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Two days ago, hundreds of Steemit users collectively received $1,600+ in an hour because I made 150 upvotes starting at 100% voting power on 80.7 mv during my live stream on YouTube and Facebook as seen below! What did I learn? How did viewers respond? What opportunities are there to repeat this type of event? Which posts did I upvote and in what order? Will you read this report for answers to these questions and more?

steemit live upvoting Facebook results.png

#1 Takeaway

The number one thing I learned out of this was the necessity in having help finding the very most undervalued new posts on Steemit. It took me hours of research looking through just the comments on my post at where I asked readers like you to share your posts with me for upvoting. Most of the posts I upvoted came from comments posted there with the challenge being the time required to read each post. My current top limitation is time because I have more opportunities than I know what to do with. While this might sound like a good thing at first, it makes me nearly completely ineffective at doing the most ordinary things like just being able to find great posts on Steemit.

Next Step
After this post, I am planning in my next post to offer suggestions for the exact types of posts I want to read that will help me the most because after the live upvoting, it is clear I need to focus my upvotes on the posts that most are useful specifically to me. One suggestion will be to search Steemit for the most undervalued and helpful posts on Steemit. Making a great list of those will allow me quickly to upvote the original post and some of the posts included. @acidyo is already working on this as I showed in the video and upvoted in this post with his Operation Curation Delegation as explained at With a huge responsibility as a Steem whale to make my upvotes count, I see that I need a lot of help from those without much voting power and that have a lot of free time.

Another set of suggestions in the next post will feature topics I would love to research on my own that I will never make time for and that readers might love working on. For example, which out of the top 1000 Steem Power whales are easiest to get a vote from because they have a small amount of followers and make few posts but do interact on the posts they make? Give me about ten hours and I could come up with a list probably of 50 or so Steem whales to start building a relationship with today. My hope is that these topics are also really helpful for anyone that reads them!

Saving Voting Power

As the power of my vote continued to drop, it felt like I would probably be better off just voting down to a maximum of 60% or 70% each day to make sure my voting power never overflowed and wasted recharge at 100% and that every one of my votes contributed the most. Voting from 100% down to 3.5% means I have days still of reloading my voting power to even be able to do $10 on my own posts when at 100% I do $33. For voting out the most rewards, it seems staying in the 60% to 100% range is ideal practically in case a day is missed on Steemit to not ever let the vote sit unused at 100% and to keep in the higher end of the voting range. Whenever I have future plans that I believe will prevent me from using Steemit much for a few days, I likely will do more live streams voting all my power out.

Live Upvoting for Marketing

For anyone with a few thousand Steem power, doing a live upvoting is one of the best marketing tools I know of because it technically is not a giveaway or a contest meaning I see no need for following any of the rules related to those because you are just using Steemit. There is none of your own money involved making it the perfect opportunity for generously giving without any real expense! Any viewers that are not on Steemit are likely to be motivated to join and want to participate.

Earn with YouTube Superchat!

YouTube superchat allows viewers to pay to have their comment stand out among others and stay onscreen for around a minute for every $1 donated. I earned almost $100 in donations from YouTube superchat which is the best ever out of doing hundreds of live streams! People donated to make sure I upvoted their posts which is ideal because I did not have to spend any money to give them more in upvotes than they gave me in donations! For example, a two viewers gave $20 resulting in me following them and upvoting their posts for $30 to $40 each! Others gave $5 and received $10 to $20 in upvotes. Live YouTube Steemit upvoting is ideal for combining with donations, adding new followers, and upvotes. More YouTubers are certain to start following this format for future giveaways instead of the awkward and scammy systems frequently used now which can lead to videos getting flagged and even accounts getting suspended!

Which posts did I upvote?

Here is the list of posts I researched for hours to find prior to the live stream and voted on by the authors that wrote them in the order I voted on them with a few YouTube superchats coming in the middle!

