paid Vote Bots to get your Attention!
I prefer you know when I use them.

Answering Common Questions: Full Guide List

I try to keep these short, with very concise answers in a FAQ like format. I've felt that the long, walls of text guides tended to be too much for a reader as well as difficult to jump right to the question they needed answered. Enough of my blabbering...let's just right to the guides!

I’m Brand new...now what?

❓Answering Common Questions: I'm new to Steemit...now what? ❓
Questions about Voting and Curation
❓How can I explain voting simply to others? ☑️
❓Answering Common Questions: Can I vote for Myself?
❓Answering Common Questions: How Much is my Steemit Account ACTUALLY Worth? 💵 - [NOTE:You can also download the Steem Plus Chrome Extension to see a more accurate estimate right there in your Steemit wallet!]
❓Answering Common Questions: What is Bandwidth? Why does it keep me from doing anything?

How do I get more Votes?

❓Part 1: Meeting People and Building Relationships 👋
❓Part 2: Catching Eyes 👀
❓Part 3: Choosing Topics and Tags ☑️
❓ Part 4: Build Your Brand!
❓Part 6: Readability and Scanability
❓Part 7: Put in the WORK!

Older posts on getting votes:

❓Why am I not getting votes? What can I do about it? 📷
❓How NOT to gain Meaningful Votes or Good Followers! 💩
❓What Tags should I use? 📛

Writing, Posting or other General Questions

❓Answering Common Questions: I'm new to Steemit...now what? ❓
❓Answering Common Questions: How is my post's payout calculated into Steem Power and Steem Dollars? 💵
❓Where's my payout going?!?! It's Going Down!! 👇
❓What should I write about? ✏️
❓I'm getting frustrated...Are my Expectations too high? 🙍
❓How do I Visually Spiff up my Steemit Posts? Are there any Templates available? 🎀
🎮 How To Embed Your Live Gaming Stream directly into Your Steemit Post! 🎮 - NOTE: You also can use DLive but the video isn't embedded in the actual Steemit post.
❓Since I'm making money, What Images can I Safely Use? ©️

❓How do people align things? How do I get those fancy designs between paragraphs? 🎭
Don't Loose Money by Setting posts to 100% Steem Power!
❓Should I use 100% Steem Power or 50%/50% Payouts for my Post❓
❓Answering Common Questions: What is ReSteeming or ReBlogging? What does it do? 💵
❓How can I see who last Resteemed, Followed me or How much my Pending Payouts are? - [NOTE: Many other options now available since this was written. You can easily search the latest tools at SteemTools.com.]

What is...

What is the Ziplomat Project? Let's find out with @Zipporah!
What is #TeamGood? What's their goal? Tune in and Find Out with @BattleAxe!
? Answering Common Questions: What is the Steem Experience?
❓Answering Common Questions: What are Steemit's Smart Media Tokens (SMT)? How could they be used❓
What's a Steem Witness and Why Should we Care - [NOTE: Some of the specific numbers (now it’s top 20 instead of 19 witnesses and how much Steem Power {now Steem} they earn) have changed. But the general idea is the same.]
❓What is @Randowhale? 🐳 - [NOTE:] Some prices and voting percentages have changed
❓Answering Common Questions: What is Pimp Your Post Thursday?
❓ What is SteemitBoard? 🏆
❓ What is BitShares? 💱
❓ What is Steemit Local Music Society? 🎶
❓Where can I get Steemit Help? Have you tried the Minnow Support Project? 💁
❓Needing feedback on your posts? Try MSP-Workshop! 🆘
❓What is Whaleshares? 💵
❓What is STP (Steemit Talk Podcast)? 🎧

Steemit Basics

General and Social Chats

❓I've heard Steemit is Censorship Resistant, What does that mean? 🚫
❓Can I voice chat with Steemians? Learn how and where to Discord! 🎤
❓How do I use Steemit.Chat? What does it do for me? 💬 - [NOTE: The chat has updated since writing this. Some things look a bit different and have moved around...but the gist is the same. I'll get an updated guide here at some point.]
❓How do I get a Video I have on Fakebook, err Facebook, onto Steemit? 🎥
Want your own Steemit Business Cards? Here are some FREE designs for you!

