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I've heard this from both existing and potential users.

My answers differ depending on whether talking with someone I'm trying to get to sign up for Steemit versus an existing user who's trying to get more votes, followers and/or payouts. So this FAQ will be split into two sections to handle both of these separately.

Answer to Someone NOT yet on Steemit

Q: I'd sign up for Steemit, but I'm not interesting. What would I write about?

I'm a firm believer that everybody has valuable parts of themselves to share. However so many people sell themselves short, not realizing things they see as trivial are found astounding by others. Remember that being a world wide platform, what we see as just normal in our own lives, is sometimes profound to somebody in a completely different situation. Often I use the phrase, "I want to see a lion outside a Burger King!"

Start talking about; your passions, things you've learned, things you love, things you've experienced, things you've overcome, things you believe in. Have pictures? Have writing? Like talking into a camera (vlog)? Are you a good conversation starter? What are your dreams?

It's not about blogging, it's about communicating. Remember, the underlying thing that is being shared here is YOU!

Q: But I'm not very good at writing, photography, art, etc. Won't I just feel embarrassed posting stuff that isn't perfect?

NOTHING posted on here is perfect...and in reality it's not about putting out perfection. What is special about Steemit is being able to help that inner spark or creative humanity grow, adapt and connect with other sparks.

If you look at the writing, formatting, marketing, etc of my first posts compared to now...the progress is amazing! Now, I'm not trying to say I'm a premier anything, but my personal progress is undeniable. I'm more passionate about things I find interesting or important than I've ever been! And while the chance of making money was the original draw, it's my inner self screaming "I like doing this" that sustains my motivation.

Come join us to become a better you!

Q: I'm not technically inclined. Making those posts sound hard. Do you think I can actually do that?

Steemit has one of the most supportive and compassionate (online) communities I've even come across. I'm confident it will blow you away in the first week of joining.

You know how to use Microsoft Word right? How about uploading photos to Facebook? Than you can make posts to get you started. It really is that easy! On top of that there are so many people more than willing to help you out with issues or answering questions.

Answer to an existing Steemit user.

Q: I've done my intro post(s), sharing who I am and my story. Now what should I write about?

On Steemit we get to enjoy the freedom to choose our topics totally on our own. To some degree this is a blessing and a curse until you figure this out...

Some posts I write for me and Some I write for the public!

While I know the goal for most of us is to build up a following and ideally get good payouts. BUT...never forget about the importance of having fun, progressing as a person and sharing yourself!

The posts written solely for you (rather independent of payout) come out of yourself. Use it for self reflection, or giving tips to others in the same situations or anything that you'd want to talk about or share with your friends in real life!

For the other set of posts...you want to find the intersection of what the community is currently looking for and what you have some (even if not full) interest in. The underlying concept here is ability to spot current trends or getting poised for an upcoming one. Not everybody knows about the 'Tags List' that shows the more recently used and popular category tags. (This is found by clicking the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of you screen and selecting 'trending topics.')

Look through the lists that have good activity and think on what you might be able to add into them. If you're still stuck...chose a topic and do a google search for that days news for that area. (i.e. technology news, space news, etc.) Usually there is a story that you can discuss in your post, including your take on what the original author wrote about it. Often it's better when you disagree with the news story and step through your argument against it.

Q: I'm just not feeling like writing right now. What should I do?

If you don't feel the push to write, that's really quite ok and normal. We're all there sooner or later. Let yourself take a little time off from this. Personally, I'd rather write nothing that post what I feel is crap (which happens when I'm unmotivated.)

So instead, try out a completely new type of posting. Go out, take pictures of things you find cool, pretty, etc and post those...even better with why you liked or took that picture. Not in the mood for photography? How about poetry? Stream a game? Record an interview with somebody? Maybe just hang out and chat with people in the chat rooms or discord? Or just have some chill, alone time.

Sometimes the best thing is to do nothing, sit back and relax. While having goals of posting once (or however many) times a day can be helpful...there are benefits to sometimes just taking a day off. Inspiration always comes back!

