? Answering Common Questions: What is the Steem Experience?

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Been Looking for a Hangout?
Maybe even some actual voice chat?

You can read the Steem Experience Intro Post Here

One of the first things for new Steemians is to start their search for communities they want to be a part of. It's literally impossible for somebody to be active in all of them (simply dropping post promotion links doesn't count.) It's important for us to make meaningful connections with others, beyond just their posts, to a more human level. If we truly can only maintain 150 meaningful relationships at once...on some level we have to choose who we include in our 'meaningful circle.'

For many people Steem Chat's general channel is where a lot of new people first drop in to communicate (beyond Steemit). While there are some communities over there, a lot of the channels are more geared for post promotion. So typically I direct people to browse the various Steemit communities over on Discord...but this alone can be a little daunting, let alone the time to actually find the groups they like. So wouldn't it be nice to have a nice equivalent of the catch-all, newbie friendly place over on Discord?

We'll...now you do with the Steem Experience! It's somewhere you can go just to hangout, listen to music, have discussions with great people, make audio recordings, get to know and/or ask questions to veteran users...all while you get comfortable with using Discord and finding more niche communities for yourselves! But there's nothing like entering a room and hearing your name called like, "Norm!" (for those of you that remember the show Cheers.)

This sounds interesting...How do I join?

Joining is easy!

  • If you already have a Discord account, all you have to do is CLICK HERE!
  • If you don't have a Discord account:
    • First go to the Discord Website and signup (this lets you make your username)
    • I recommend downloading the app (versus using in browser) to your computer or mobile device
    • Then just CLICK HERE to join the Steem Experience Server

For those completely new to Discord, it may be worth watching this short video:

Who are some of the people commonly in there? Do people actually Voice Chat?

Some of the names you might recognize include: @RichardCrill, @Seablue, @KrNel, @BattleAxe, @ShadowsPub, @Sykochica, @RiskDebonair, @Instructor2121...and so many more! You'll often find one or more people actually hanging out in the voice chat channels, sometimes having fantastic discussions, listening to music (with rhythm bot) or even recording some audio (with craig bot.)

You also can currently find the hub of the #TeamGood initiative with their channels in here! The goal of this is to highlight people on and off the platform helping out others....essentially to "Help the Helpers!" You can hear more about this initiative in this post.

Do I have to do anything to get in?

Nope...feel free to join the community there! However much like the general channel in Steem Chat, don't go in there solely to be promoting posts and spamming links...go there to get to know some great people and let them get to know you! Steem Experience is a place for "Good" people to hang out with "Good" people!
Do you have what it takes?!?!

Interested to check out the Steem Experience on Discord?
Just Click HERE!

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Steem Experience


communities can be found through steemit chat or if you want to find the users with good reputation than beginners can look for them in the trending category of the particular tag he wish to write post on.

And not forgeting the fact that comment and replies are very important. Nice one

That's why i have invested in steemit.
I think that steemit will be great sns.
In steemit world. I have a chance to share other experience and get good information.
I am very exciting to see what happen in steemit in the future.

Thank you @sykochica! This is such an apt description! You and your helpful guides! You are awesome! Thank you! You can also find the channel and follow its progress @steemexperience


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Steemit Is So damn Awesome.... But earning money can be a little challenging @richardcrill

I'm currently hanging in there at this very moment.

Get well soon

haha I got it

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Thanks for bringing this forward.
Sound like a good server.
You're are the only mod i know amongst the names.
It will be good to drop by and connect with the rest.
@conradt @luanne @wanderlass check this out.

Thanks for the headsup @backpackingmonk and thanks to @sykochica for sharing this!

I have joined just now. I lobve chatting with you all on the steem.chat and have found Discord a bit overwhelming so looking forward to getting involved in this!

