Unexpected Warning | Lola's Story Part 26 | 5 minute freewrite ~ Prompt: swing

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Part 25

Mark stepped closer to her, arms crossed, a question etched in his face, but something seemed to change his mind, and took a step back.

"Alright, Lola, I will see you in an hour," he said. "Maybe you should do something to warm up too...your lips are blue," he smiled softly, patted her shoulder, and then strode from the room leaving her alone with her thoughts.

Part 26

A cold chill rolled up Lola's spine, covering her in goosebumps, and she was suddenly aware of how uncomfortable she was in her wet clothes.

She slipped out of her room and headed towards the bathroom. She had already memorized the poem, and she kept saying it over and over again in her mind. Gloria stepped around the corner, an arm full of clean towels startling her out of her thoughts.

"So, that was awful nice of Mark to bring you home after you started to not feel well with Bryon," her eyes narrowed at Lola.

Lola stared back at her mother. "It was nice of him."

"I caught him on the way out, he told me he was taking you to dinner."

"That's the plan."

"He said he wanted to properly apologize for not being around."


Gloria raised her eyebrows knowingly.

"You need to be careful with that young man's heart, Lola."

"What? What are you talking about, Mom?" Lola asked defensively. "I don't need to worry about Mark, and anyway, look at me," she motioned to herself. "I'm pregnant. I doubt there is any part of me that is attractive right now."

Gloria shook her head. "Lola...pregnancy wouldn't matter to him, and if you think it would than you're just being ignorant," she said firmly. "He's not over you. He wasn't over you when you broke up with him. He wasn't over you when you announced your engagement. He wasn't over you when he was the best man at your wedding, and to see him walk out of your room and tell me he was taking you to dinner...well...he wouldn't want it to show of course...he tried to hide it, but it's in his eyes. It was the way he said your name," she said. "All I'm saying is to be careful, and to not swing his emotions to far."

Lola reached for a towel in Gloria's arms, her heart thumping in her chest, almost embarrassed like a schoolgirl just learning of a crush.

She sucked her lower lip in slightly, as her cheeks started to burn. After her relationship with Mark had ended they had been able to carry on as friends...good friends...despite her relationship with Kyle. She had always felt so lucky in that. But what if her mom was right?

"I'm going to take a shower and get ready."

Gloria stepped forward, raised up on her tiptoes, and kissed Lola on the head.

"It's not your fault, ya know," Gloria said. "You can't help how amazing you are. Now having said all that, there's a lovely dress I hung in your closet, maybe you should try it." She smiled at her daughter than headed to the linen closet to deposit the other towels.

Lola turned on the hot water, then stepped into the shower letting the water warm her to the bone. She shivered again.

Once she was back out, she looked in her closet to see the dress, and instantly fell in love. It was knee length, light cream with a flower print. When she slid into it, it drapped around her small baby bump perfectly. She looked in the mirror.

Kyle would have loved this dress, she thought to herself.

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Thank you so much for reading! @enginewitty I hope you like the ending! Please check out the Story Club @canadianrenegade has started in the comment section of the posts! She has some great, engaging questions!

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Well that was a intense part! I don't know about you guys but my brain is just reeling with possibilities now....

Story Club

Are you enjoying @freedomtowrite's story as much as I am? I always find myself wondering where Lola's adventure will take her next and I am curious if you are too. I wanted to invite you to Story Club where we can share our thoughts on each new part and reflect on where the story began. With @freedomtowrite's permission, I will be posing a few questions after each new part in the hopes of sparking some lively discussion. Are you in?

Part 26 Questions

  1. Do you suspect that Mark still has feelings for Lola?
  2. How do you think Mark truly felt about Kyle and Lola's relationship? Could he have been a jealous ex-boyfriend waiting for the perfect opportunity to swoop in and save Lola?

