Travel with me #70 : The Dig at the lost city of Atlantis !

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Dear Steemit Friends:

A few days ago, I set forth on a journey to Bahamas, a place I've always wanted to visit since I was very young.

My first few nights would be spent at the popular holiday resort named Atlantis, supposedly a lost civilization that fell out of favor with the gods and became submerged under the sea.

Throughout the resort, there are recurring themes of Mayan and Aztec ruins which were believed to be remnants of the lost city of Atlantis.

Let's delve a little deeper into this Paradise Island and see whether we can uncover some mysteries surrounding the lost civilization of Atlantis, and also see what more this resort has to offer!

The Royal Towers are frequently used as the representative image of Atlantis because of its grand and imposing design. Aside from that it is also surrounded by the Aquacenter water park and a large number of aquariums home to many exotic species of aquatic life.

Many parts of the Royal Towers are built on water. It's quite amazing to see how integrated the buildings are to the water pools and lagoons, a definite resonance with the theme of "city engulfed in water".

This is the front entrance to the Royal Towers, from the side you can see that it is actually built on top of a lagoon. The design is pretty cool with sea horses and sea shells acting as supports for the over hanging platforms on this part of the building.

The front entrance has some really interesting designs. It looks like some ancient mythical Beatles and some sea horses with wing like flippers.

Certainly an impressive welcoming.

Below, we have one of the shallow ponds in front of the Royal Towers (beach side) which has some rather large sting rays flying around in the water.

When I first saw them, I couldn't believe how big they were. Their whole body seems to be like one massive wing. They even flap like birds as they glide through the water.

The hotel is connected to its various attractions and facilities through these beautiful paths, littered with lush vegetation and palm trees.

You could stop pretty much anywhere and still take beautiful photos. Quite impressive considering large foot traffic every single day.

They even have these pretty water streams which are actually there to help cycle the water throughout the park and keep it fresh.

The exclusive spa is hidden well behind these orderly palm trees. I decided to skip the spa treatment but I hear it is actually very good.

For me, the Royal Towers are like a palace and all the pools and ponds with aquatic life around it are like the civilians who live and work to serve the Royal palace.

I could imagine in the ancient times, a city arrangement might actually be quite similar to this. Although the palace may not be quite so big and tall.

Below are pictures of the Royal Towers which I took from different parts of the resort.

The Towers serve as the central highlight of the resort so can be seen from all around paradise island. Since the aqua water park is one of the main attractions, most of the people staying in any of the other hotels at Atlantis will still spend a lot of time in the Royal Tower facilities.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the Towers from the edge of the island near one of its beaches.

Closer up to the tower, it has intricate paths and landscapes giving visitors an excellent opportunity to walk around below the Towers and enjoy the marine life in the ponds or views of the Towers from various angles.

This is a view of the bridge suite from right underneath it. It is reportedly $25,000 per night and is one of the most expensive suites in the world.

This is a view of the Towers from the first sting ray pond.

Another picture from another beach. There are beaches in almost every corner of paradise island. But because of the aqua water park, the beaches are actually quite empty!

This is one of the entrances to the river rapids. Whilst sitting on a floating tube, you are whisked around a scenic and wet ride around the park.

This is the central main swimming pool. As it is in the center of the park, it's also the most popular so it can get quite packed with people during peak times.

This is the Mayan temple slide. Actually it has a total of 5 slides each varying in intensity and one even going through an aquarium with live sharks and fish.

Since the aquaventure water park is included for people staying at Atlantis, I think it is quite a good value proposition for those who enjoy a good splash at water parks.

The tickets would otherwise be about $140 per day for entry to the water park.

The Dig

The Dig and the collective aquatic exhibits of the Atlantis resort form the largest marine life exhibit in the world.

The dig begins at the basement level of the main lobby of the Royal Towers and runs through tunnels all the way to the end of the casino.

According to their website, The Dig is home to over 100 Venomous Lionfish, 500 Piranhas, moray eels and jellyfish. They also have separate environments for Giant groupers and other tropical fish.

As we go further into the exhibit, we're brought into he lost world of Atlantis.

Exhibits take us through very detailed streets and tunnels underground, with plethora of marine life now occupying most of the lost treasures.

Some rooms are still very much "intact" and give a sense of what the lost city might have actually been like.

Many of the artifacts are now strewn on both sides of the glass.

There are certain displays like this piece of stone which hint at the prosperity of the lost continent.

The design borrows much from the Mayan and Aztec civilizations.

In fact most of the ruins we see in the water tanks seem to be from Mayan culture.

Curiously, there are some strange contraptions that also hint at how technologically advanced the lost civilization of Atlantis might have been.

