❓Answering Common Questions: What Tags should I use? 📛

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Can't I just use anything for these? Does it really matter?

For new users, tags really are quite important. Since you don't have a following yet, you have limited ways of getting yourself in front of potential voters. On top of this, we are limited to 5 tags on a post, and they are NOT all equal. There are some with MUCH higher traffic than others. So let's cover a few things on this so you can make the most of the tags you use!

Q: So you said all tags Aren't equal. Then which ones should I use?

For most people, newbies in particular, I recommend finding 2-3 HIGH TRAFFIC tags and filling out the other 2-3 with anything you feel is applicable. It's important to ONLY use tags that are applicable. Don't simply use steemit in every post just because you're posting on Steemit. These are based on the topic.

Some the high traffic tags (outside the steemit tag) include:

  • Art
  • Poetry
  • Fiction
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Life
  • Nature
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Cryptocurrency
  • and plenty more!

The reasoning behind this is so you show in feeds that lots of people look at since we can only promote our posts so much on Steemit.chat or the various discord channels. As you build more of a following the pressure for certain tags do reduce, but it's still always nice to get more eyes on your posts.

Q: How can I find what tags have high traffic? Is there a list of all the tags?

The answer to both of these are the same. See those three little horizontal lines in the top right corner of your screen?

Click that and select "Trending Topics".

This will show you a BIG list of more recently used tags. While you won't find every one listed on here, you will see the bigger ones. This list is alphabetical and provides you statistics on number of posts, comments and earnings for each tag. The high traffic tags should stick out pretty easily for you with high numbers in posts and payouts in particular.

Play around with your tags and see what works for you. Often I try to cover different ones with the various types of posts I do. This help to get you in front of more people and ideally earn you a (good) follow.

Q: I'd like to focus my work on a tag that's not very popular. Can I do this?

You absolutely can do this. However, most newbies or smaller users can have a hard time getting high payouts when taking this approach. Often, it takes either whales or many eyes from smaller to mid-size users to get things really going. I've seen it countless times that once that one post gets a good payout, other users get the 'I can do that' mentality and start posting in there themselves. However, before this occurs, it can be hard to get noticed.

Sometimes payouts aren't the focus. If you WANT to post something, feel free. I have posts that I do simply because I WANT to and not with a care on what it earns.

Q: Can I make my own tag?

Absolutely! There are users that have used their own custom tags in posts so all their work can be filtered easily. However there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Others can use your 'custom' tag
  • There likely won't be much traffic on this custom tag, especially at the beginning
  • Sometimes the tags don't work perfectly, showing everything it should.

Remember that ALL of my guide posts are eligible to be added as entries to the Steem Center Wiki or Operation Translation.

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Feel free to ask me anything. I'm here to Help!

I've had slow response times lately, but I try to get a response to every question.

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Choosing which tags to use to maximize visibility is something I struggle with. Thank you for this, it helps out alot.

Well I think you should use the tag which corresponds to your topic.. But maybe if one doesn't have a topic yet, than it is probably good to select it accordingly ;)


You're right. I made sure to mention that in here. Tags have to be applicable. It's pretty rate to not have some high traffic and applicable tag be available.

This is great. It literally answered some of my questions about tags to help me know that my custom has little likelihood of being seen and the popular most general tag will go further. I wonder about the variations and combinations being the same. More common tag words work better in same references or put out in multiple genera?


Ummm, it somewhat depends on what I have available for a post. For example, if I can' t think of anything better to round out tags for my #photography #nature posts, I go ahead and put #photos in there.

However, when I am able to use tags for 'multiple genres' I do. My thought is that it's likely the same people looking in photography and photos. But I could reach a larger audience by combining photography and story (when both tags apply.)

I hope that answered you're question..I was kind of guessing if that's what you were looking for. Feel free to tell me if I didn't understand the question.


That's exactly what i was pondering. Using same and mixed genera tag for the keyword and opens the audience further.

Wow, you have a lot of unread messages ;-)

Thanks for the tips!


Hehe, I'm still catching up from being out of town. I couldn't get through them all last night. I'll touch base this evening.

Thank you

You know when you are looking at all the tags, you can click 'payouts' and it will automatically rearrange the tags in the order of the highest payouts by tag.


Very true...great point! :D


yep yep. I would have never know if someone hadnt pointed it out to me :) namaste

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this i reserved my rights🔛


Thank you! And I appreciate manual curators! :D


I've been following you here, and i love your tips and guidance!

Really helpful article. This should be in FAQ. Im still trying to find my way around here heh

Thank you! I needed this, too. Resteeming and upvoted.

thanks once again..right on what we need .. :)

Great info about tags I really needed the knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

Did not know about the trending topics list. I'll definitely be more strategic in the future. Thanks!

Great post👍, but I hope it won't lead to more 'tag spam', users trying to use the popular tags when have absolutely zero to do with their post... Time will tell. I hope members find this useful in deciding tags.


I agree. I did try to highlight that in here, to only use applicable tags. Tag spam can get people flagged. There's almost always high traffic tags that are accurate.

Good post @sykochica upvoted

Thx for this great post. I am new to the platform (8 days) didn't know the trending option yet. I will start using it.

Waooo now i get the trick i wasnt taught that earlier on, no wonder my post deosnt get more attention even thou i make an effort.

Great post! Lots of my questions just got answered-thank you🐓 Following you for great content.

I am not sure. I do not like the fact that I am just limited to 5 tags though.


I can understand that. However way back when, people horribly exploited this putting literally every tag they could find.

There's some need to find a good balance.

Thank you for this amazing post @sykochica


Thank you!!
And welcome back!! :D

I use my custom tag #AnonimNotoriuArt, but the downside to it is that it shows activity on that tag only from the past 6-7 days. I might be mistaken about this.

That's why I chose chainBB for a better way to show my designs all in one place.

Also ,every Friday I do a small report regarding my 49 tags that I follow. My last one was a few days ago: https://steemit.com/curation/@anonimnotoriu/my-steemit-curation-and-followings-4

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Asking the important questions. Consider yourself followed!


Thank you! I soooo remember what I had asked when I was brand new.

Feel free to ask questions I've not answered. :)

Thank you for the good information that you provide for us newbies daily.

Great info for newbies and oldies like me. Well written. 👌🏼

i really needed this. thanks for posting

greating point.
nice one :)