DApps (DTube, DSound, DLive, etc)

❓ Answering Common Questions: How to Record and Post your Audio with Discord and D.Sound ❓


❓What is Steem, Steem Power, Steem Dollars and What Should I do with them? 💲
❓ Can you explain how Powering Down works to me? 🔌
❓Where does the money come from? 💵

Voting and Curation

Questions about Voting and Curation
❓How can I explain voting simply to others? ☑️
❓Answering Common Questions: Can I vote for Myself?
❓What are flags and downvotes? When should they be used? 🚩
❓How do I know if I got Flagged? 🚩
❓What's this Promoted tab? Should I use it? ⏫ - [NOTE: We now also have paid Voting Bot services to boost our post payouts for better visibility. You can read more on all of the various ones to choose from at Steem Bot Tracker.]
❓What happens when you Vote on a Post that's Past Payout? ☑️ - [NOTE: I frequently now see posts passed their 7 day payout period not accepting votes atl all. However, I have also seen these votes get applied. The guide explains what happens in this case.]
❓Reputation and Flags! What's this Number by my Name? #️⃣️
What's this Slider Bar and Vote Power Percentage? What's the Difference?


❓What are all these keys in my wallet? Why so many? 🔑

I lost my password, can I get it back?

  • No, lost passwords can not be recovered
  • BUT...If your account’s password was changed in the last 30 days you can fill out this form: CLICK HERE

Slightly More Advanced Steemit Topics

❓How to Exchange my Steem Dollars for Steem? 💸
❓How do I create a Steemit account using Blocktrades?

Cryptocurrency and Trading

❓What is Cryptocurrency and Why It's Not Scary ❓
❓How do I spend money from my Steemit wallet? 💲
❓How do I use Coinbase to Transfer Earnings to my Bank or buy Crypto from it?
❓How do I transfer money between Steemit and Poloniex?
❓What should I Know when I Start Trading Cryptocurrency?
❓What's the Difference between Steemit and the Steem Blockchain? ♨️

Outdated Information

❓How can I get 1 on 1 Mentoring Help?👩‍🏫
!!SPECIAL!!❓Answering Common Questions: What questions do YOU have?❓!!SPECIAL!!
❓Wow! Why did my payouts go WAY up? What's this hardfork I keep hearing about? 🍴
Why Newbies Should be Excited about the next Hardfork

If you have any questions or would like a guide created for a topic not already covered...
just let me know in the comments.

And for making it all the way through
...one more kitty pic!

Click HERE for a my "Answering Common Questions" Library!



Image Sources:
Meme Kitty
Book Spiral
Gizmo picture was taken by me.


<3 I love the way you write, your kittens and the help you give to the community. I think I've seen you around on other occasions. Thank you.

I'm a newbie story writer and I would appreciate all the feedback for my stories. I want to be able to reach as many people as possible. I think you would enjoy them !!

Nice ..
Thank you for your words and tips
We just need a little of the sincere will..

Thats really helpful mostly for Newbies. As you said every new person is looking for answers and the most of them are lazy to watch videos or do some research.
Great work, keep it up!

Its just nice to have resource in one place and the advantage of reading over videos is you can scroll up and down and print it as opposed to stop and start and writing notes :-)

That's also true. Someone has taken the notes for you <3 But it's easier to quickly understand and memorise a video's contents.

right @ cryptosharon this is the most valuable information.

Yes indeed! I watch videos only when I am lazy. But if I need real information I prefer to read different blogs :)

Exactly, I think that the most valuable information is more often in technical guides than in easy videos. Each one has its pros and cons.

that's true :)

I'm one of those <3 I watch a lot of video guides when my eyes are tired. I prefer to just listen to someone explain to me what I want to know. Gotta love the super helpful people who make them.

Super duper library! What a great effort to make the winding road a little straighter for all of us. Heads are only so big and information load so gi-normous, this is a gift, thank you.

Yep. One can't help being overwhelmed with it all. But it's very comforting to know that there's an answer some where.

Yup, but if you read through it, you're bound to find what you're looking for, and if you're a newbie, then everything is what you're looking for, lol.

Thank you! I'm happy to be able to help people out.
This was something I would have loved when I was first starting here, lol!

quieres seguirme para que nos apoyemos juntos en votos ya te sigo






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Thank you! I love being able to make things a bit easier for fellow Steemians. :D

If it's helpful, I'm planning to be starting a weekly 'podcast/radio show' in the next couple weeks...just have an hour or two for people to ask questions, maybe give some specific recommendations for people blogs (to get something more personal with actionable things, which a general guide can't always do), or whatever else comes to mind really.

Thank you very much everyone, appreciate all the upvotes and comments, guys don't forget to follow @facttechz

@sykochica, this is the most thorough lists about Steemit I've ever read. There's so much I have yet to know as well. Thank you for bringing this resource for us to read :-).