This is the Jewel Tank Exhibit. The ancient icon is home to Cuban hog fish, queen angel fish as well as rock beauty.

Below, is the diving bell room which shows how the ancient Atlantian go about diving into the depths of the ocean.

It's ever so detailed that I could believe these artifacts were really uncovered from "the dig".

The Lionfish Exhibit

The Jellyfish Exhibit

Someone actually came up to me and said they recognized Steemit. It's so cool meeting people who by chance have the same interest as you despite being complete strangers.

I think I'll have to wear my Steemit clothes much more !

Thanks for joining me on our exploration of the lost city of Atlantis and journeying through The Dig and seeing the beautiful sea life telling their stories as they silently drift by.

If you liked my post then please upvote to show support, Follow me if you like what I do and want to see more, and leave a comment to let me know what you think! Appreciate it all very much!





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Wow, absolutely gorgeous photos! I was there once via a cruise that I was on but never had the chance to go and see the inside. I LOVE aquariums too thank you for sharing so much!

I LOVE your name! I am really looking forward to your blogs. Welocme to steemit.

Why you love the name? share it with us .

Agora. Look it up.

I did, long live internet.. It's the social meeting place.. so the name is indeed nice..

Welcome to steemit missagora!!!

I've been in Atlantis, it's great really. Thanks for sharing with us. I would strongly suggest you to visit Santorini , Greece. It is mind blowing! I've made a post about it like you did, and you can have a look on my profile posts. The photos will make you wanna go! I am also on site so if you want to come, just let me know. Keep the good work and keep making our day brighter with your nice photos! :))

Nicely done @sweetsssj 👏. The Dig looks like a trip through ancient history. This is a pretty cool vacation you're on 😁 🙌
Steem on, LOVE the Steemit apparel ✌️😎

Thanks sandstorm, it's my pleasure sharing with you, one of if not the most loyal fan!
Thank you !

Nice hotel! Loved the aquarium pics too! A place I must visit!

Your welcome @sweetsssj & you are far too kind with your words, it's very much appreciated 🙏 🙂

Fantastic to see and read about this place, added to my list with hope to go there some day, thank you for sharing.

Thanks @sandstorm for commenting this post.

follow and upvote us, we'll follow upback n vote to u

I have followed you now its your turn.

Your welcome @zubair20 💪
Steem On 🚂 🚂

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Yes this Ancient history its so wonderful :)

Yes, I love it too @kaiyo, very fascinating stuff 🗿 😄


@sweetsssj o crypto godess of atlantis heal us with your distributed alt LOVE !!!



I'm finally surrender and read the whole post. I thought people are voting because of beautiful girl and pretty pictures, but there is a real quality writing also with interesting and unique content. @swetsssj you are doing the great job of showing people that STEEM is truly about! You are the symbol of STEEM success!

Thank you pal, I appreciate the time you spent to discover my writing and not just pictures. I hope to see you more often =)

hola por favor me pueden agregar soy nuevo

The pictures are also nice

All of the pictures look so sharp and clean.
And you looking beautitul like always.
I love your steemit shirt😍

Steem on @sweetsssj

Looks beautiful

Yes it does

yes it was a great visit to discover this amazing place

Yes she does!!! Oh yeah the resort also

hi steemit user

iam your biggest fan! beautiful...


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What a wonderful and colorful city. It is the real thing of Atlantis!


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Pretty cool to get recognized as a Steemit user. A sign of the changing times?

Love the grand entrance with the seahorses!

I really hope one day I can go anywhere in the world and have friends who recognise me from steemit that would be so great!

you are already famous

When you buy a yacht! :D

Ye sit would be great to travel the world and get the recognition. I am sure you will do it. Keep posting like this.

No doubt sweetssj*, time will come you already there just keep on wearing steemit wherever you blog I like it am gonna have one too for male soon.

I agree with you that grand entrance is enchanting, looks like if was taken out of a Disney book!

Wow looks beautiful

Very nice @sweetsssj! What kind of camera/lens equipment are you using?

I love what you've done with your blog ;)))

Wow are you in paradise... This is truly beautiful and it makes me wonder that nature and craft structure can change a persons ideal and thoughts. That country is a site to behold. I would wanna go there sometimes.

The LEGOWORLD of ATLANTIS is a pure experience of a life time. Who would not want to swim just under the level of the SEA with all the view of the UNIQUE sea life CRYSTAL CLEAR in front of ur own very eyes. Splendid it is.