Thank you @sykochica and @backpackingmonk. I enjoy the general a lot but I will also check this out. See you there! :)

Really agree with your inputs because when we have lot of people engaged in the same process means producing content then we need an unique content and secondly we need healthy conversations with other to get recognised and nowadays the Discord channels are becoming very effective so in my opinion we should engage in good things because that will give people more exposure and in turn it will help you in your Steemit Journey. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

For me steem experience is one of the things I would love to experience everyday. That is the experience of being rewarded or appreciated by a community that listens and with real hearts. Yes, this is business but business sometimes can also have a heart.

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Really,Discord is an awesome app.I am also in Discord.All of the above information is helpful for everyone.Thanks for your sharing.

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Steemit is so damn awesome, but earning money can be a little challenging, but regardless I'm in it for the long run. Grind until you get to the top then keep grinding.

I've really enjoyed my time here. I won't argue the grind to getting noticed and for the rewards to ideally build up.

If it's helpful, I have a library of new user oriented guides here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rt2Uon6wL-83InlWaV1VfdRr0QSsLFGqnCRvBR_5tx4/edit?usp=sharing

Great library for new users.I think it will help me most to know about steemit in details and how to use it for more accurately..full of work done to here.....its a great achivement to see this.......thanks for the link,,,,,,,,,um really impressed.....have a good day.....

Thank you! :D

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Just joined! Steem on!

You are welcome

Very interesting . I will open a Discord account end I will try @sykochica thank you ♡

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getting experience from some experts and hanging out with them will be very cool hope you will help like this always i follow you and hope to get your post as early because helped me a lot

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Thank you
Great job done by you.im impressed.I have already an account on discord.but I have a problem to control that.you clear it by this great video.good initiative to exposer to all.it will helpfull to the new users too.the article is enriched for what to do what I do.its not easy to go on but its chalanging for me,, keep me in your prayer....again thanks for such a good topics.

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Sounds like a great place to start making new connections, look forward to interacting with more people.

The steem experience is exciting with steemit and all the other platforms that they offfer.

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This is really needed. When someone starts steemit they have no clue about the platform how it works or anyone to help them along. They really do need a big brother to hold their hands and get them started. Thank so much for this.

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you and a few others have been a great help to me since I've joined. Your input is a valuable resource to any of whom have joined. I greatly appreciate the help I have recieved and your guides are an excellent resource.

:) I'm always happy to help out..make onboarding a little bit easier for people when I can.

Thank you!

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Thanks @sykochica This is the right description! You and your helpful guide! You are amazing and help others! Thank you! You can also find channels and keep up with them

Thanks for linking us. Looking forward to see where your new initiative goes! If you find any feminists! Send them my way. :D ;)

:) No problem! Def will do! Sorry I've not been able to spend time in there for a while :(

Its cool we always have hiccups and then get back up harder and more focused! Thanks to amazing delegators like you we keep going! I know you have a lot going on and with this you will be even mors busy! :) say hi when you feel like it.

Well written. Thanks. So I have a question for you if I may bend your ear. Can a person find archived dates when their reputation number moved? I am at a 59. If I wanted to know what date I turned a 50 or 54 or 57 etc. is there a way? Thanks. @sykochica

Thank you!
Hrm...I honestly can't think of anything that does exactly that: tracking your 'reputation points' over time. I've used Steem Cool before just to get a bit more detail...but that just gives the current stats without an actual history.

Only easy possibility I could think of (short of querying the blockchain for when your rep points equaled the rep level requirements) would be to ask...did you make any 'milestone' posts that included your rep level? We could find the post date on those.

I'm new to steemit and I am very thankful for these type of posts.
It can be a bit daunting if you aren't really a "techie"....

I'm more than happy to help! I definitely remember what it was like when I first started here.

If it's helpful, I have a whole library of 'guides' written in this non-techie, non-crypto style here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rt2Uon6wL-83InlWaV1VfdRr0QSsLFGqnCRvBR_5tx4/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you so much. This is what i came to steemit for. Genuine people like you, thanks for the help..Apreciated.

When I saw this I was like if Sykochica is promoting a discord channel I'm in! :) see you on the other side!