I think this is one of the most complete information presented, very useful for new players, it is very helpful, you are always the best @sykochica

if someday I can grab your article for me to translate to my language or some other language :D, but should be your permission @sykochica :), because in my opinion quite complete, the various ways you teach to new players.sangat help because there are some posts is on the page of your article and I do not think I need to find another article, Keep up the good news and success always for you

Great Job. Thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort for all of us. I've had steemit on the back burner for too long and I hope to start contributing soon. What you made here will be a great refresher course. Wishing you much success.

@sykochica is that kind of person who you meet online and who just keeps impressing you by showing you how helpfull she is and how perfect she is. Normally i would be jealous of her succes, but she deserves it. Keep up the good work lady, you are awesome!

:3 I can't remember where I've seen her before, but just with this post alone, I'm impressed and grateful.

You have put a lot of time and attention into this and it shows. This will resourceful and benefit the whole steemit community. Thanks so much @sykochica

I love being helpful! <3
Thank you!

Can I be so curious to ask why you spend so much on paid upvote bots?

Is it to earn an extra income? Or to gain visibility? Or something else?

For me it's pure visibility, getting this in front of people (in this case new users who tend to look at trending). Personally I'm ok just breaking even. Though I don't use them often.

I'm not really a fan of using them with ROI as the main motivator.

Regardless of purpose, do you think that you'll be getting more than you invested at payout?

I think it's close to break even most of the time. If you want you can check it out quite easy most of the times someone uses the paid upvote bots.

How do you check it out? The curation rewards (the 30-minute rule, f example) and the different rewards (SBD; STEEM and VESTS [SP]) always confuse me when I'm calculating the ROI.

Via steem world.org you can check what amounts someone transferred to paid upvote bots. Or you can check his wallet, that provides of course the same info. And then you check his pending pay out.

Of you use steem world.org you can check power upvote the pending pay out value. That makes it a bit more easy to see if buying an upvote was profitable or not.

This time yes. I got a bit lucky with the 3.5 day average steem price going up after using the bots this time. However the last time I used them (Think this is my 3rd ever post I used the bots) I did loose some $ when the price went down.

And do you think it works? Does it attract new users?
In financial terms the new users won't really help you. As most of them only have very little SP. So I'm still not sure if I understand your purpose?

My purpose is to find someone to delegate me some SP. That enables me to see if I'm able to get the same high curation rewards as I do now.

And do you think it works? Does it attract new users?

To the site in general? It's possible when handed something like this versus just being told 'go read the faq' or the white paper or whatever. Does it attract me personally more followers...yes.

In financial terms the new users won't really help you. As most of them only have very little SP. So I'm still not sure if I understand your purpose?

My purpose is to help other users...new or not. For me using the bots isn't financial...they are solely a means to get the material into people's hands. I don't really care how much SP a person has. Whether or not using bots in general are financially beneficial...they can be. But there are multiple factors that prevent it from ever really being a 'sure thing.' (like steem price going down after paying for votes, getting flagged, etc).

My purpose is to find someone to delegate me some SP. That enables me to see if I'm able to get the same high curation rewards as I do now.

Unfortunately, I'm already at the max of what I'm personally wanting to delegate. Though getting more SP does help increase potential curation rewards...no doubt there.

Oh, interesting. I'll be trying to get more SP then, since I'm not getting curation rewards right now.

Oké now I fully understand your intentions and goals.

About my curation rewards I'm not sure if it's fully clear what I meant. At this moment I can earn 1% per week of my SP. So that's 0.150 SP in absolute terms. If I would have the same amount of SP as you my curation rewards could be close to 100 SP per week. While you now earn 0.5 SP.
So I basically want to test if this 1% remains steady or that it will be impacted by having a higher SP?

Ah...I would expect that you'd in general see that % go up at least somewhat.
My current curation rewards (shown on the rewards page) aren't really a good gauge right now since it's only giving 2 days of voting...I've had some Steemit breaks recently where I wasn't doing any voting.

Last I'd looked when putting out all my votes over the course of week was around 10-11 SP from curation rewards for me..just to give you some idea.

That sounds logical. As I found your current curation rewards very low.

If you go offline for some days you could use auto voting. Did you know that?

Yea...I've though about the auto voting. There are definitely some benefits, especially when I'm away and not voting for some days.

In the end though...I've preferred to stay manual up to this point, even if I do lose some potential earnings from it. (By no means telling others to do this...merely my own preference.) I get that extra 'joy' by clicking the button myself. :)

Wow you just made steemit easier for me , and now its a tip of iceberg for me because i dont have to start checking online and waiting for response from people on how to go about it, it ends my stress and now i could get everything i want here. Thank you @sykochica ..you made my night.

Hahaha....that's awesome! Just don't let it overwhelm you...it's definitely more a marathon versus a sprint.