Thumbs up to you for such a special tour and a lovely gesture to share it such beautifully with the entire world to be ammused with such catchy images. I look forward to such journeys myself and also to read such amazing reviews onto places of the LORD. 👍🏻

Wow very beautiful place and beautiful girl
@sweetsssj i love your lifestyle its was very cool...
glad to see you on this community... let enjoy this to exploring writing the post and i look forward sharing story and photo on Steem!!! im followed you, please follow me back and upvote at @giigii

Hey @sweetsssj

You look very colorful. I like the backround of your photo. Hope you find steem suite you well.

2 weeks ago i find this platfrom, its awsome. I not even visit my facebook page after i get my login

Welcome to the Steem famaliy.

Hope to see some more great uploads from you

Please follow me at @mrstaf

Give you my upvote

Best regards

@sweetsssj, you are really adorable to watch and I appreciate your posting. Such a nice and memorable pictures. I can't just stay out of steemit for 3 hours without going on your blog. You deserve all the riches you have gained. Good work and nice photography.

saw some of them while strolling at the chinatown, malaysia. just 2 mos ago when I was there for vacation. Selling their travel photos by "pay the price you want in exchage of that photos" also busking at the train stations to fund their next travel. i thought then, that was cool until I read this article.
really great article

Oh my god! Your photo is very professional and extremely wonderful! I hope I can be there some day too. Ha Ha!
It seem that you usually travel alone? Seldom see other people in your photo? Will you go with some one someday?

I was at the atlantis hotel in 2015, It was really an amazing place. Your photos like way way better then the one I made years ago. I bet it's not cause cameras got better the last years.

Beautiful post. I wrote a series on the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca civilizations here on the North and South American Continents here on Steemit. I could of course not prove it but it is certainly something to think about.

The thing is, I also speculated that it could be known as Atlantis in one area of the world and as Mu in the area where you are from. I just wondered if you think that this could also be ancient Mu?

Have you followed the work of Gavin Menzies. He gives a pretty interesting take on world history with a lot of research behind it.

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Atlantis is one of the nicest hotels in the world, glad to see a post about a place in Dubai in Steemit!

Wow. Beautiful. So cool you get to get paid for doing what you love, and being exceptional at it. Super impressive!

Wow very beautiful there :)

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 00.18.39.png

The Bahamas is truly a dream destination and like you I will make it come true!

it looks so amazing there so much history and beauty its beautiful in the day and night time thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us 8 )

I was just there last week! Did you see the little baby stingrays? You must be more keen on culture and aquatic life than I am because if I made a post on my experience at the Dig, it would've been something like:
"Here's a cool looking fishy"
"Oh and he's got a friend, it's another cool looking fishy"
*Looks at ancient looking structure
"I wonder if aliens helped build this too"
"Alright, back to the bar"

Great Post!

such a beautiful place and a beautiful post! I love your work.

Great post @sweetssj . Atlantis bahamas looks so beautiful. Those aquarium pics are awesome.


i couldn't have missed this post as am a big time follower. your posts inspires me a lot as i really enjoy your pictures and how you are steeming hot taking steemit and fun travels to highest level.

i sent a short story on family you may wanna check out on my blog...your comments on it will be greatly appreciated
your contents are extremely rich and nice. keep it up

They really took their time building this place. The doors with the engravings are very well designed. The streams with the rocks and stuff, it's all very pretty. The idea that they would design a place like this based on a mythological city is pretty far out. Apparently some people dont think it's a myth at all, and maybe it's not. I wanna go see it.
Are you a believer in the city of heaven? You can read about it in the KJV. It's my most thought about place, Heaven.

Great post, thanks ;)

ugh. the Royal Tower <3 <3

Love the Royal towers! They make me feel like a Royal (surprise surprise)

Dear @sweetsssj You just keep on amazing us with your great posts! Truly a Steemit inspirator ✌

Have a nice day and remember.. Always GoCoconuts 😉

Thanks gogococonuts! I hope I can show you ore interesting things soon =) keep on the look out!


Very Nice!

Wow. The colours are so amazingly vivid. Very nice photos. Following now!

These colours are just beautiful

I need to go here someday.

Great pics as always @sweetsssj ! Did you color coordinate your skirt to match the stucco? 😉

The Atlantis looks prettier now than my last visit there... Ricky Martin was filming "She Bangs", that's a long time ago now, indeed!

I hope you had the time to also experience the beautiful French Cloisters on Paradise Island during your visit.




Thanks haha I like that name =)

This place looks soooo amazing!

And also familiar: is this by any chance the resort that hosts the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure (PCA), an annual big poker tournament? Not that I ever played. Lol, well one day perhaps, and will pay my buy-in with Steem!

I'm still a total minnow though. Looking forward to interacting and posting a lot of cool, valuable stuff here.

I will be posting my 'IntroduceYourself' post shortly. Just waiting for my vid from Big Mike...(really excited!)