I've been hanging out in The Steem Experience and meeting new people for the majority of the afternoon thanks to this post. It's been fun! Thanks for the tip, @sykochica!

This sounds a really great tool to have and use for Steemit.

Thanks for sharing this and I will chek it out :-)

Well thanks for the words will sure check it out in Discord :)

this was the greatest help I could get! cause it was enough informative and enough short! I hate long articles make things more sophisticated :))
Thanks from a minnow :)

Thank you!
I really try to keep things short, simple and to the point. I remember the slew of huge guides I read when starting...which are ok, but usually I just wanted to answer something specific and move on.

If it's helpful, I have a library of guides in this same style here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rt2Uon6wL-83InlWaV1VfdRr0QSsLFGqnCRvBR_5tx4/edit?usp=sharing

Why do people need a channel for chat when they can discuss things right here on steemit through blogs and comments?

Really very interesting post, i like it, Great job done by you @sykochica, keep it up, and im waiting for your next post, Thank You.

small question: how can we trust discord, steemchat etc?
are they owned or officially related to steemit.com?

sorry for being naive!

You're just fine...definitely quite valid questions.

Discord and Steemit Chat are completely separate from Steemit (i.e. they are not on the steem blockchain.) So we all have different user/password credentials set up on them, so even if those have some issue, they don't have any of your steemit information.

However, there are some things like various bots on discord that have you verify with them (usually sending .001 steem/sbd and connecting that route. But for things that actually require a key from Steemit, you can limit what access is given. So if you only want to post or vote..you could probably just use your private posting key. If you needing something more (like ability to make wallet transfers) you could use your active key. This let's us never use our actual owner/master password, which is the only one that lets us regenerate our passwords/keys.

Sorry for the long answer on this one, lol.

thanks a million! your answer is AMAZING! I do chart analysis on my page and I have traded stocks for two decades (traditionally) so while I'm new to crypto, I have made a life out of charts and candles! please let me know if I can be helpful with that :)

Happy to help!
Oh nice! You'll def find some good audiences in here for that! I'll def holler if/when I have more analysis questions (just starting to really watch the trendlines.)

Hello again 😉 my i have your attention on my last post on steem trend analysis? It's here

I really appreciate your time and comment

Yes indeed you don't have to do anything to get I'm they so I'm telling you guys with experience I'm really having a good time they I meet a lots of people around the world, I'll make a post I go they shared it comfortably like is my own group. All thanks to jacobts for sharing me they link to the group another wonderful compliment goes to @sykochica for always being so generous to upvote who so ever make a good post and she will advice what to do based on her experience thank you very much
Upvoted and resteemed as usual

OOh I love this! I just joined the Discord, my name is Juli in there 🙃

Thank you 🙏 very helpful post!

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You are a wonderful person, my friend, I am always watching you
You are like me here. I wish you every success

so helpfull for sttemit..thanks for the post.

Steem is a excellent group of people, that help other to make money, and read amazing publishing and get entretaiment

Thanks for bringing this up.
Your post helped out so much as i was able to fix up some stuffs

me and anxiety hangout like all the time

added to my list of things to check out.

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Great way to exchange. Very useful post . Thanks @htoomsU5dsdGDmiyNX5kLjiwo1Kfotdy3RMEw.gif

I was long time for me I ule be

Thanks just join yet

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Thanks for the information. I just knew about discord about two days ago, and it have been very useful to me. I will use it!!!

Hope to see you in there! :)

This is cool @sykochica
No boredom reading the whole of this stuff.
Thanks buddy.

This is cool @sykochica
No boredom reading the whole of this stuff.
Thanks buddy.

Nice post!

İnterest post, thanks.

Good Words @sykochica I will be soon knowing more about you in Discord. Greetings from Venezuela

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Thank you. yeah, I should have done less. I will calculate next time

Thanks for bringing this new site,discord website.Hope that it will be of great importance and be helpful in making discussion and exploring new area of steemit....