  1. You never know what life is going to throw at you! @aarellanes
  2. Can Steemit overtake Reddit? @jo3potato
  3. The difficulty of staying on track @jordanarsenault
  4. Raw Vegan Grocery Shopping -- Organic vs. Non-Organic? GMO vs. Non-GMO? @robertgenito
  5. Is It Ethical To Eat Meat? @trafalgar
  6. CANCER can be healed without chemotherapy - Correct nutrition, lifestyle changes, detox and environmental changes are required. @ura-soul
  7. Operation Curation Delegation - Update on changes and a Community Poll! @acidyo
  8. Travel with me #70 : The Dig at the lost city of Atlantis ! @sweetsssj
  9. The Top 5 Reasons You Will Fail Miserably On Steemit: (Or How To Rock Your Rewards Like A Pro) @rok-sivante
  10. D5 - What is the Block Chain in 5 Minutes @starkerz
  11. Steemit Upvotes For Tipping in Real Life @gigafart
  12. We need a steem word for upvoting 100%, any ideas? @inventor16
  13. [SUCCESSFUL] Steemit accelerator in Agra, India! @therv
  14. EOS vs. Ethereum for Dummies! @trogdor
  15. The European STEEM VAN and the Creative Retreat Dream Project - SHOW YOUR SUPPORT [1/250] @teamhumble
  16. Inside the Mind of a Reluctant Cam Girl, and How Steemit Could Change My Life @jessandthesea
  17. The 12 Stages Of Posting On Steemit - (Told In GIFs) @walkingkeys
  18. Steemit 2 Million More Website Hits In May @newmarket65
  20. 3 Ways to gain interest from your Bitcoin holdings in the upcoming 20 days @coinlend
  21. Ethereum is over $300! Would you have liked to buy in when it was $3? NOW YOU HAVE THE CHANCE TO DO SO! @cryptocentral
  22. "The Power of Steem" : Help us teach Cyprus about Steemit! @deimus
  23. HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE @restlesswanderer
  24. How To Succeed on STEEMIT - Quick Guide For Everyone ! @jigarparmar519
  25. Dear Mom and Dad, I'm Sorry I Tried To Kill Myself 18 Years Ago, And I'm Sorry I Neglected To Assure You It Would Never Happen Again. @jessandthesea
  26. Why To "Never Give Up" My Journey And How To Make Yours As Hopeful As Mine. @surprisebit
  27. Theres only one person you should compare yourself to!! Stay postive, work hard and you will succeed. @oliverjryan
  28. Giveaway as a Token Distribution strategy @furion
  29. First FREE Steemit Promotional Summer T-Shirt @nixthehammer
  30. SteemB — A Simple and Incredible 'Steem Mining' Principle @aircoin
  31. Vlog #36: Thoughts on Steemprice and a question about Rewards vs Votingpower. @exyle
  32. Insanely HIGH Bitcoin fee! - HELP?? @slayerkm
  33. What advancements in crypto-mining hardware would YOU deem necessary/advised given the current state of it...? @geodesix
  34. A Million Dollars Worth of Dirt @tishyaoedit
  35. How to draw a 'Still life' step by step - Cómo dibujar un Bodegón paso a paso. @aneblueberry
  36. "It's never too late to start over" -Alex Elle @lgfurmanczyk
  37. Happy anniversary parents @avikal
  38. (LWC) ✪ STEEM PRICE ANALYSIS & Why STEEMIT Will Become a Monster! ✪ [Blog #2 - 24th June, 2017] *REPOST/UPDATE @lifewithcrypto
  39. My Favorite Steemit Apps : Steemit Board @deanlogic
  40. It WORKS !! Just bought BITCOIN with MOBILE CREDITS on COINGATE!! Prepaid, postpaid ! @cryptomonitor
    1. I made this! My very own wristwatch, proud of myself (Lancia Delta Integrale EVO) @watchesdaily
  41. 14 Day Facebook Detox - Part 1 @eco-alex
  42. My plans for turning 2 hours per week writing Steemit articles to $15,600 in 1 year- super part time! @linniek
  43. “How Machine Learning and Block-Chain Crypto currency Will Empower The People ” @roydellclarke
  44. How much are you worth? @therightduke
  45. Cake, chocolate, sugar, spice and all that's nice. Story of Me @freetissues
  46. A piece of paper BIGGER than the UNIVERSE! @mystifact
  47. Yesterday I posted my latest naked baking video. Today I am posting my first! #progress @nakedbakers
  48. To be different is Good @survivebubble
  49. Complete NICEHASH miner setup tutorial and explanation. @edolo
  50. Introduction. Moderator of the Biggest Charitable NGO on Steemit and Humanitarian Emergency Response Professional @dinoo
  51. Are You Ready to Bring Charity to Blockchain? Hello, This is ADRA Germany Calling! Member of a Global NGO Network @adra
  52. 8 common mistakes people continue to make in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other Altcoins @daudimitch
  54. The Secret King of Pop Music @cybersphere

Why did I upvote those posts?

The first four posts were the best I could find out of my closest friends. I hope to help motivate them to do their best work on Steemit because three of them are just getting started and the fourth invited me to join Steemit! Next, I voted up posts by those top whales consistently voting up my posts because they have helped me a lot and I chose their best new posts to vote up to return the favor! Then, I voted up the very best posts I could find that were undervalued or written by new authors or requested on my post announcing the event. Finally, I voted up many comments on my recent posts to give back to those most consistently following and commenting.

What went wrong?

My workflow for this showed a lot of opportunities for improvement. I read through hundreds of comments to prepare many of which were great but most of which I did not upvote because I was saving my voting power for the event. Thus far when reading comments I have upvoted most to show I read them and I want to continue doing that even if it is a 1% upvote which is a lot better than nothing! At the end of the video I then just voted up a ton of comments like "Hi" or "You're awesome" for often more than $5 which made viewers happy but is not sustainable going forward to offer the best value.