Enjoy the rest of your stay at the Bahamas!

Thanks! I'm not too sure about the poker thing because I don't play it nor follow that community. But there is a huge casino here..

Look forward to your intro post!

Just checked it, and it IS indeed the same resort! See

Now I'm really excited about seeing your pictures, Atlantis Resort is breathtaking. Like I said, enjoy your time and keep those lovely pics coming!

Will do! Few more sets to come =)

Your photos are always amazing and inspirational

Thank you reseller!


Very Nice!

What kind of camera you use? Those shots look really nice :)

Steemian Intelligent Beautiful and Charming what else can you ask for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last time I was there, I hit Jackpot on slots and won 15k! Was awesome!

Hey, I looked at your blog and they seem so interesting :) I followed you, please return the favour :) WE NEED TO BE FRIENDS!!

Very nice post I vote you plz you interested in nature and tourism visit my page to support me thanks again

Royal towers are beautiful but not more than you . And you are doing a great job promoting steemit all over the world.. long live steemit

Aww so kind. Thank you!

I am absolutely FASCINATED by Atlantis....I have always wanted to see these sites <3 Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures and writing such a fabulous way <3 ties me right there with you <3 Great blog <3 How amazing is it to get paid to be on here? <3

Amazing Photos @sweetsssj

Thanks Andy!

so beautiful ;))))

Thanks shmu28 =)

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Beautiful Pictures of dubai and aquaventure water park

Nice photo! How much is the entrance fee?

Congratulations @sweetsssj!
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Thank you very much for presenting us the lost city of Atlantis as it appears in this post, with beautiful sea life but in silence.
I like posting and I'm still Following that I want to see more.
I Voted for you plus Resteemed! I really appreciate it!


amazing travel ^^) nice looks ;) i love it

Hello, really love the way you post about your wonderful travels. If ever I can travel to places where you have been I will certainly use your steemit blogs as my guide. Splendid!!! ^_^



I try to go soon to the atlantis bahamas water park experience :)

wow what an impressive resort :)
Thank you for sharing ;)

Love it! is it worth?

WOW... I have always wanted to go to this resort! How much would a week stay here cost just curious. I am a content creator on YouTube and this would be a nice trip to blog on here and vlog on my channel!!! Thanks for sharing.

Not sure what is more Beautiful The Pics of You or Those Amazing Buildings! lol <3

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So u finally went to the bahamas,wow thats a nice place .I also want to visit ,if could find the resources to.Guess you had the greatest experience of your life time,What more would you want!!!!!!

Yeah! I finally made it to Bahamas, it's been a dream destination for me for many many years. I'm grateful I can share my experiences with everybody here too!

Yes you doing a great job,you inspire me!!!

Thank you tina, steem on!


next stop DETROIT

Looks Magestic...i have been to Dubai and i can say Bahamas Atlantis looks jus the same as is present In Dubai(that too is Atlantis although only hotel not the place :p)...i couldn't find a difference between the two...AquaPark these Majestic towers, colour, architecture everything looks the same...May be you go Dubai on your next expedition and visit palm jumeriah island. This place is total bliss. Steem On!!! and kindly help out me with my posts.

bahamas is such an expensive place!

This is a great exploration you made. Well done

Wow what a lovely place

Steem on your shirt. That's a straight hit!!
I mean @sweetssj you know what I mean.
Great photos and travel. Gosh I would have a travel like you to places in the world.

Thanks chandu91 I love my steemit gear, it's just a shame I don't have too many. When I get some time I'm going to make some more =)

This is amazingggg 🌟 The pictures are soooo nice. Thank you so much for sharing @sweetsssj 🙏🏻 I would definitely love to go on a vacation like that. Keep up the great posts. 💯🔥💕

I've been to Atlantis two times now, and it's so beautiful!

Great pictures BTW ;)

That's going to be such an interesting and sciencefictioned trip! I just love that themes about Atlantis! And I always making connections between Atlantis and human origin. And you are going to visit a place, where you can touch the quintessence of human understanding of Atlantis, which it's architecture, symbols and myths:) just so cool!!!
Please tell us more about it!

Loving all your posts! Pictures are fantastic! check out my blog posts also!!

Looks great. Hope you are having fun!
Heading to the Bahamas myself in August :)

"I have a place that I get to go to in the Bahamas. It's the only place that guarantees total anonymity and freedom." - Johny Depp

You are going to have a blast info mania! Do post about it on steemit and make sure you tag me!

Very nice pic! It to do dream! Thank you for this amazing trip!!!

SOooooooooooooo amazing!


who takes these pictures.The photos are unreal!!!!expose the photographer!!!