If you've found yourself tagged it's because you're a regular reader,
but if you want to be removed from these question, feel free to let me
know: @freedompoint, @cecicastor, @dreemsteem, @bennettitalia, @thefarmerswife, @thegreatdayne, @scribblingramma, @whatisnew, @quirky.countess, @angelacs, @enginewitty @wordymouth, and @mizdais

Cheers, Aimee

I love how I can never predict what questions you're going to ask!

Well that's good! I think I am as nervous as you are about hitting post when I share these questions. Ha ha! -A

Hahaha We're in it together now!

So true! Thanks for taking me along for the ride. -A

Thank you for jumping on!

Well so far he didn't /doesn't sound Jealous I think he was really waiting patiently to swoop and save Lola.... I think Part 27 is out already. Let's find out.

I think that I have become so attached to Kyle that I didn't want another love interest for Lola just yet. I was skeptical of all these gentlemen entering the picture. I went back and read part 24 and 25 though and I think I may have overreacted a bit. Mark does seem like a good guy that Lola has a history with. Let's hope he stays on the good guy side. -Aimee

My thoughts on part 26

1. Do you suspect that Mark still has feelings for Lola??
Yes, I think Gloria is wise and observant. Mark seems to be a good friend but there is just something that makes me feel like he never got over Lola and still carries romantic feelings for her.

2. How do you think Mark truly felt about Kyle and Lola's relationship? Could he have been a jealous ex-boyfriend waiting for the perfect opportunity to swoop in and save Lola? ?
I think I am asking myself a loaded question! Mark seemed to stick around even after his friend started dating his ex-girlfriend, but why? The famous but why. It could have been because he realized he and Lola made better friends, and had the kind of relationship with Kyle that allowed him to rise above and let their relationship thrive or maybe he wanted to keep tabs on Lola in case the opportunity to be with her ever arose again. I just don't know. For a minute, I thought maybe he was a jealous ex but after going back to read part 24 to find @freedomtowrite's clues I am convinced that Mark is a decent guy who truly cares about Lola, friend or not.

Cheers, Aimee

Don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments below!

I can't seem to get enough of Lola's story...It is a nice diversion for me.

I'm so glad I can help. And I'm so happy you love it so much!

I enjoyed reading. I admire the way you write--more of a story, or like a book than I think I do. Takes all kinds, I know, but I do admire the people who can write novels in which I can be swept up in a story :) Hope I'm making sense here ;)

I understood what you said, and I agree entirely!! I love the Lola story. This segment was loaded with surprises. I never guessed Mark and Lola had such a past together!

Ahhh I'm glad it was surprising! I left little clues in parts 24 and 25...giggle giggle 😀

Well now I want to go back and look for the clues. -A

Do it! Haha

Now I will also have to be extra diligent when I read future parts! -A

I, too, managed to miss the clues. What a wonderfully sneaky author! Ha ha!

Thank you very much. I'm an apiring novelist...so these freewrites have been perfect in helping me organize and stay focused moment by moment. I'm thinking about taking this and turning it into something more complete. Thank you for commenting! I'm going to check out your writing style now!

Wooop! Gorgeous dress, she needed that. Make her feel a little more comfortable and bring her back to reality a little after such a tragedy. Good job sweets. 🤗

I never responded to this! I'm sorry. She did need a pretty dress! Thank you!

Sorry I'm behind! Such a good story! I hope you make it a book someday!

It's ok! I love when you read it anytime! I have really thought about it once it's finished. Or it could be like Grey's Anatomy and go on forever! 😂

For some reason, I didn't get any notification. But it's fine though. Why do I feel like Lola might also still having some feelings for Mark? Anyway, I'm really anxious to know find out the interpretation of the poem Lola has and see Mark's.

I want to say, me too! Hahaha Do you use Ginabot? Sometimes she runs slow. But I'm so glad you found it anyway!!

Yes I do. Yea I think so too... Well I wouldn't blame her though. She does a lot... Lol... Looking out for the next part 28 though.😉

Hahaha I'm going to try and put a schedule with the story and post Mon, Wed, and Fri...so the next part should be on Wednesday!

Alright then . Gracias 😘

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