I hope you enjoy it over there and find it useful! :D

Of course .until now it is of great advantageous.hope that in future it will also be fruitful.....

thanks for remaining.. love @sykochica

Thank you man!

thank for this

Very solid tutorial! Discord reminds me of Slack. I use Slack a lot. Trying to understand how Discord is different.

Really they're pretty similar, just with slightly different focus with discord being made with an eye towards gamers. However with the many helpful bots people have made for discord (some steemit centric) it'd prob be hard to get people to move from it.

Gina Bot is probably one of the biggest ones for Steemians (gives you various steemit notifications)... you can read more about that one over on it's Intro Post.

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Thank you @sykochica and @backpackingmonk. I enjoy the general a lot but I will also check this out. See

Thank you @sykochica and @backpackingmonk. I enjoy the general a lot but I will also check this out. See

Thank you @sykochica and @backpackingmonk. I enjoy the general a lot but I will also check this out. See

Thanks for the headsup @backpackingmonk and thanks to @sykochica for sharing this!

Thanks for the headsup @backpackingmonk and thanks to @sykochica for sharing this!

Thanks for the headsup @backpackingmonk and thanks to @sykochica for sharing this!

The steem experience is exciting with steemit and all the other platforms that they offfer.

The steem experience is exciting with steemit and all the other platforms that they offfer.

Excelente información, se que me servirá de mucho ya que estoy empezando muchas gracias.

thanks for this! will definitely check out discord! upvoted and followed. follow me back if its not too much to ask @ryanng

It would be good to stop by and connect with others.
@conradt @luanne @wanderlass check this out.

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I've already an account in discord. It's a very helpful app. The community is much strong that we can communicate with each other and get help from there. Anyways, thanks for sharing. :)

Great this seems to be thanks for sharing time to enjoy the new experience :D

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wow steem phone the amazing image

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Very helpful brother. Awasome

Wow this is really helpful. Personally I have been a little confused about how to connect and enjoy the full steemit experience. Thanks again

Oh my... But i will stay on Steem.chat for now. Am happy to stay there for the meantime. :)

Oooh...definitely no problem there. This is definitely a personal preference sort of thing. Don't feel pressure to move.

I end up spending time on both, depending what I'm doing. :)

I can feel the pressure everytime i see the word Discord. Hahaha.

At least there are still people like you in Steem.chat. I hope the others who are in Discord will still hang around in general more...

woow your good @sykochica

The Steem Experience baby! Oh yea! I should definitely hang out there more often.

Can you explain it more clearly through another post? I shall be waiting.

Wow.. i like this post.. so good..

iam new in steemit, so i don't have any experience hehe
so in here i wanna learn many tips or thing that i can get for my future on steemit

Thanks for the info.the steem experience is superb!

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thanks for sharing. its a great app. up-voted on your post


I like your post because do the voice chat we learning knowledge and we see the news.


Sounded like a nice server.
You are the only mod I know from its name.
Thanks for sharing and have a nice day. Stay blessed

Very good for an inpiration, we do various kinds of meetup for a word silaturrahmi, relationship with friends is needed, from not know being familiar, so also with you, I can only say salam know from me @suhaimiaceh from Aceh Indonesia

Thank you!

well. i am new here. trying to explore and get as many connections as possible.

Thanks for sharing such an amazing article. It's worth reading this article. I was just looking for the thorough guide from past many days. Although I collected information in bits and pieces but unable to find complete guide all in one place. Finally I'm here, and I must say this is something which I can follow to get started on this platform. Going to follow you so I get notified about your recent post.

Hoping for the best.


Thank you!
I actually have a whole library of new user guides if it's helpful: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Rt2Uon6wL-83InlWaV1VfdRr0QSsLFGqnCRvBR_5tx4/edit?usp=sharing

Thank you for this Post Sykochica. Richard and the community he is helping are very fortunate to have you all.

please Follow me

So wath is hahah