If it's helpful, I'm planning to be starting a weekly 'podcast/radio show' in the next couple weeks...just have an hour or two for people to ask questions, maybe give some specific recommendations for people blogs (to get something more personal with actionable things, which a general guide can't always do), or whatever else comes to mind really. Lol

Welcome to Steemit! :D

What a great idea! Hopefully someday you'll be able to display a permalink to the doc here on Steemit, or even be able to have an ongoing document such as that directly on the platform.

Until the , I'm bookmarking this page!

Thank you!

Actually..that shortened bit.ly link in my profile section (top of my blog) has the link to the Google Doc. But I definitely understand people not wanting to click shortened links in general though.

So many scams running around, I even feel repulsed when I see bit.ly right now. I have friends who have been scammed by doing that ò.ó

But I see the need for you to dothat, since Google Docs links are very long. And since you're trusted, I don't think it'll be that much of a problem. You could maybe put a little description of the contents of the link in your Bio.

Ah, didn't see that posted there. Still, I hope for similar things to come to the platform. For instance, it would be nice to be able to archive your posts to some extent; separate resteems from posts, categorize posts between categories on your own page. I don't know, just spitballing. We'll see :)

I get the shortened links thing from both sides. It's tough, because they're honestly scary to click in this day and age(haha). But, long links are ugly and sometimes too lengthy of a character length. For the way the platform currently is, and your status here, I think your shortened link in your profile is about the best way to do it, that I can think of!

What a great resource. I am going to direct all newbies here . Resteemed

That's awesome! Thank you!

I just want to convey this important information to you, I understand what I understand. Hope you do not miss it. And I am very happy for the service that is sent @sykochica. Hopefully useful and fun. Greetings happy.

This guide is great. I am very glad that I found it. I obyazatelno share them in the chat of the Ukrainian-Belarusian community STEEM. Good luck to you and Love.

That's awesome! Thank you! :D

Just as an FYI: All of the posts linked in there are open for people to translate them (as long as they actually speak it...not just bots.) They can keep any payout they get from it...all I ask for it a link to the original.

In case anyone might be interested. :)

I am surprise I never seen your posts before until now. New follower and definitely will learn a lot from you. Thanks!

I’m new here and this was so helpful, thank you so much! I’m still a bit overwhelmed with all the information and all the definitions, I’m glad everyone helps newbies here!

I wish I had this when I was a newbie of steem.

How long have you been here if I might ask? 🤗

Absolutely! I love being able to see these things be useful, help with the mass of questions we all have when starting (this is on-going really, lol.)

I'm planning to be starting a weekly 'podcast/radio show' in the next couple weeks...just have an hour or two for people to ask questions, maybe give some specific recommendations for people blogs (to get something more personal with actionable things, which a general guide can't always do), or whatever else comes to mind really. Lol

Welcome to Steemit! :D

In short, thank you @skyochica!!! So many of my mind's corners are now lit..

Great work (Y)

Great post indeed!

Great post indeed!

great job, I'm sure I'm doing a lot of this post, I hope it serves more than one

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This seems like a very worthwhile project, @sykochica. As one who has tracked down dead links and outdated commands through old guides on the blockchain, my approach is to cover static content as much as possible in blog posts; leaving non-static content on the Web where it can be updated. A wiki of sorts that would pay rewards for updates would be useful. 😎

Instead of posting weekly about more cool steem links aquired in my surfing there is a page to post that. Gets me less rewards yet at least it doesm't fill up the blockchain with, sometimes, frustrationally outdated information.

Shameless 'Handy Steem Links' plug:


Thank you!

I can definitely understand where you're coming from there. You never quite know when a site's gonna go down, a blockchain policy is changed, etc. It can be a beast to try to stay on top of at times.

I like the site...definitely a great idea!
I thought you might like this link as something to add on there: https://www.steem.center :)

thank you for this great guide. really useful for newbies like me.Lots of information here. & I upvoted.

I love libraries and I like your kitty. Just saying :D

Nice [email protected] is really helpful. I m following you. I hope you will follow, comment and upvote my posts. Thanks

oh great job u know i am also a newbie and i am really hated to watch videos and researching u did alot help
thanks for sharing nice work
best of luck

Thats really helpful mostly for Newbies. As you said every new person is looking for answers and the most of them are lazy to watch videos or do some research.
Great work, keep it up! Big thumbs up and a resteem from my side best of luck Advance

Thank you for putting this info together for all of us! I sometimes have questions too!

yes you right

so nice post its very usefull postThanks you so much for your great postAll the best

yes you right

Thanks for the heads up now just following steps like this can help a lot of people !!! Thanks again

Thank you @sykochica, deeply appreciated. You have my 0.001 vote :)

really it's very interesting

This means living by the community values and not only preaching. Respect!

sister follow me i will follow back

Hey @ , pos bagus! GOOD
Saya menikmati konten anda Terus bekerja dengan baik! Selalu menyenangkan melihat konten bagus di Steemit! :)

Super duper library!