Q: I wrote on the same topic as this other user...and their made 10 times as much as mine! Why?!?!

Really? Do I even need to answer this?
Maybe they were lucky? or first? or has had a longer standing relationship with people here? There is ALWAYS going to be others doing what you do..if not today...tomorrow, or the next day. DO NOT compare yourself to others...compare YOURSELF to YOURSELF!

Feel free to ask me anything. I'm here to Help!

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I'm fairly new to SteemIt. My best advice to anyone here: be yourself. You know what you know. If you try to blog about something you aren't knowledgeable about - some other blogger with more knowledge on the subject will easily out-blog you.

Nobody is a better expert on you than, you! So, just tell us Steemians about you, your life, your experiences, your thoughts, your perspective. As in everything, some people will like you - and some won't. Take the good, leave the bad. Otherwise, be consistent in posting once or twice a day - or you won't become known. And, reply to other people's blogs. Reply, reply, reply. You can actually earn good rewards just for making good comments on other people's stuff.

Good faq @sykochica

You have been PROMOTED FREE for using the "faq" TAG (hashtag)



That's awesome...thank you!

I love this. I've never had much confidence in my writing, let alone blogging. This motivates me to get better and break down the wall.



Thank you! I do hope you are able to break through 'the wall!'

This place does a lot to subtly push people to progress themselves (define that however you want). Prior to starting here I've never been terribly social (especially online) and hadn't written a thing for at least a decade (preferring to talk/rant)...but since joining..I've pretty much not shut up for a year. Lol

You are one of the food that I tell noobs (like me) to go read. Everyone groans when I suggest they read first -- suck it up, buttercup. Reality of a ruined reputation has not been understood yet. Mmmm...there is a good one. A quick lesson on the importance of your reputation.

You are appreciated.

My wife and I were just discussing this last night. We are both new on steemit and trying to figure it all out. You confirmed our thinking and gave us so much more to ponder. Thanks!

My suggestion would be to READ before you WRITE.

Too many people seem to want to get posts out there to make money.. but they don't pay attention to what seems to be popular vs what isn't. I don't mean topics either. I mean writing styles... how people attract an audience (can be really about any topic).

For instance, if you spend a long time reading other blogs on here, you'll start realizing you'll say things to yourself like:

  • Hey I could have wrote that
  • I had a situation like that happen to me. Why didn't I think of writing about that?
  • OMG, that person got paid that much for that? Please.. I could totally write something a lot better quality than that...
  • Oh! What that person just said gave me an idea. I should write about XYZ instead

....by READING (and not just running around clicking upvotes)... but REALLY reading other people's content (both good + bad)... you can reverse engineer what the public generally awards, and what the public generally frowns upon.

Go search some $0.01 posts by someone with a Reputation Level 58.... go read their posts and their comments and see what they might be doing wrong that isn't getting them anywhere.

Many times it's just a low follower count. However many times poor writing styles, bad theme, and poor execution of the topic can cause problems. By us READING other people's blogs... we can learn and get inspired..

.. and one thing to keep in mind is exactly what @sykochica said...

Q: I wrote on the same topic as this other user...and their made 10 times as much as mine! Why?!?!

Really? Do I even need to answer this?
Maybe they were lucky? or first? or has had a longer standing relationship with people here? There is ALWAYS going to be others doing what you do..if not today...tomorrow, or the next day. DO NOT compare yourself to others...compare YOURSELF to YOURSELF!

...which sounds contradictory to what I said. (and I do agree with @sykochica's answer to that question very much).... But what I was trying to also suggest is that we can get inspired from READING before we WRITE.


That's a great point!!
Make this a post :)


Nope, I'm just going to re-steem yours -- you deserve it. If you're on Steemittalk maybe bring up my 11 cent post briefly as a topic -- some amazing comments I got there really shows how new users are feeling these days. I always listen to steemittalk podcast and I never get mentioned ever. :(

What I mean by this.. is I love it when the show hosts banter about things they find on steemit... I've never been lucky enough yet.