How did viewers respond?

So far this video has been one of the most enjoyed live stream I have done out of many recent events. More donations came in than the last six months combined and the excitement level was high. Thousands even watched after the event was over and hundreds of new followers joined on Steemit. Fortunately I think almost anyone willing to invest in some Steem Power could repeat this type of event with similar results!

When is the next one?

For now I am not planning another event exactly like this one because I instead will be focusing on showing which posts I upvote and continuing to make more tutorials. If a few Steemians start making me outstanding posts with lists of the most undervalued authors and content on Steemit, then I may do a live event with some of their lists of posts. This event took way to look to setup and if I am going to have more, they have got to be easier to execute. While it might look like I work hard, I actually demand that most everything I do be really easy because that is what empowers me to be of greater service. Usually life being easy requires a lot of help and I am thinking I will do future events showing voting from 100% to 60% on lists of posts prepared by others along with a few I handpick.

Thank you for reading this report and I hope it was useful! If you would like me to write more posts like this or posts specifically to meet your needs, would you please upvote this post and/or provide comments here with suggestions for future posts because our generous rewards here motivate me to make Steemit my #1 priority?

Jerry Banfield

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Sometimes, this sounds too good to be true, but then when you learn where the money is coming from, it becomes easier to understand.
Still, I think Steemit should fix this as the return is so high right now and this might crash the price of STEEM


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here's what I've noticed. When you're a minnow, and you're upvoting a post like this...chances are, your comment will never get seen when there's 100's of them. I've seen it happen way too often where someone like @jerrybanfield or @sweetsssj (not their own fault) will get hundreds of responses to a post, and not have the time to look at everyone, so they'll just be upvoting and commenting on the first 10-20, etc, and never have time to get down to see the comments from the users who need it the most. If I didn't up vote my own post (which I'm going to do to prove my point), no one would ever see this comment! I think it's totally acceptable when you're a minnow and growing, up until a certain point, to up vote your comments and posts at 100% to grow!


Exactly, I like to also sort by "AGE" which helps me see all the comments to their respective times. *As a side note to @jerrybanfield I sent that first $10 Super Chat that got the ball rolling on your influx of super chats, that was too funny. I appreciate your upvotes!


this is so tru.


your right alway the top get the biggies.


I agree 💯 % Im new to this community and I noticed that my post really where not getting noticed. So my new strategy is to reply to first post with the most votes and is trending so my chances of getting my opinion out are greater. Well hope the newbies like me learn to reply to the top post until they build up their reputation!


One option every minnow has to get their comment noticed is to send 2 Steem Backed Dollars (SBD) or 2 Steem to @randowhale with the comment hyperlink in the memo field (this link can be found by checking the address bar of your comment after you open it from your comment feed), for a chance at a decent whale up-vote (between 0.5% and 2.5% whale up-vote, which can be over a $5 up-vote).

More on this here.


really good example queeneleanor, I do try my absolute best to reply to everybody who takes their time to comment, but like you said, it can get a little bit overwhelming when there are hundreds of comments to read and then reply to. I usually dedicate at least an hour or two right after posting to reply. Usually everybody who replies in those first 2 hours I'll manage to reply to. But then, afterwards the comments continue piling up and then it really does come down to visibility which is why I think it's perfectly fine to upvote your comment up to increase the chance of it being seen. That's the attention economy right there!

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This was a great initiative Jerry.. and yes it did flop a little bit, but even still it was a great show and you helped a lot of people, including me! THank yoU! As you have already said, you didnt manage to find good posts yourself due to the amount of time it take to really read them properly..

You're idea of getting help to find good content is a great idea. I'm SURE you can find a few supporters to help.. I would be happy to help you do this as im doing it anyway to try to upvote what I think is a good post..

I've got at least 7 of my own that are amazing! ok, hands up.. im biased!
Best of luck for round 2!

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I was wondering if you would be willing to upvote my posts at an equavilant value. Please let me know if you are willing to help me. I don't mind sending you the $160 first because I trust you completely - your friend @bitcoinkings

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As you provide services to others, both side win!


This comment is very accurate, @jerrybanfield is a smart enterpreneur and not much people understand what is he saying and why he does this amazing content for us lol, the WIN-WIN sounds equal for me. His method inspired me to create valuable content and embrace this platform as an artist, as an enterpreneur as a person who wants to live with freedom! #steemitwinwin

Thanks for upvoting our steemit accelerator post! :)
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Hi @jerrybanfield and all other members can I have your ATTENTION.
My mission on Steemit is to share infirmation, help steem members and give money to Charity. I wrote about it in my first, #introducemyself blog.
Also, in next days and week I will try to write interesting content about every day life, motivation, cryptos, business...

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