Thank you very much for this post

Hello happy day @sykochica, excellent information for people who are starting and we still have many doubts about the management and learning of the platform, a library that stands out for the details that facilitate the improvement and well-being of new users, thanks for sharing

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Sigue siendo muuucha información aunque esté agrupada. Debería simplificarse aun mas. Por cierto otra pregunta, hay algun modo de marcar esta info para consultarla en linea cuando tenga una duda?...muchas gracias!

hey @sykochica What a great information.I am very glad that I found it.Thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort for all of us.

many book in this librery.most and valuable information here.great post,stay on steemit.

These things were very helpful, thanks a lot for sharing

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Very informative and very helpful to minnows

Beğenme, takip, yorum yapma para kazaniyoruz madem neden bir cok kisi kendini begenmis gibi davrniyor dezavantajlarimi var ?

Thank you for this fabulous and helpful post. iam a new on steemit .
and you post help me .
thank you very much

Very good that this buddy enough to attract everyone's attention, oh ya greetings respect me maulanazikri need his guidance

I really appreciate your work,i'm new on Steemit. you cleared my basic concept.Thank's

Thank you! I'm happy to be helpful! :)

Thank you for this fabulous post. As a newbie there are so many questions that I have. Now I have somewhere to refer to.

Thank you!
Feel free to ask if you find questions that you can't track down answer for. :)

woow that is amazing post @sykochica
thank for share

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Postingan yang menarik, saya sangat menghargai postingan anda. Semoga anda selalu memposting hal- hal yang menarik.

These are all great resources, something I actually need. Hell, I'm a slow learner! I have to tell you, my bookmarks... I have a lot of them, I'm going to have to create my own library just for my bookmarks!

Wish i had found this earlier when i first started using steem, great compilation of knowledge. Thank you!

Thank you very much for this post. I gained a lot from it. You can follow me to also improve me. Gracias.

Was just about to complain about the bots

But then the kitten came up.

and i forgive you

The kitties pictures got me loose crazy in love a little bit.. but guess what, your content has been useful to me! thank you! <3

Awwww! I think I just saw Gizmo (my cat) blush a bit! :P
Thank you!

Thanks for the whole lists of what I need. I just read the first 5 posts and bookmarked this page to read later. Thanks again.

Great work, so many questions I had answered thanks to your well put together post, appreciate the hard work. Have a vote for your troubles.

CAnnot tell you how often I refer to this post and refer others to it as well! I hope you will add PAL to your FAQ list in the future. Are you on the platform?

This library like a dart game 😅

Thank you for a great resource for us newbies!
Can you please direct me to how to sign in when your password nor your long key will work. I have started entering content but am fearful to add more when I can't sign in from my phone and what if I get signed out by my laptop.
I can't find anywhere for assistance and keep reading if you loose your password you are doomed. There has to be a way to recover your account??

Hrm.. To some degree it depends which password or key you're logged in with. If your browser has your master password saved these might work. But if you have the say, the active key in there, these wouldn't necessarily be a fix.

But a couple things you can try...

If using another browser, just Google how to get a saved password out of (insert browser name here).

  • Again assuming you're logged in with your master password, you can go into (on steemit) wallet -> password and then generate a new one. You'll be prompted to put in your master password or owner key which hopefully is auto filled by your browser.

If that works you'll be given the new, generated password.

But again, this all depends on the browser having the right master/owner key.

So helpful! And interesting! I could stay on this page for days! But, once I leave it what's the best way to get back here?

Thank you!
The easiest way to get back here..well, this post will continue to go down the list as I post or resteem things. So I'd recommend instead either bookmark the Google Doc where I keep all these links and update things: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rt2Uon6wL-83InlWaV1VfdRr0QSsLFGqnCRvBR_5tx4/edit?usp=sharing

Also, I have a link to the Google Doc at the bottom of my posts or I do have a shorted bit.ly link in the profile area of my blog that goes to the Google Doc too. (Though I totally understand not wanting to click on shortened URLs in general.)


Thank you for your detailed reply! I thought of another way as well - I resteemed it so it will be in my feed too:)


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Please help me. Im new to Steem. Ive been trying to send steem to followers but it gives me a message "transaction broadcast error "why?