By the way, nice job on this post... you really do put out a lot of great content for people. That's why I think that people who follow me would love to read your stuff too. RE-STEEMED


I really appreciate that!
I think we can get your post on the show! I've got an in with the hosts. Lol


awesome response


Go search some $0.01 posts by someone with a Reputation Level 58.... go read their posts and their comments and see what they might be doing that isn't getting them anywhere.



That's so so so true !!!
I spend zillion of hours reading

you've really been a BIG Help. thank you. I edited that post and I think it looks better. Although I think it might be too late. When you edit a post does it move back to the top of the feed or is it just where it is?


Happy to help! Yea, it may have missed that nice window. Just give it a few'ish days and you can try reposting that one. Just put a line sayin you didn't think many people got to see it, so you spiffed it up a bit.


Agreed what @sykochica was saying.. Just reposting the same post again and again doesn't look good. But if you re-edit it to make significant changes, people are more likely to accept the repost and take a second look at it.

If you just constantly re-post same material, it gets frowned upon. People who deliberately bypassed something once (for whatever reason) don't want to see the same thing pop up again, and again, and again.. in the feeds. If I saw that, I'd even consider to downvote / flag the person... so there is a tender sweet spot to avoid getting flagged for "repost spam" :)

very good

wow a simple post and you get $42 wow


I don't think you quite understand how Steemit works. But I do have a guide that goes more in depth should you like to increase your payouts. :)


It's not about blogging, it's about communicating. Remember, the underlying thing that is being shared here is YOU!

¡Boink! is the sound of a big stroke on the mere head of the nail with lotta sparks all around with this quote.
Excellent post @sykochica with many more clinks-clanks-clunks chorus sounds along the entire post.

¡Upvoted & Resteemed! :)


Hehe, tyty!

Good article! I think it's important to start even when it's not the most groundbreaking topic. So you'll get practice and furthermore there may be people who like you as a person, your stlye, your writing, etc.
Even on Steemit there are more people than hobbies/talents/topics etc. so simply report on the same thing from a different perspective!


That same idea is what got to for the first time ever get a little fiction put out. It's usually not my thing and even with it not being the best of the best...I was quite happy to see it get completed.

I guess I can remember those days when I wouldn't have known what to say. Not now though, I have too much to say, I've been trying hard to hold off on a lot of it as I slowly build more of a following. Also trying to figure out ways to balance all these different topics.


I can totally relate! At the beginning I had a few things in my head, but those either got posted or faded. It's daunting when you first see some of what the 'competition' puts out here.

But yea, after a while it's the opposite. The loong list of post topics..many you never get to. It's one of those 'good problems' to have.

While I know that many of the more successful and traditional bloggers stick to limited topics...that never worked terribly well for me since I tend to write on what I feel like that day. My middle ground ended up being getting into topics for a period of time (say 2-4 weeks) and then changing up for something else for a while. Usually I've got about 3-4 different topics I rotate around at once (2 of them are usually more quick photo things.)


I think more and more niches will develop on this platform during the coming weeks and months. I will do what I can to make that happen. I don't think I'll ever make posts with incredible formatting and lots of pictures but I think there is a place for glitter-free content. The real challenge is trying to balance two aspects of my personality, the manic blabbermouth and the composed truth seeker, I can very much be both of these. As for content, I have ideas I want to share with the "Namaste" crowd but there is also some practical advice I hope to share with more left-brainers. Aside from the "self-help" I want to share some of my favorite independent artists and life experiences and I am also trying to engage with Japanese users and post in Japanese sometimes. If it becomes too difficult to balance I'll have to open up two accounts but I think I can manage it...eventually.

You seem to be doing alright though you are almost at 70 rep! I will check out your posts. I saw you on the chat earlier but was too wrapped up in banter to engage with you, we can chat next time :-D

Hey, I have translated this post in italian. If you want to have a look and/or help me to give visibility to it, this is the link https://steemit.com/steem-help/@gibiuk/risposta-a-domande-frequenti-di-cosa-dovrei-parlare

You are awesome! thank you for the tremendous amount of information you have provided us rookies with. You have inspired me for sure.